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ThunderTix overview

What is ThunderTix?

ThunderTix is a full service ticketing software for both online sales and walk-up orders at the box office or by phone. Sell tickets to general admission events or use a seating chart for assigned seating. Designed to be a fully branded solution that directly embeds your events into your website keeping your customers engaged on your website for the entire purchase process. You can provide your own styles, or CSS, to make a truly branded and seamless web presence.

When a customer purchases a ticket online, they receive an emailed receipt that includes a printable electonric ticket. Customize the ticket and email receipt with your logo, colors, terms, and event information. Up-sell event sponsors by offering the placement of their logos in designated ad space on the PDF ticket.

Barcode scanning prevents fraud and ensures patrons have valid tickets for entry. When your customers arrive at the event, you can either use an electronic guest check-in, or for larger events, you can streamline the check-in process with barcode scanners. Scanning is available as a free iOS app for iPhones or iPads or the Android App which scans paper tickets or directly off smartphones. Scanners are also available for sale or rent.

At any point during the event, you’ll have access to critical report data like guest lists, sales reports by ticket and dollar value, reconciliation reports, multi-event reports and barcode scanning results. If you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact, our integration will pass ticket buyer information immediately to those accounts. ThunderTix maintains a private Customer Relationship Manager containing historical information in an easily searchable and exportable format or direct integration to Mailchimp for mass email campaigns. ThunderTix does not use your customer data in any way, so you can trust that your customer’s privacy is maintained.


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ThunderTix screenshot: Ticket Activity Dashboard - monitor ticket sales by month or day to determine marketing strategies from promotions offered. Easily see comps and refunds given along with ticket sales and revenue.Reserved Seating Tutorial VideoThunderTix screenshot: Dashboard - Sales by orders processed, declined, abandoned and voided. Track abandonment rates month to month to keep customers engaged.ThunderTix screenshot: Event Dashboard - Ticket Sales and Revenue broken down per upcoming event.ThunderTix screenshot: Email Delivery Dashboard - tracking on the delivery statistics for each email sent including Order confirmation receipts, Event Reminders and Post-Event Surveys.ThunderTix screenshot: Hourly Ticket Performance - monitor ticket sales by hour to determine the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns.ThunderTix screenshot: Reserved Seating Section with Accessible Seat Options. Red seats indicate sold seats. Seats can also individually be marked as obstructed view.ThunderTix screenshot: Customize events by color for the Calendar display. Gives visual variation from one event to another.ThunderTix screenshot: Calendar view - displayed with options by month, week or day. Events can be color-coded for clarity.ThunderTix screenshot: iOS app for iPhones and iPads - Rapidly scan tickets both off paper and the smart phones of your guests. Sell tickets on the go using a connected mobile credit card swipe directly from the app.ThunderTix screenshot: ThunderTix App - mobile image for a valid barcode ticketThunderTix screenshot: Customer Database - Search Options and Marketing ToolsThunderTix screenshot: Abandonment Dashboard - tracks your average shopping cart abandonment rate each month against other organizations in your industry.ThunderTix screenshot: Administrative view of Events tab. Replicate link creates duplicated event data for quick creation of events copying all ticket prices, shipping and fees.Processing Orders In the Box OfficeiOS App TutorialHow it works - ThunderTix

ThunderTix user reviews

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Customer support
Sergio Guzman

Easy Interface. Easy to Setup. Reliable & A+ Professional Customer Service.

Reviewed 2016-02-24
Review Source: GetApp

I enjoyed the overall experience. What was great about ThunderTix was a combination of two things, dependability and customer service. Whenever I had a question they answered it either by phone or email in a timely manner. They were also very thorough as to what you cannot and could do. With much creativity and flexibility there isn't really much you cannot do with their ticketing system.

It's affordable with its different ticketing plans, and you are not stuck paying an outrageous percentage of your sales. *Customer Service *Dependable *Automated Pre-sale system *Automated Post-sale system *Works on smartphones and tablets with easy. *Promotional tools. *Easy simple buttoning system even low tech Church volunteers of an elderly age were able to operate. *SSL Encryption on their end. *Works with multiple merchant portals

I am not really sure. They seem to even be concerned about quickly changing their system to benefit you from their open customer support page. You can see what the customers complained about, and even how they solved it. It was freaking incredibly risky, but also awesome to see how they fixed it. So if there are issues which I did not experience, they probably won't last too long.

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Customer support

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Lauren Boykin

Customer Service A+

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-05-15
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Thundertix for nearly three years, and have been big fans of the software from the beginning, but their response to changing needs during the COVID-19 crisis have made us ThunderTix fans for life. The Thundertix team has quickly and efficiently continued to add new features that are critical during this time. The newly added options to bulk refund tickets to gift certificates and add automated social distancing seating charts are GAME CHANGERS for our industry right now. They have saved our staff hours of time and energy by implementing easy to use, effective features. Plus, they are in my opinion the absolute best bang for your buck that you can get in a ticketing software. They have lower per ticket rates than most of their competitors with superior service.

The software is incredibly user friendly. The low per ticket cost was the greatest deciding factor for us, but we have been wowed by their customer service and breadth of features. We are a non-profit theatre company that operates 10 small venues (sub 300 seats). Things we love: assigned seating, easy transfer and refund options, PDF tickets, unlimited user accounts (we have lots of ticketing volunteers), integrated email, offer to round up to nearest $5 for donation, bulk discount code creation, season tickets, pre and post event surveys.

We would like to see more versatility within season tickets, such as creating season or package tickets across multiple venues. We would like to see additional versatility with coupon codes, such as creating a code that can be used only once per person.

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Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Connor Jennings

Great Customer Service and User Friendly!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2021-01-05
Review Source: Capterra

Thundertix is fantastic when it comes to customer service, answering all requests in a timely fashion. It is also very user friendly! We have received several compliments from parishioners, most of them older, that it is so easy to select their seat for church.

No cons! Everything works well and the service is great!

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Fine but not the best option out there

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-22
Review Source: Capterra

I feel like the biggest benefit is the price and the customization of the software. I would highly recommend spending quality time on the set-up to ensure you're using it to the best of its ability for your organization.

The customization is really nice -- from show details, customer reminders, and prices. The customer side of things is really clean and well setup.

The navigation can be non-intuitive, but understandable once you get the lay of the land. The biggest issue we've come across is the inability to delete or archive orders. Our group sales processes including deposits were always in jeopardy of getting really messy on the back end. Even leaving notes about orders that you couldn't later update would get irritating for the small space provided.

Response from Thunder Data Systems

Thanks for your great feedback. We spent a bit of time this year trying to improve our interlinking to make it easier than ever, and our efforts will continue. We truly want to be the most efficient, time saving software.

If you have specific suggestions, I am all ears. You are welcome to write me directly, or you can create a feature request once you're logged in.

I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Robin Wagner

Children's Ministry Registration Made Easy

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2020-11-23
Review Source: Capterra

We use ThunderTix at our church to have parents register their children for Sunday Worship service(s). With COVID guidelines we feel this is a simpler way to meet social distancing and the cleaning factor of our computer KIOSKS. Both the pre school director and myself like knowing who will be in each service so that we can plan our teachers and class sizes. Parents have easily navigated our website to the link for ThunderTix and have been able to register their children.

I like that ThunderTix lets us imput dates and times for our events and services. I like receiving the email notice that someone has used ThunderTix. I like that we can make it cost nothing or something again based on our individual event. I appreciate the easy use for our families as they register their children for our Sunday Worship services. I like that parents are able to include a message in their reservation if needed.

When I change my setting from Public to Private I have noticed some of our parents still register their children for our Sunday Worship and they think I have received the notice when in fact I didn't because I changed the setting to Private. So, on a few Sundays I have missed some of the kids whose parents thought they were registered. To avoid this I have left the registration "open" but parents still think it closes at noon on Thursday.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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ThunderTix pricing

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Plans start as low as $65/mo for general admission events or $95/mo for reserved seating. Pricing is based on the number of tickets processed per month monthly billing cycle.

ThunderTix takes no percentage of ticket sales revenue and adds no fees to tickets, giving the venue the flexibility to either charge the flat face value of tickets or to add a ticket fee and retain 100% of the revenue to offset the cost of the software.

ThunderTix features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Customer Database
Customizable Branding
Data Import/Export
Electronic Payments
Email Integration
Real Time Reporting
Social Media Integration
Third Party Integration

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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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Access control

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Additional information for ThunderTix

Key features of ThunderTix

  • Accept credit cards online and at box office
  • Account reconciliation reports
  • Automated email reminders and post-event surveys
  • Barcode tickets and scanning
  • Branded electronic tickets & hard tickets
  • Branded event listing and tickets
  • Branded ticket, email and website
  • Conference and class registration
  • Conversion tracking with ad campaigns
  • Coupons, group discounts and comps
  • Credit card readers and cash sales
  • Custom styles for events display
  • Customized order and donation receipts
  • Dashboards to analyze event sales and marketing
  • Easily create and replicate events
  • Electronic gift cards and balance tracking
  • Email notifications for low inventory and sell-outs
  • Email reminders & post-event surveys
  • Embed an event calendar into your website
  • Event announcement, activation and expiration
  • Event bookings through your website
  • Event capacity inventory control
  • Event revision history and sales tracked by user
  • Event settlement and multi-event reports
  • Exportable customer database
  • Facebook and Twitter social sharing
  • Facebook ticket sales app
  • Guest list and electronic check-in
  • History of tickets, donations, gift cards, merchandise
  • Import existing customer database
  • Increase attendance with loyalty
  • Instant electronic receipt delivery
  • Internal mass email tool
  • Internal mass emails, MailChimp, Constant Contact
  • Inventory tracking by event
  • MailChimp & Constant Contact integration
  • MailChimp, TripAdvisor, Constant Contact
  • Manage event and ticket inventory
  • Manage ticket inventory and capacities
  • Patron and donor management
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Responsive interface for mobile use
  • Search orders and customers
  • Securely store all patron history and data
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter. Promote to Eventful.
  • Sort events and tickets
  • Ticket barcodes with scanning App
  • Ticket sales activity dashboard
  • Tools for group sales, comps, sponsors, volunteers
  • Track ticket sales by agent
  • Track vendors and purchase history
  • Unlimited users with multi-level event permissions
  • Use your payment gateway
  • Valid PCI compliance and quarterly certification
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Sell event tickets online, by phone and in person at the box office
Elevate your events with reserved seating reducing the need for patrons to line up at the door.
Receive nightly deposits using your own gateway so you'll never have to wait until after the event to access proceeds.
Barcode Tickets and real-time barcode scanning
Marketing Tools that allow you to track your ROI for Ad Campaigns