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Jewelry Store Management Software

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ArtCloud logo

Leading all-in-one platform for art & design businesses.

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ArtCloud is a web-based, all-in-one art gallery software.

Features include inventory management, drag + drop websites, CRM, point of sale, to-do's and follow up reminders, email campaigns, interaction tracking, consignment management, and tax and financial reporting.

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Reshyne logo

Modernizing the jewelry and watch repair experience.

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Reshyne is a full-service jewelry repair shop platform. Offer customers a complete digital shopping experience, gain full visibility into your repair process, and collaborate directly with your jewelers and vendors, all within the software.

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Valigara logo

jewelry eCommerce tool & inventory management

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Valigara is a multi-channel marketing platform for jewelry, gemstone & diamond retail businesses, integrating with eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Shopify & more

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wJewel logo

Accounting, inventory, and invoicing for jewelry businesses

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wJewel is a cloud-based solution that assists jewelry manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and refineries with managing accounting, inventory, and consignments. Key features include business analysis, purchase order management, invoice processing, data export, and label printing.

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Orderry logo

Cloud service management software and CRM for repair shops

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Orderry is a cloud-based service management solution for repair business, fully loaded with a host of automation and productivity-enhancing tools. Manage Orders, Clients, Tickets, and Inventory to improve your bottom line, whether it’s a general repair, full-service or a chain of high volume shops.

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Lightspeed Retail logo

The point of sale you'll love to use.

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Lightspeed Retail is a complete point of sale (POS) & inventory management tool that simplifies time-consuming tasks like inventory & employee management. Access detailed sales reports in minutes and use built-in customer profiles to provide personalized service that will increase customer loyalty.

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Podium logo

Get more leads. Make more money. Powered by AI.

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Podium's lead conversion platform helps businesses attract more leads, convert them faster, and keep their customers coming back–all in a single, easy-to-use platform, powered by AI.

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RepairDesk logo

Modern repair shop management software for repair shops.

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RepairDesk is an all-in-one repair shop management software which provides repair ticketing, inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, payment processing, marketing, reporting, and more. The cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform is perfect for all sorts of repair businesses.

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GoFrugal logo

ERP solutions for retail, restaurants & distribution

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GOFRUGAL offers retail, restaurant, distribution and Enterprise businesses a range of ERP and Point of Sale (POS) solutions suitable for multiple trades, with a cloud-based option boasting multi-store management, inventory control, purchase automation, BI reporting & data syncing for offline access

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RepairShopr logo

CRM software for managing repair shops and POS transactions

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RepairShopr helps repair shops, plumbing agencies, painting contractors, HVAC services, and other businesses streamline invoicing, marketing, CRM, ticketing, and point of sale (POS) operations via a unified portal. The platform includes a self-service portal, which lets customers view and check invoices and service status and approve or decline repair estimates.

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The Jewel Software logo

Jewelry management solution

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The Jewel Software is a jewelry management solution offering features such as RFID, card readers, SMS, email and more.

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Wooqer logo

One App for All Ops - Workflows, Audits, Compliance, Surveys

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Wooqer is an App for businesses to digitize frontline operations trusted by brands like Lifestyle, Skechers, Pantaloons, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Dominos and others.

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Revetize logo

Business marketing software for small businesses

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Revetize is a business marketing software designed to help small, local businesses manage online reviews, referrals, promotions, NPS, customer follow-ups and loyalty campaigns all in one place and distribute these interactions via text, email, voicemail and pen-written letters.

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Heartland Retail logo

Cloud-based POS and retail management solution

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Heartland Retail (formerly Springboard Retail) is a cloud-based POS & retail management system designed for retailers, by retailers. Built with multi-site, multi-channel brands & retailers’ requirements in mind, Heartland Retail enables service delivery to every customer, wherever or however they shop.

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Epos Now logo

An easy-to-use, adaptable point-of-sale and payment system.

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Epos Now is a leading global cloud-based point-of-sale and payment system that specializes in helping US retail and hospitality businesses trade efficiently.

Thanks to a selection of tools, and an extensive app store, users can create bespoke systems that make running a business simple.

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eposbuddy logo

Electronic point of sale system for businesses of all sizes

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EposBuddy is an electronic point of sale (EPoS) solution renowned for its user-friendly interface and features. The EPoS system goes beyond the basics, empowering businesses with sales analytics, payment processing, and more.

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ACE Retail POS logo

Jewelry Store POS

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A complete retail POS platform for small to medium size jewelry stores.

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Magestore logo

The world's #1 POS for Magento.

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Magestore is the world's #1 POS for Magento. Magestore POS ensures real-time & online-offline integration for Magento merchants. With Magestore POS, you can leverage Magento’s powerful capabilities to drive more sales in offline stores and grow your business.

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ACCEO Smart Vendor logo

POS system for single & multi-store specialty retail stores

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ACCEO Smart Vendor POS is a point of sale & inventory management system for retailers. The platform can be utilized within the cloud for processing transactions securely, managing customer data, & tracking inventory. The ACCEO software can be integrated with hardware to create an entire POS system.

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JewelMate Enterprise Retail logo

Jewelry POS & Inventory Management Solution

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Transform your jewelry business with JewelMate JM20 Software: Leverage advanced POS, comprehensive inventory management, and customizable pricing strategies for unparalleled efficiency and growth. Optimize operations and elevate customer service in one platform.

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GEMINI Pro logo

Jewelry store management software

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GEMINI Pro is a jewelry store management software that helps businesses plan requirements, manage pricing, handle multi-currency point of sales (POS), and more from within a unified platform. With the special order functionality, staff members can create repair orders, configure estimated labor costs, manage component inventory, and print job bags.

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Artisan POS logo

Putting independent retailers back in control

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Artisan POS is a specialty retail point-of-sale system that offers robust inventory management, easy purchasing tools, simplified receiving, and sophisticated sales reporting. It provides versatility for retailers to sell various products while staying organized. The POS system seamlessly integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce to take the store online and reach more customers.

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RepairQ logo

Web-based POS and management software for repair shops

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RepairQ is a retail management software built for repair shops servicing any product.

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Tagit Ice logo

RFID solutions for Jewelry Stores

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Tagit Ice is an RFID solution for jewelry retailers that provides greater control over stock, preventative loss, inventory awareness and reports & analytics

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RealTime POS logo

Cloud-based POS software for eCommerce businesses

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RealTime POS is a cloud-based software that provides eCommerce businesses with tools to manage and streamline point-of-sale operations. Supervisors can use the dashboard to monitor inventory levels and gain an overview of total sales for specific stores through actionable analytics.

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