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All-in-one business management system. CRM + Social + Projects + Billing

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WORK[etc] CRM Pricing

Starting from: $78.00/month

Pricing model: Open-source, Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

★ Free Trial - No Credit Card Required ★

Free Trial

Key Features of WORK[etc] CRM

  • CRM with account history, contact tagging, reminders & more
  • Project Management with client access, gannt charting & more
  • Billing with multi-currency, subscription, catalog
  • Custom Fields viewable on projects, support cases & sales
  • Documents, Blogs, Reporting and more...!
  • Helpdesk with support tickets
  • iPhone, Android & Mobile Support
  • Gmail and Outlook Plugins
  • For 5 to 100 employees

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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WORK[etc] CRM Overview

WORK[etc] combines CRM, Project Management, Billing and more to make running a small business easier.

Keeping information flowing freely between managers, employees, contractors and customers is critical to business efficiency. WORK[etc] makes it far easier to structure, integrate and automate the myriad tasks that go into each day.

WORK[etc] is simple and scalable. You can easily tailor it to the varying requirements of your different operations – from managing customers, to planning projects, tracking sales, invoicing, running time sheets and sharing documents.

CUSTOM FIELDS: Create complex custom field groups and display the information that is important to your business against contacts, sales leads, support cases, projects and more.

For 5 to 100 employees.


Intended Users
Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials
Safe Harbor


Stop wasting time trying to manage your business with multiple software and web tools. Instantly become more efficient when you switch to WORK[etc]'s combined Web CRM, Projects, and Billing platform.
With combined CRM, projects and billing, WORKetc lets you share information like never before. Collect a sales lead from your web site, convert it to a customer, create a new project for the customer, invite employees to participate in the project, invoice the customer and then run real-time reports...all from within WORKetc.
WORKetc lets you work from anywhere you want. On the road or at home after putting the kids to bed, your business is now wherever you need to be.
Making the change to a new system can be frustrating and time consuming. We’ve focussed on making WORKetc right for small business with intuitive navigation, instructional videos and a “just start using it” approach to training.
Purchasing each of the software tools available in WORKetc individually will cost the average business thousands. WORKetc combines everything you need into a single, value monthly subscription

WORK[etc] CRM User Reviews

User ratings


Rating summary

Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

You will not find a more supportive platform.

Verified Reviewer  26th of September 14:47

Jerry Messick, Captive Insurance Consultant - CEO
I'll apologize for the lengthy review in advance, but hear me out. My company is small...7 employees, but growing. We rely on technology to help us serve our clients better while managing a very complex set of compliance requirements (on a daily basis) to meet regulatory demands. We needed a system that wouldn't force us to change our work flows to conform to theirs. We've found that with WORKetc. On the CRM and Project modules, we use them extensively for lead management, regulatory filings and then annual management of our accounts. I just can't explain the ease and natural progression of the Projects/Sub-projects/Tasks that support each of our just have to experience it. Recently, I thought I had...I'll call her "Susan" (Queen of WORKetc New Client Onboarding) on the "auto-progressing" when it came to moving on to the next sub-project after completing the previous one. Not going to happen, I'm thinking. Know what she said? "Yes, it will do that, but I think you might want to think about a different method that will be better for your process". She then launched into a series of questions about our business and how we worked as a team. What? Truthfully, customer service is what I want to finish with. As you can gather, I'm a huge supporter of this platform. I'm not paid to do this, not an employee, just a small business person trying to improve on what we do. To help with that, I really needed a system that was backed with superb customer service so they could help us identify the best way to use the system. Know of any platforms that provide that? Incredibly rare, but I found one. I've NEVER experienced the level of support that I've found here, and I've tried multiple platforms. WORKetc offers something called, "Quick Start". Let me save you some it. The cost is offset against the subscription, so it's a no-brainer! Save yourself a tremendous amount of headache...experience their service firsthand. I promise you won't regret it. If you'd like, reach out to me directly with questions or comments and I'll respond as soon as I can and share our best practices. Maybe it will help you, maybe it won't, but I'm a believer in WORKetc and want to encourage other creative users to join in and make it even stronger.

Pros: The support is second to none Complete linkage between data fields Adapts to YOUR workflow, not forcing you to use the systems The custom field options are amazing.

Cons: The UI could use a little "feng shui", but I know that's on the roadmap Honestly, I haven't found any true cons yet, but I'm looking!!

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

It just makes day-to-day things easier!

Verified Reviewer  25th of September 17:02

Christina Fowinkle, Creative Director at Now Digital (Formerly Now Marketplace)
We've been on WORK[etc]'s platform for over 2 years now and it's hard to imagine how were keep communications with our clients and employees organized before with just emails and hand written notes! WORK[etc]'s value lies in the cross-integration of all assets, including Contacts/Companies, Support Cases, Tags, Notes, Timekeeping and Discussions. What is great about WORK[etc], is that even if you don't use all of their features, the entire system is very a la carte where you can pick and choose what you need to use, but it all works fluidly together as one. For example, we haven't used the Financing area to bill clients as it's done through our parent company, but we do use the Expense tracker for reimbursements, which is nice to have a digital record of.

Pros: The search feature WORK[etc] offers is probably the most useful and powerful tool in the system. It allows you to quickly find what you need to search for through every department in the CRM. Other nifty features are the numerous third party apps that allow you to utilize and take advantage of WORK[etc] through programs such as Outlook, Evernote, and other communication tools so that everything is tracked through WORK[etc] without additional effort. Customized Web-forms and Campaign features allow you to mass capture information and easily communication with clients without having to fuss with your regular email.

Cons: One big feature we would like to see from WORK[etc] is a client proofing system. Since we are a heavily graphic-based company and send numerous graphic assets to client at a time, it does get tedious having to upload attachments to an email in WORK[etc] where it allows you only to upload one at a time. A feature that would allow us to mass upload assets into a 'ticket' or even the customer portal, where the client could give live feedback would be a great addition to WORK[etc] and would definitely make WORK[etc] a forerunner in the CRM market that appeals to proof-based companies.

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

A myriad of CRM opportunities

Verified Reviewer  29th of July 16:27

Claude Waddington, Business Consultant at Haventrust Ltd.
I use WORK[etc] for managing the clients we have, the various sides of the business of offer, projects and support cases. It's a great tool to have when working with a large number of various clients, projects that need a lot of space to expand, with detailed Sub-projects, ToDos and Support Cases.

Pros: The latest UI looks pretty neat, definitely more user-friendly. They have an App as well which does its job - always a plus. WORK[etc] Insiders is a great place to get a better understanding of what exactly WORK[etc] can do. WORK[etc] is a very comprehensive tool that any serious business should consider using.

Cons: It can be rather intricate, a more detailed and easily accessible type of manual should be provided or a simple link like: Get help for this page. When I first started using WORK[etc] I was freaking out thinking there's just too much to take in but with time, it started growing on me.

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Great Saas to connect virtual offices and teams: more than a CRM

Verified Reviewer  25th of June 03:37

Ross Hendy, Publisher & Managing Director; Lecturer at University Centre Peterborough; PhD Candidate
We've been using WorkEtc now for 2 years. Before WorkEtc we ran Daylite as our central CRM but when I (the boss) needed to spend considerable time out of the office we needed a solution that was quick and efficient via the internet. We looked at a number of different solutions but chose WorkEtc as it was more than just a CRM. One of the key features that we were won over on was the Project Management/Invoicing process; WorkEtc allowed us to generate and post project related invoices to Xero at great ease.

Pros: WorkEtc is a good solution for virtual teams and virtual offices to keep their data connected. It works well for employees in different time zones and different countries. We've been able to partially automate some business processes, including support cases, projects, tasks, and invoicing.

Cons: We've been disappointed with the 'clunkiness' and time consuming way of tracking time for projects and generating invoices. We use another solution to track project time (which doesn't have invoicing capabilities) and enter the time into the invoice manually. For some reason the workflow for WorkEtc is not as efficient as the other solution. Their customer support team is very efficient however it feels as if product development is slow and often behind schedule. (Sign up because you like the features they have, not the features they are promising.)

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support


Verified Reviewer  24th of June 18:20

Mark Mottershead, Consultant
WorkETC is probably one of the best CRM apps I have used but what makes this company different is the superb support and interaction you can have with them. Steve Westrop (UK Based) is excellent and works tirelessly until he has a satisfied customer. The CRM itself is robust and well thought out the mobile app is a dream very user friendly and full of good tools. WorkETC has everything you need right down to raising an invoice if needed, for our company the project management and customer portal is very important and we expect to be making good use of these facilities. We are still early phase users but having left Zoho CRM to come to WorkETC it is a total breath of fresh air and I would highly recommend. Thanks

Pros: Excellent support, easy to use, good control of information, marketing tools and overall clear access to leads and customers alike.

Cons: I'd like to see more customization allowed and integration with a digital signing service would be very useful.

Worketc continues to change our business

Verified Reviewer  27th of March 03:55

Kirk O'Connor
As a business that is rapidly growing in terms of the clients we serve, the number of projects we deliver and the complexity of those projects we urgently needed to get a Quality System up and running so everyone knew their role in the business, their tasks and how that aligned with everyone else. Worketc was a perfect adjunct to our Quality System allowing us to flexibly construct a model that met the specific needs of our business and our clients. It works not only for senior management, however, for all of our sales, development and support teams.

Pros: Flexible architecture. Wide range of capabilities. Reasonable cost.

Cons: Would like to see some decision making capability in the forms. Also some more intelligence in the form creation process which is a bit too reliant on our team at present.

WorkETC works!

Verified Reviewer  18th of March 21:27

I work for an accounting firm and this is the first tax season that we have had work keeping track of everything. Yes, EVERYTHING, from appointment reminders to referral discounts! We really needed a program to keep track of our clients and we ended up getting so much more.

Pros: Keeps all the information organized for quick and easy access. Secure client portal.

Cons: Not all of the settings are as easy to manipulate, to fit our needs, as I would like them to be.

Flexible, easy to learn and awesome user guides

Verified Reviewer  11th of March 14:23

I am the office manager of an IT company. During the past year our company started growing and with that the need to have a way of keeping track of everything that happens within the business from a customer database, support tickets, invoices, time spent at each job. We looked for months at many other solutions, some that were a nice but out of our price range and some that were lower priced, but didn't really solve any problems we currently had. We wanted a place that could do it all and could integrate well with Gmail and google environment. We also wanted the ability to access the system via mobile devices (cell phones). We found our answer in worketc.

Pros: Awesome user guides that are easy to understand. The videos are amazing, it's like being in class with a trainer. The interface is quick and it just "makes sense". I love that everything can be interconnected and never loose sight of what's currently going on. We love being able to have a "queue" with our support tickets and know what the stages of each ticket. Flexibility to morph the system to our own needs.

Cons: Perhaps one of the pros could be a con. The system is so flexible that sometimes it's hard to decide what tags to create, how to use certain features like discussions vs. notes. I don't see it's as a terrible con, but it does take some time to figure out how to best utilize the system to the company's benefit. The mobile apps are still in what I would consider a "green" stage, where there's room to make them better. They recently released the iPhone app and it's easy to use. It's night and day compared to the Android one. I'm sure soon both will be great.

Work Etc in Accounting

Verified Reviewer  10th of March 18:02

I am working with a rapidly growing accounting / tax firm who recently chose to include WorkEtc as a way to organize projects, communicate with staff and clients, invoice, etc. WorkEtc has helped us not only change the way we conduct business but also changed the way we communicate and interact with clients.

Pros: Project scheduling has been streamlined. Instead of multiple logs, we now have one place to go to to see where all jobs stand!!

Work[etc] uphill baby steps

Verified Reviewer  3rd of March 06:25

A growing solution that aims to take some of the load of a complete CRM (and more) platform like work[etc] into a more friendly environment like my phone, it works, but leaves you wanting more... i know they will deliver, happy for now, happier soon.

Pros: Great back-end and solid agile solution, the front end is almost too much to look at, but it works!

Cons: The updates happen so fast that im overwhelm with intensity, this app makes we work better? where is the i-need-a-break function?

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Alternatives to WORK[etc] CRM

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  • · Mass email/email templates for sales
  • · Gmail, Outlook 2013/Office 365
  • · Lead Management
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InsightlyCustomer Management
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FAQs for WORK[etc] CRM

Below are some frequently asked questions for WORK[etc] CRM.

Q. What are the main features of WORK[etc] CRM?

WORK[etc] CRM offers the following features:

  • CRM with account history, contact tagging, reminders & more
  • Project Management with client access, gannt charting & more
  • Billing with multi-currency, subscription, catalog
  • Custom Fields viewable on projects, support cases & sales
  • Documents, Blogs, Reporting and more...!
  • Helpdesk with support tickets
  • iPhone, Android & Mobile Support
  • Gmail and Outlook Plugins
  • For 5 to 100 employees

Q. How much does WORK[etc] CRM cost?

We have the following pricing information for WORK[etc] CRM:

Starting from: $78.00/month
Pricing model: Open-source, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Q. Who are the typical users of WORK[etc] CRM?

WORK[etc] CRM has the following typical customers:

Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does WORK[etc] CRM support?

WORK[etc] CRM supports the following languages:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish

Q. What type of pricing plans does WORK[etc] CRM offer?

WORK[etc] CRM has the following pricing plans:

Free Trial, Open-source, Subscription

Q. Does WORK[etc] CRM support mobile devices?

WORK[etc] CRM supports the following devices:

Android, iPhone-iPad, Windows Phone

Q. Does WORK[etc] CRM offer an API?

Yes, WORK[etc] CRM has an API available for use.

Q. What other apps does WORK[etc] CRM integrate with?

WORK[etc] CRM integrates with the following applications:

iPhone & Android App, QuickBooks Online, Evernote, Box, Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook

Q. What level of support does WORK[etc] CRM offer?

WORK[etc] CRM offers the following support options:

FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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