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AI-powered customer analytics platform

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Zylotech overview

Zylotech is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven customer analytics platform for B2B and B2C that is based on the six-part Drive-R framework. The framework consists of a continuous and automated flow of segmented customer data delivery. The Data Layer unifies customer data from multiple sources and presents it as one clean and updated record. This layer is powered by an expert assisted AI, which ensures that accurate customer data is presented to users.

With AI and machine learning technology finding data, the marketing team has more time to focus on the areas where human input is invaluable. Users are also empowered with dynamic intelligence that can be activated in any marketing tool. The Analytics Layer uses data from all sources to build customer profiles with rich and detailed insights. The Zylotech embedded Auto ML model assesses customer behavior, and unveils the trends and patterns that predict accurate future behavior. Zylotech also integrates with various marketing clouds, data warehouses, data lakes, and connects data from any enterprise stack.


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Zylotech: AI Platform for Customer Marketing

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Zylotech features

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Ad hoc Reporting (63 other apps)
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Key features of Zylotech

  • AI / machine learning
  • API
  • Automated customer profiling
  • B2B account based intelligence
  • Behavioral insights
  • Cross-sell recommendations
  • Customer ad-targeting
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer lifecycle automation
  • DRIVE-R framework
  • Data mining
  • Deduplicated data
  • Embedded AutoML models
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Next sell recommendations
  • Normalized data
  • Product affinity
  • Purchase prediction
  • Relevancy-based recommendations
  • Transformed data
  • Trend analysis
  • Up-sell recommendations
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• Analyzes customer data continuously and offers superior insights into multi-channel marketing operations support.

• The Life Time Value gives users the net profit for each customer over their complete lifecycle.

• Micro-Segmentation allows users to separate customers into micro-groups by demographics and other behavioral patterns.

• Connects complex data environments and syncs the data across an enterprise in real time.

• Sends users recommendations to up-sell, cross-sell, product affinity, and next sell.