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Cosential overview

Cosential is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and proposal automation solution for large architecture, engineering and construction firms. The solution provides AEC professionals with the tools they need to manage customer relationships, as well as business development, project lifecycles and proposal development. With Cosential, users can capture valuable information, and keep data accurate, current and transparent across the firm.

Cosential is tailored to AEC best practices, helping each team member including marketers, business developers, partners, and project managers be more effective and productive with their work. The solution’s central information platform can be configured to fit each organization’s needs and provides powerful data integration with various softwares such as Outlook, Ajera, Deltek, CMiC, BST, Viewpoint, and Timberline, as well as corporate websites including LinkedIn. Users simply choose the data fields they wish to connect, and then set automatic update intervals for Cosential to do its job.

Cosential’s contact manager gives a complete picture of an organization’s connections, interactions and history with clients and partners. The personnel module provides users with a sweeping view of each staff member’s project experience, certifications, and areas of expertise. Users can view the interrelation of project-specific data including directories, financials, logistics, marketing and relevant documentation with the projects module.

Cosential’s exclusive publisher module helps firms prepare targeted proposals, qualifications statements, resumes, project profiles, project lists, government forms, and more. The activities module provides a call log, email and task management in a single grid view that enables users to create distribution and custom value lists. The solution’s marketing module allows users to track marketing campaigns and manage strategic plans, goals and results.


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Cosential screenshot: Cosential’s dashboard tool puts key data and analyses at each user’s fingertipsCosential OverviewCosential screenshot: The Personnel module provides a sweeping view of every staff memberCosential screenshot: The Publisher makes it easy to prepare targeted and accurate proposals, qualifications statements, resumes, project profiles, project lists, government forms and other marketing collateralCosential screenshot: The Activities module provides quick and robust call log, email, and task managementCosential screenshot: The Marketing module helps users manage their strategic plan, goals and resultsCosential screenshot: Mobile menu includes agenda, contacts, opportunities, and moreCosential screenshot: Examine recently viewed companies, contacts, call logs, opportunities, and projectsCosential screenshot: View company details including address, phone number, and websiteCosential screenshot: View opportunities and their detailsCosential screenshot: Use the integrated maps to locate places

Cosential reviews

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Carmen Reed-Gilkison

Hoping to be able to upgrade this review at a later date

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-13
Review Source: Capterra

Cosential has streamlined our processes and has the potential to help us streamline even more. The company needs to evolve it's development staff to be able to address bugs in a timely manner.Cosential has streamlined many of our processes, and has the potential to help us automate our proposal process even more. The potential is amazing.

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Karen Mills

Adding a CRM to our firm has helped us keep track of prospect projects as well as client information

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-05
Review Source: Capterra

We now have one central data depository for all of our offices contacts, project info, personnel, resumes etc. The ability to create custom reports, update project data and track prospects across many users has improved our communication and reporting tremendously. The ability to update personnel, project, contact information in one spot and have it populate throughout any report or resume is a big plus. The Widgets are great for a graphical representation to management that accurately represents current pursuits, hit rates, wins by market, etc. The ability to turn on and off modules for user groups is huge! It keeps people from being overwhelmed when they first start to use the CRM, especially if they never have used one in the past or are skeptical. Integrations with other programs continue to be developed and improved by Cosential - this is a huge plus! Business Development/Marketing people are mobile - the iPad is a tool, just like a laptop. Being able to enter client info in Cosential and add it to an individuals Outlook contacts with just a few clicks makes it easy to have centralized client data. We will be implementing an integrations with Vista later this year. I am excited for the potential that will bring live project and personnel data to our CRM!

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Keeley Clements

The ONLY database in the AEC industry that makes my job easier!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-15
Review Source: Capterra

I was first introduced to Cosential in 2010 and began to research and push for the software at my previous company. After a long inside sales process, the company decided not to move forward with my recommendation which was a major factor in my leaving that organization. One of the main goals of my coming onboard to my current company was to implement Cosential as our marketing database software, and see what other tools are available that we can utilize in other parts of the company. We are full-service real estate company that provided construction (at the time), development, financing, tax credit syndication, facilities maintenance, and property, asset, and investment management services. We ended up implementing across all marketing groups in the business in the construction, development, investment, asset and property management, and in our justice division. Different groups adopted it more quickly than others, and some we ended up just removing entirely as they were not utilizing the system. Currently our marketing groups across the business still utilize Cosential for business development tracking, current project and property data collection and maintenance, and personnel resume maintenance. Because Cosential was designed by marketers in our industry, they know what information is important to collect, track, and analyze. The organization of the information and ease of use of the system is unparalleled to other CRMs/databases. Cosential is constantly updating and enhancing the system, so there are new, and improved, features being released to its users constantly, and I always hear what's going on - I know it's the top of the line database for information junkies like me. The reporting and template publishing tools are also incredibly helpful. Tracking our proposals and showing our win/loss ratios to senior leadership has been crucial. Also, the ability to store less-than-popular data for possible future use is highly beneficial.

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Nora Nilles

Get to know Cosential

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

My company had implemented Cosential about 3 years before I joined, and they did a good job of inputting the bulk of project, personnel, and contact info into the data base. By the time I came on board the staff that had implemented had left, so I received minimal training on administration of the system, and how all the pieces fit together. That being said, it has not been difficult to learn the basics, and I am currently in the process of "re-implementation" to establish standard work flows and systems to manage the data input, user training, report management, etc. The biggest challenge is carving out the time for data input and cleanup, not to mention bringing new modules (surveys, marketing, etc.) on line without having a full time data base manager. I like that Cosential has implemented upgrades in speed and search functions. It is tailored to the A/E/C industry, and we have the ability to customize fields. We use Adobe InDesign for proposals, so the ability to generate resumes and project profiles directly into InDesign templates is a big plus (it can also be done in MS Word). The dashboard widgets are really helpful for our business development team. There is a phone app available. I am getting good service regarding support for re-implementation.

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Deborah Boyd

Cosential makes us better marketing team

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-22
Review Source: Capterra

KCI has been with Cosential since 2007 and have watched the system expand to meet the needs of industry. While we do not use every function the system offers, we rely heavily on it for proposal tracking, proposal generation, customer information (hit rates, history, contacts) and firm qualifications (projects and personnel). The Cosential team has never lost sight of what it is that makes them successful which is involving industry in their roadmap for enhancements and functionality. These folks listen to what we need and respond.Cosential gives us quick access to all our past proposal information. Our marketing team is quickly and easily able to access past proposals for guidance, develop intel about our history with clients and understand our experience in a region or with a certain service. As a firm with over 25 offices across the country, this information is vital to our team.

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Additional information for Cosential

Key features of Cosential

  • Contact manager
  • Built-in links
  • Lead and opportunity grids
  • Personnel module
  • Projects module
  • Knowledge module
  • Share marketing collateral
  • Outlook integration
  • Email integration
  • Built-in, customizable categories
  • Publisher module
  • Proposal automation
  • Prepare proposals, qualifications statements, resumes, etc
  • Sales and marketing
  • Activities module
  • Call log, email, and task management
  • Edit, filter and associate activities to multiple records
  • Create distribution and customizable value lists
  • Marketing module
  • Manage strategic plans, goals and results
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Tasks and mailing lists
  • Dashboard tool
  • Reporting module
  • Goals module
  • User manager
  • Workflow management
  • Value lists
  • Security and encryption (mobile)
  • Adobe InDesign integration
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Cosential's mobile app empowers AEC professionals with a complete picture of their connections, interactions and history with any client or prospect, anytime, anywhere.

Cosential facilitates data entry with AEC-specific field, de-duplication and voice-to-text entry for mobile devices.

Users can quickly find team members with the relevant credentials for any proposal using Cosential's personnel module.

Cosential enables users to view and share marketing collateral and other documents using the knowledge module with Outlook integration.

Cosential integrates with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word for creating complete and accurate submittals.