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JitBit Help Desk

Helpdesk ticketing system software

4.37/5 (19 reviews)

JitBit Help Desk overview

JitBit Help Desk is a support ticket system application that covers all the basic features expected from this kind of app: ticket routing, ticket filters and categorization. knowledgebase, canned replies and auto-responder, file-attachments, asset tracking and reporting. Furthermore JitBit is multilingual and has a native Android and iPhone app optimized for both smart phones and tablets. JitBit Help Desk offers automation rules to define custom actions triggered by certain events.

JitBit Help Desk uses a ticket grid view to show the status of all new and ongoing tickets, the grid uses filters to customize your view of all tickets. You can also group and merge tickets, categorize tickets and assign tickets to specific team members. You can tag tickets, adding multiple tags to tickets such as "review", "feature request" and so on. Through the use of filters, categories and tags JitBit Help Desk allows you to generate reports for measure team and business KPIs.


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JitBit Help Desk reviews

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Adam Donovan

JitBit is the next big thing!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-02-21
Review Source: Software Advice

If you can't tell, I love Jitbit. You will see your ROI in less than a year. Partly because the investment price is very low, and the tool is so solid. You will never hear a new employee tell you that they don't know how to use it. Their support is great. The UI is beautiful. They truly understand the space they are in, and they know what their competitors are lacking. Keep it up guys!Fantastic interface. It reminds me of a system that has all the strengths of Zendesk, without any of the weaknesses.It's easy to use, easy to read, and you can teach a new employee to use it in a day. There's no point in stating the value of a ticket management system, because JitBit has all the benefits of the bigger/more expensive competitors. If you are talking to multiple companies, ask their sales person what they offer anything that JitBit doesn't... I guarantee they will answer, and I guarantee that answer is a lie. JitBit is young, and stomping the competition. Jump on while the price is low!

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Aimee Getty

Makes managing customer support easy

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-07-11
Review Source: Capterra

My software company uses Jitbit to manage our incoming customer support e-mail. You are able to customize the settings to set up groups of users, ie. IT support, Development support, etc, and the users assigned to those groups will receive e-mail notifications. You can reply from your e-mail or from the website portal, whichever is easiest at the time. Each incoming e-mail creates a ticket that date/time stamp tracks all responses, so you can see a clear history. Reporting features are also helpful for tracking technician productivity.

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Matt Forrest

Fantastic Self Host Helpdesk

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-04
Review Source: Capterra

The pricing model for Jitbit self hosted makes the product exceptional value for money, made even better by the license being perpetual. With the backend being SQL this also allows for database level backups to be taken and managed, as well as 3rd party integration at database level. The interface is clean, and simple to use both from a tech and end user perspective. Unlike other helpdesk software on the markets the message thread is clean and easy to read. There is also a well build mobile application available.

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Affordable and easy

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-26
Review Source: GetApp

We've been using this for 2.5 years. First, we wanted to go with the on-premise version (the company offers one) but then they convinced us to try the cloud-hosted and it worked great. We connect our users using SAML authentication use a hosted AD on Azure, and this makes life soo much easier.Low price, responsive customer support, very nice UI.

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Josemaria Gabriel

Customers in mind

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-03-29
Review Source: Capterra

JItbit has helped us deal with helpdesk issues faster, better, and in a more dynamic way. We get to generate reports which can quickly show us user satisfaction, feedback, common incidents, etc. which can all help us to improve our customer service.Customer satisfaction is a top priority. We use Jitbit to improve this metric by providing a platform where the users themselves can easily report their concerns, bugs, and incidents and at the same time find a timely response and available knowledgebase materials they can browse thru for self-service items. Jitbit is highly customizable out of the box, the defaults work well, has a clean UI, and yet there is a lot of customizations possible e.g., for company branding, simplifying the categories and dropdown lists, etc. Based on UK and yet their pricing is very attractive.

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JitBit Help Desk pricing

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Freelancer: $29 mo
Startup: $69 mo
Company: $129 mo
Enterprise: $199 mo

JitBit Help Desk features

Customizable Branding
Knowledge Base
Reporting & Statistics
Ticket Management
Workflow Management

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Additional information for JitBit Help Desk

Key features of JitBit Help Desk

  • Ticket grid view
  • Ticket filters
  • Support widget for website
  • Teammate action log
  • Dashboard view of all ticket data
  • All messages and attachments in one screen
  • Two-way email integration
  • Powerful search
  • File attachments
  • Knowledge Base module
  • Canned responses
  • Group and merge tickets together
  • Categorize tickets
  • Add multiple tags to tickets
  • Build custom reports
  • Set automation rules
  • Full-featured iOS & Android apps
  • mobile UI
  • Asset management
  • Multilingual support
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Support Widget: Place a few lines of JavaScript on your website to integrate a support form on your webpages.

Customization: Change the colors of your helpdesk ticketing system to match your brand, and add your own logo.

Email Management: Converts emails to tickets automatically and checks your mailbox for new requests.

Ticket Management: Categorize incoming tickets, add tags and route tickets to the right person.

Ticket Overview: Use the ticket grid to see an overview of all ongoing customer requests and all related information, files and attachments. The grid can be narrowed down using filters.

Reports: Measure your team's performance and monitor how your customer support levels change over time.

Automated Rules: Set actions to be automatically triggered when tickets are associated with certain filters.