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VobeSoft logo

No-code Business Software

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VobeSoft is a business software solution that configures a cloud database into business solutions without coding. Companies can use a pre-defined template or build custom enterprise applications.

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elevio logo

Self-service support & customer education platform

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Elevio offers on-demand, self-service customer support tools, including knowledge base management, in-app contextual help, support channel integrations, & more

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SeamlessDesk logo

Simple. Affordable. Service Desk Software.

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SeamlessDesk is a cloud-based service desk software suite designed to help organizations of all sizes streamline their customer support processes. Respond to tickets with Help Desk, manage assets with Asset Manager, publish customizable articles with Knowledgebase, and much more.

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GLPi logo

GLPI is an IT Service Management software.

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GLPI is an IT Service Management software based on open source technologies. It is a suite for IT, project, financial and user management. GLPI can support companies of any size, and offers both on-premises and cloud (SaaS) solutions.

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4me logo

Enterprise service management with SIAM support

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4me allows all internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the quality and cost of service this is provided.

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Initiative CRM logo

CRM for B2B companies

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Initiative CRM is a CRM for B2B that includes shared agenda, opportunity tracking, quotes, invoices, complaints in one tool.

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Oracle B2C Service logo

Multi-channel contact center

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Manage the customer experience from end-to-end across multiple channels, unifying contextual data and knowledge.

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Oracle Cloud HCM logo

Redefine best in HR

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Oracle HCM Cloud is a suite of human capital management applications that help find and retain talent including HR, benefits, payroll, & performance management

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Infradesk logo

Streamline workflow with efficient service desk.

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Infradesk is a service desk software that offers complete solutions for ticket management, IT asset management, projects, cost center, chat, mobile app, and more to streamline internal workflows and customer support. It integrates with existing ERP systems and adapts to companies' processes to save time and improve performance. Key features include ticketing, inventory management, internal chat, dashboards, and custom workflows.

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ChannelReply logo

Connecting your marketplaces with your favorite helpdesk.

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Customer service tool that connects marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and Back Market to your favorite helpdesk, including Zendesk, Gorgias, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and Re:amaze.

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Replyco logo

Win Back 50% of Time Lost Messaging Customers

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Replyco is the affordable eCommerce helpdesk platform that centralises all your customer messages into one intuitive inbox. Automate tasks, streamline your workflows and deliver exceptional customer support in a fraction of the time.

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ServoDesk logo

Help Desk, ITSM, Service and Support management for SMBs

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Simplisys ServoDesk is an IT service and support management platform for SMB's. Features include facilities management, an agile service desk, IT service management, employee relations, and an enterprise service desk for managing inter-departmental relationships and service requests.

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55PBX logo

Virtual PBX solution to boost your team's productivity

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55PBX is a Brazilian based Business Communications Platforms with Voip, Whatsapp, SMS and integrations with Support, Sales, Ecommerce that facilitates your team's communication with their customers.

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Canfigure logo

Modular ITSM and ITAM solution based on ITIL principles

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Canfigure provides integrated or standalone CMDB, Asset Management, Change Management and Service Desk. The highly adaptable design means you can configure the software yourself to cater for any business requirement. Both on-premise and cloud deployment available.

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Kapture logo

Cloud-based CRM solution for businesses of all sizes

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Kapture CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution which helps enterprises of all sizes automate sales, distribution, customer service, marketing and collections processes. The platform enables users to manage pre-sale activities from a centralized location.

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SupportBee logo

Customer support help desk software

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SupportBee is the easiest way to manage your customer support emails. It is a web-based email support tool that helps (small) businesses organize their customer support emails efficiently. Multiple teams can collaborate and manage their cases collectively.

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Simplifica+ logo

SaaS for efficient and self-service B2B processes

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Simplifica+ is a cloud-based platform that streamlines document access, automates processes, and revolutionizes B2B interactions.

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V2 Cloud WorkSpaces logo

Desktop virtualization platform for remote teams

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V2 Cloud is a desktop virtualization software that provides businesses with cloud desktops to facilitate remote work and manage published applications on a centralized platform. Users can minimize potential data breaches with HTTPS encryption, ransomware protection, and two-factor authentication.

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USU Knowledge Management logo

Knowledge Management Platform for Customer Service

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USU Knowledge Management is a knowledge management platform designed to centralize the internal knowledge of a company in a single & accessible database. It features supports AI-powered search, inter-agent chat, e-learning, social media management, feedback management, & more.

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Zigaflow logo

Make running & growing your business easier

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Zigaflow simplifies business management, offering automation, customization, and integration. Designed for diverse needs, it enhances efficiency, security, and growth across all operations.

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Tiflux logo

System for the management of ticket flows and attendance

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Tiflux is a management system for ticket flows and customer service that makes it possible to adopt an omnichannel strategy with customizable channels, provides access to a complete dashboard to view tasks, and even joins invisible channels to generate tickets internally. Available in Portuguese.

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ChangeGear logo

Comprehensive change and service management.

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ChangeGear Service Desk is a cloud-based ITSM platform that helps organizations to manage IT services, resolve requests, and facilitate ticket routing

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CloudBlue PSA logo

The next generation of professional services automation.

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CloudBlue supports the entire business lifecycle, from lead generation to contract renewal. It is designed specifically for software and services businesses, automating business functions in a single platform available on the cloud. It includes integrated time tracking systems and automated billing

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Summit logo

The future of IT service management begins with AI.

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SymphonyAI Summit transforms the way enterprises work by offering consumer-grade, responsive digital workflows empowering employees with an anytime, anywhere service experience.

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Mercateam logo

Monitor employees' skills, trainings, and assignments

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Merca is a digital collaborative tool to monitor employees' skills, trainings, and assignments to the different production positions. The data collected allows the supporting functions to have a global view of their production sites. Merca is a digital collaborative tool that monitors your employees’ skills, trainings and assignments to the different production positions. With our data collection tool, think of Merca as a window into your factory from the field.

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