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Propertyware overview

Propertyware is a cloud-based property management solution that enables users to market their properties online, manage properties through a web-based interface, and offer accounting features. The product is well suited for the needs of small & midsized businesses, as well as for single-family and low density & small residential property managers. The solution also helps individual landlords to manage rental properties & tenants.

Propertyware offers a property management module that enables users to organize & share all owner & tenant contact details and property information at a secure and centralized location.The product also enables users to automate renewals, and the tasks associated with tenants moving in or out of the property such as lease management, lease bumps, and CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid) forms. The collaboration feature of the property module enables users to manage conversations between all stakeholders, write standard letters related to property documentation, track activities, create audit logs, and sync schedules with Outlook & Google Calendar. The document management feature of the module allows users to easily upload & organize documents, make important documents accessible offline, and ensure document security in cloud-based data centers. Additionally, the module offers features such as tenant & owner portals, work order management, real-time reporting & analytics, and mobile integration.

Propertyware also offers an online marketing module including features such as lead management, contact center lease calls, and tenant screening. The product also offers an accounting module with payment management, budgeting, electronic payments, and integration with third-party software such as QuickBooks. Key customers of the software include CrestCore Realty, 3rd Base Realty, Husky Real Estate Group, and Garner Properties.


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Propertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers accounting solution designed for property managersRental Property Maintenance Command CenterPropertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers business analytics dashboards & reports for better decision makingPropertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers call tracking for better leasing decisionsPropertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers communication & collaboration toolsPropertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers document management feature to ensure paperless workflowPropertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers lead tracking increasing conversion ratesPropertyware screenshot: Propertyware offers mobile based solutions enabling 24-7 customer accessKnock Out Property Inspections On the FlyRental Property Maintenance Software Makes It EasyVendor Management System Quick Look

Propertyware reviews

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Michael Danielson

Propertyware is complex and challenging, but provides nearly comprehensive functionality.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-09
Review Source: Capterra

Our property management company, Royal Rose Properties, literally could not function without it. Their "custom fields" option allows you to record just about whatever information you want or need onto every (unit/building/portfolio/contact/work order/lease/vendor/etc./etc.). On top of that, the system is robust enough to then allow you to create reports that provide, filter by, sort by, and otherwise use that custom data, which means it's useful for tracking just about everything. Which is HUGE for a big, complex mess like property management. Also, while their support system is occasionally (not always or even often!) slow, they do always follow through, and they're tenacious about getting to the bottom of problems. Also, they do actually pay attention to and actually (occasionally) implement new-feature requests, which is really rare in my experience and alone makes them awesome.

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Naz Abdool

ACH EPay Trigger 5th Day (False Info)

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-14
Review Source: Software Advice

Solution: PW needs to place in their tool a trigger that if Bank does NOT reply within the 5th business day with Funds Transmitted, then Transaction is DECLINED. Currently there is no such trigger. PM BEWARE !!This product has the basic typical platform that most PM Tools provide. Input information into a database is alright.

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Charla Fonseca

Is Propertyware a fit for everyone?

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-08
Review Source: Software Advice

This is my first time using propertyware, and I was not an employee with the company when the decision was made to utilize the software. To my understanding it went something like this: "Oh this one looks good, lets get it" I think Propertyware is very well organized program when used properly, and utilized to its full potential. I also think its a fantastic program for multi family properties, where all units are located at one address. But as our company does all off site management, pre leasing, student housing, HOA's, and residential homes; the software is not quite designed for that. Therefore, I am left to manipulate it to the best of my ability. There are also specific requests from my employers that need to be met, and can be, but with way too many individual edits to be made. It becomes more time consuming than what the job at hand should take. I cannot give much of a review from when the company first began using the software, because I was not with the company at that time, but was told that the transfer of information from Quickbooks to Propertyware was a breeze. This alone can be a game changer if your property consists of 300+ units. All in all, I think Propertyware is a great software, but I do strongly believe there needs to be more training available to potential clients, so they can have a better understanding of how the entire system works. Each tab is a piece of the pie, but explaining that to tenants and owners can be a bit tricky at times. The tenant/owner online accessibility is great!! They can view their ledgers and access their accounts at anytime. I also like how mistakes can be corrected, maybe not always easily, but that is solely based on my experience and how the software was presented to me as I joined the company. I enjoy how easily you can search for a lease or owner in the global search bar, and how in the left hand column it lists the recent places you were for easier access. Move ins and Move outs are seamless, granted the correct information is input into the software. The amount of reports that can be ran is endless, and feel as though I could have this software for years and still never have ran each report with all its options/filters. The management tab is designed (ideally) to create owner draws all at once, and for a multifamily property this is fantastic. With each tab, when creating something new, there are important details included. When used properly, it can make your reports a dream!!

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Linnea Dickey

Didn't work out like planned...

Reviewed 2016-08-09
Review Source: Software Advice

The portals (owner & tenant - and being able to login to the portals as the owner/tenant to see what they see), ePayments (the flexibility to have recurring or one-time, the tenant can process them or you can process them in the office), rent and late fees post automatically, recurring payables (you can set them up as paid so you don't have to post payments each month), cloning invoices (never seen this feature before and it is a huge time-saver), scheduled reports (you can send as Excel or PDF), the custom fields (you can pretty much add them anywhere), attaching documents (you can upload docs to just about every page).

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Mark Bellamy

Propertyware is a good, but it's an expensive and flawed option.

Reviewed 2014-11-26
Review Source: Software Advice

We are a property management company with 150 doors and have been using Propertyware for over three years. Propertyware will do an excellent job of property management, but there are numerous problems. And it is very expensive.

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Additional information for Propertyware

Key features of Propertyware

  • Propertyware accounting module
  • Offers an audit trail of data
  • Automatically notified via email
  • Set automatic tracking and reminders
  • Social Collaboration
  • Customize online application form
  • Generate custom reports
  • Document management feature
  • Property management
  • Online lead capture
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Recognize critical trends occurring in real-time
  • Sync Prospect Scheduling
  • Manage work orders
  • Create custom workflow
  • Call tracking feature
  • Receive work order alerts
  • Export data to Adobe PDF, or MS Excel
  • API
  • Highly configurable dashboards
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● Propertyware caters to the needs of all type of property holders: enabling fee managers to handle property & fees for owners; asset managers to manage bank owned properties; and landlords to manage rental properties & tenants.

● The software stores all data in the cloud, enabling users anytime access to customer & property data from any device type.

● The product allows users to communicate lease status, owner statements, work order status, or any other communication through a branded customer portal.

● Propertyware enables users to track leads throughout the sales lifecycle with tools for integrated call tracking and prospect management.

● The product offers built-in dashboards & reporting features that enable users to evaluate their project ROI.

● The product offers integration with QuickBooks to track expenses and accept payments via credit card.