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Open Source Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence (BI) software is any application designed to automate the retrieval, analysis, reporting, and presentation of business performance data, in order to help organizations understand and visualize their key strengths and weaknesses.

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Microsoft SQL Server


Relational database management system for data analytics

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Open Source
SQL Server offers a 180-day free trial for new users, after which the software is available across various pricing tiers, details of which are outlined below - • Enterprise - $13748 • Standard (per core) - $3586 • Standard (server) - $899 • Standard (CAL) - $209 • Developer – Available to users for free • Express – Available to users for free Additional cost for subscriptions and add-ons include - • SQL Server Enterprise - $5434/year • SQL Server Standard - $1418/year • Big data node cores - $400/year

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germain APM


APM solution for identifying the root cause of bugs & issues

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Open Source
GermainAPM offers a 45-day trial. available on cloud or on-premise. pricing is based on the benefit a Customer needs in terms of real-time monitoring, analytics and/or automation. - Starter: $460 per month - Unlimited: $11,995/month (unlimited support included)

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Data integration & business analytics platform

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Open Source
Contact Pentaho for pricing information.

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Predictive data analytics software

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Open Source
RapidMiner for Enterprises Let’s create a plan for your team’s specific needs. Request pricing for your enterprise here: RapidMiner for Individuals RapidMiner Studio (Free Version): Comprehensive data science experience from data prep to model deployment. New users start with a 30-day trial of RapidMiner Studio Enterprise, which includes unlimited data rows, optimized performance & full automation with Turbo Prep, Auto Model, and Model Ops. RapidMiner Go ($10 per month): All you need is a data set (like an Excel sheet) and something you want to predict. The automated and guided experience helps you create and select the best model for your business. Use that model to uncover insights and inform decisions – it’s that simple.

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TIBCO Jaspersoft


Business Intelligence solution

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Open Source
No cost level for simple deployment and use

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Open-source suite for analytics and business intelligence

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Open Source
The Community Edition is free. The Enterprise Edition priced on request (pricing is based on selected features and the number of cores of the installation, with unlimited users and unlimited data).

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Price Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence

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Open Source
Plans and Pricing range from 49$/month. Free "Lite" versions of each product are available.

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ProProfs Poll Maker


Build and Test Knowledge

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