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Dec 21, 2016
Order Management

The Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses

Struggling to sort out customers' orders? We've compiled the top order management software for small business to help you out.

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One order needs to be sent to Canada, by Tuesday, before 6pm, with a discount for repeat purchase. You can't figure out how to calculate the cost of custom duties. Another order needs to be sent by the end of the day, this time to Milwaukee, but the order's been edited, and you can't see the order history or new shipment instructions. If either of these frustrating situations sound familiar, it might be time to think about updating the order management software your small business is currently using.

Many order management solutions now come with heavy integration features such as CRM, accounting, and shopping cart, helping to streamline the sales process from the stockroom, to the door of the customer. We've put together a list of some of the top order management software for small businesses, helping you choose a replacement for your out-of-order ordering system.

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Brightpearl's order management system comes with integrations with 47 apps, such as popular eCommerce platforms Magento and Shopify, which means that orders can be downloaded automatically, and stock levels are reflected throughout all sales channels. Without the hassle of manual adjustment, there's no need to fret over double-selling or stocking-out.

Brightpearl also handles partial order fulfillment, incorporates a CRM, and has an open API. Additionally, the app can help you calculate landed costs - the total cost of a product throughout the sales journey, including delivery, taxes, insurance, etc - which helps businesses track their profitability through calculating margins.

GetApp users love Brightpearl, with one reviewer saying, "We use Bright Pearl for both in-store and online sales. Coming from the previous program we used, Bright Pearl was a huge step up in inventory tracking. You can know where each and every item is through the whole order process - from shelf to shipment."

Pricing: Starting from $375.00/month.

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On top of managing your orders from multiple sales channels, TradeGecko also monitors and manages your inventory, gives you access to real-time sales reports, and tracks customer relationships with its built in CRM tool. Additionally, TradeGecko enables you to generate sales history reports by product, sales rep, and eCommerce channel, and allows you to record sales and order histories. You can speed up the process of repeat orders by recording purchase histories, billing details, and product details, and view your sales order workflow in a neat and user-friendly interface.

One GetApp reviewer says, "Tradegecko enables my business to manage ordering, inventory, and B2B sales. It seamlessly integrates with all of my other systems. The customer support is top notch- they're always quick to get back and very helpful in solving problems. Would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone interested."

Pricing: Starting from $99.00/month, with a free trial available.

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Contalog's order management software is ideal for small businesses, handling everything from partial order processing, invoicing, and inventory management to refunds and shipping. It also eliminates silo-working and enhances workflow efficiency, by notifying your sales team when orders are placed and the status of the order - active, finalized, fulfilled, or void.

With the ability to create multiple user profiles with assigned roles and customized access permissions, and eCommerce tools such as implementing reviews and ratings on your websites and abandoned cart emails, Contalog is a comprehensive solution for small businesses looking to optimize their order processes.

A reviewer on GetApp, says, "Tracking orders were difficult but with Contalog we now are able to track every single order down to the last detail. The order status information also makes it easy to plan our logistics and cut down costs substantially. In fact, we have grouped our logistics into batches on seeing the analytic reports from Contalog. As a growing business, we had so many customer orders coming up with different and unique requirements. If not for Contalog it would have been very difficult to manage them."

Pricing: Contalog's basic account is free for up to 2 users and 100 orders, with their standard account starting from $9.00/month. A free trial is also available.

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Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs is a comprehensive inventory management system which brings together sales, inventory, and order management under one app, with a ton of integrations for your accounting and shipping needs too.

With Stitch Labs, inventory and order management is a headache solved through the centralization of orders into one interface before the shipping process, and the ability to manage both wholesale and regular orders without using multiple channels. Planning and preparing for busy periods is made easier with the ability to join up historical order information from sales platforms with this app to stock-up on your bestsellers and popular products.

GetApp users reviewing Stitch Labs are also impressed with the service: "We have over 300 SKUs in our online shop and tracking inventory/orders was becoming a headache. Luckily I came across Stitch Labs which has everything we needed and more. My time spent on managing orders/inventory went from 4 hours to 1 hour a day. The integration was done within hours and the support team was there every step of the way, always accessible by phone and chat. The software is intuitive and easy to use."

Pricing: Starting from $199.00/month.

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Losing track of paperwork left, right, and center? With Rubberstamp.io's order management software for small business, you can view which team members have or haven't read or approved documents, and record team discussions about any order. A fast-track approval system allows managers to approve or deny purchase orders remotely, speeding up your sales process and freeing up time.

One GetApp reviewer insists that Rubberstamp.io has transformed their purchase order process: "Now rather than waiting sometimes weeks for authorisation, this is done from a single click in the email! No longer do I have to even email a PO, I can do it straight from within the platform! Highly highly recommended."

Pricing: Starting from $99.00/month, with a free trial available.

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What order management software for small business do you use?

We'd love to hear about your experiences with order management systems. Share them (good or bad!) in the reviews section, or send me a tweet on Twitter.

This article was originally published in October 2013 and has been updated.

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