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Current RMS

RMS for AV, production, broadcast & event rental companies

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Current RMS overview

Current RMS is a cloud-based rental management software designed to help businesses in the AV, broadcast, lighting, production & event sectors to manage the full rental lifecycle, from initial inquiries through to invoicing, with tools for inventory management, quote generation, customer relationship management, online quote approval, and more.

Current RMS enables users to track the availability and status of all their equipment in a single location, plan and schedule jobs, manage sub rents, trace lost equipment, and quarantine damaged stock. Users can define up to 4 levels of mandatory and optional accessories to be supplied with equipment, which can be used to ensure that required components are included with equipment when planning jobs. Barcode labels can be created and printed, enabling equipment to be checked in and out of the warehouse using a barcode scanner. Stock levels can be viewed across all products, and users can drill-down to resolve shortfalls, with shortage alerts to notify users of insufficient stock when planning jobs. Other bookable resources and services, such as rooms, venues, transport, and crew can be added to jobs, and charged for based on the hours, days, or distance required.

Custom quotes, proposals, rental agreements, and invoices can be generated in Current RMS, using built-in document templates and a drag-and-drop editor. Quotes can be sent out online for approval, with a unique URL allowing the client to view, download, accept or decline, and comment on the document. Integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero allows users to post invoices to their accounting system and view payments in real time. Current RMS also offers CRM capabilities, enabling users to store client contact details, orders, and job histories, with custom data fields, search functionality, and user action tracking.


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English, French, Spanish
Current RMS screenshot: With Current RMS, users can track the status and availability of all of their equipment across multiple locationsEvent Wave Productions using Current RMS for Rental ManagementCurrent RMS screenshot: Additional bookable resources or services, such as transport, venues, or crew, can also be managed in Current RMSCurrent RMS screenshot: Flexible charging options allow users to charge by the hour, day, distance, and moreCurrent RMS screenshot: Discounts can also be managed in Current RMSCurrent RMS screenshot: Color-coded statuses allow users to see at-a-glance which items are reserved, allocated, or booked outCurrent RMS screenshot: Users can edit the details of orders, set up open-ended rentals, add tags, and moreCurrent RMS screenshot: Current RMS enables users to create custom quotes, proposals, and invoices with document templates and a drag-and-drop editorCurrent RMS screenshot: The dashboard gives users an overview of the day's deliveries, collections, and returns, overdue items, upcoming shortages, and moreCurrent RMS screenshot: Users can search for equipment and accessories in Current RMS

Current RMS reviews

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Bryan Skipsey

A simple to use and effective piece of software, it has helped transform & streamline our operations

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

Our main benefits are time saving and having everything in one place when previously it was spread across 3 or 4 different packages is fantastic. Having the ability to access easily makes remote working a lot easier, no need for VPN connections back to the office. Easy to set up from scratch and easy to adapt as you go Ability to easily customise and set up your own fields in any area of the system Easy to use & quick to learn Pictorial layout makes sense & looks great CRM & Project integration (Invoicing too but we don't use that feature...yet) Speedy response from technical support Crewing and logistics workflow Ability to access anywhere, anytime from any device Responsive to new ideas and no user hassle to download/update as it is all done for you Linking calendars to mobile devices/other computers/Outlook Ability to download custom views as a csv file Ability to hand on heart recommend it to other people/companies Overall a great product in fairly early stages of life and is improved upon regularly. The support I had during set up was fantastic and some major improvements to the calendar was taken into account and implemented making it much more user friendly (in my opinion). Support is much more responsive than our previous software company and generally its a positive outcome too! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars across the board is that there always ways to improve and for the few cons as below.

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Brad Holder

Current is the extra person we can actually afford...

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-19
Review Source: Capterra

Current has totally revolutionised our business and been with us right from starting as a one man business all the way to where we are now. I always get asked, is this software just for big businesses OR is this business just for small businesses. Truth is Current RMS is both, and everything in between. I strongly believe that Current has enabled us to grow from a small business to a larger business because Current has taken the place of the extra office employee we could never afford. Whether it's on the road, at the gig, in the warehouse or in the office. Current always has everything organised and looks absolutely beautiful both from our end, and more importantly from the customer's end. Current's customer service has been second to none. The Current team even sent us a Christmas present last year - that's how you can know that you're dealing with REAL people on the other end.This software is absolutely sensational. It looks good, it operates even better, it's cloud based, integrates straight with our accounting package, AND the creators are forever after your feedback to improve the package. Unlike most provider's they actually listen to what the consumer wants and then they deliver it. Never have I found a software package that makes me actually enjoy managing a business, until now.

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Mark Kisby

Ever evolving software solution.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

Current is a great product that has been working really well for us. Since we started with Current over 2 years ago we have seen it evolve. As a result of this when a new feature is released it needs to be managed within your organisation as some will use it in a different way than you might. Any process you may have developed before any new feature release that carries out the same function may need to have its migration managed. It is a moving feast and as such needs to be managed for this reason only I give it 4 for ease of use.Cloud based and evolving. Excellent Support.

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Will Harrison

After months of researching and trailing different products RMS ticks EVERY BOX!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-07-12
Review Source: Capterra

Better customer service, Staff time savings, More efficient use of staff time,I love the ease of use of Current RMS, I was worried that cloud based software and rural Yorkshire internet just wouldn't mix but the responsiveness is as if the software is hosted on the machine I'm using. Every time a new update is released it ticks boxes that I didn't even have. The discussions feature is great, I'd happily pay £35/month for a email client that shows when recipients have read my emails and that is included with RMS!

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Paul Muller

Solid foundation but needs to mature

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-01
Review Source: Capterra

Looks great. Generally intuitive. LOVE the weight tracking of orders - great for booking trucks. Handles shortages and sub-hires well. Friendly, helpful staff. Solid Xero integration - minus recurring invoices.

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Current RMS features

Accounting Integration
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Calendar Management
Data Import/Export
Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking
Search Functionality

Activity Dashboard (100 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (85 other apps)
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Additional information for Current RMS

Key features of Current RMS

  • Inventory management
  • Document creation
  • Equipment status tracking
  • Barcode label generation
  • Stock level tracking
  • Accessory & add-on management
  • Shortage alerts
  • Job planning
  • Custom quotes & proposals
  • Document templates
  • Drag-and-drop quote generation
  • Accounting integrations
  • Resource planner
  • Availability management
  • Resource tracking
  • CRM functionality
  • Activity timelines & calendars
  • Custom fields
  • Client histories
  • Search functionality
  • Tag clouds
  • User action tracking
  • Data import & export
  • Barcode scanning
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Jobs can be scheduled weeks or months in advance on the built-in calendar, with automated reminders for upcoming scheduled tasks, and a full audit trail of all activities is generated automatically.

Barcode labels can be created to streamline the process of checking equipment in and out, and users can track the status and availability of each piece of equipment from any location or device.

Accessories can be created to link additional items to equipment, to ensure that mandatory components are included when planning jobs, and that sufficient accessory stock is available for each piece of equipment.

Services linked to jobs can also be managed, including venues, transport, and crew, with flexible charging options by duration or distance, availability management, and drag-and-drop resource allocation.

Custom proposals and quotes can be generated using built-in document templates, with drag-and-drop editing and the option to share documents online with clients, who can download, view, comment on, and accept or decline the quotation through a unique URL.