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Orderry overview

Orderry is a cloud-based field service management software for repair service businesses of any size, whatever types of repairs they handle. The system includes tools for managing customers, tickets, inventory, staff, documents, and more.

All tickets in Orderry are displayed in a single table, with details of their status - either Pending, Under Repair, Ready, or Issued. Users can search for individual tickets using customer name, ticket number, device name, or customer phone number. When tickets are completed, SMS notifications can be sent out manually or automatically to customers, with customizable sender signatures. Documents can be created and printed from within Orderry, including receipts, completion agreements, and warranty certificates.

Orderry includes an integrated telephony system which enables users to call customers from their mobile phone by clicking on the customer’s phone number. Incoming calls automatically display customer cards with the customer’s name and details of previous orders, and calls are logged and recorded for users to listen to at any time. The inventory management system records stock of all spare parts and merchandise, and allows users to post, write off, and transfer items between multiple workshop stocks. Any transaction which involves receipts or withdrawal of funds is recorded automatically, with full financial information available for users to view in reports. Technician reports allow users to calculate wages for time periods specified by users, and for piecework payments, the percentage of each completed ticket’s value to be deducted as wages can be defined.


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Orderry screenshot: Inventory of merchandise and spare parts can be managed in OrderryMichael choose OrderryOrderry screenshot: Stock can be sorted by category or priceOrderry screenshot: All tickets are displayed in a unified tableOrderry screenshot: Users can filter tickets by statusOrderry screenshot: The integrated telephony system surfaces customer cards for incoming callsOrderry screenshot: The storefront enables users to sell items to customersOrderry screenshot: All transactions are recorded in Orderry, enabling users to track their cash flowOrderry screenshot: Reports can be generated for different date ranges, and exported or printedOrderry screenshot: SMS notifications can be sent to customers manually or automatically when their tickets are completedOrderry screenshot: Users can create custom-branded invoices and other documents in Orderry

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Oleg Bibikov

We have been using Orderry for more than half a year.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-03-16
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Orderry for more than half a year. It helps us to carry on the business on repair of mobile phones and other electronic equipment. We also use it for our store of mobile devices accessories. With the help of this software product we perform: an accounting of technical equipment that is under repair, tracking a status of applications, record keeping of spare parts and accessories store, accessories sales record, customer relationship management , reporting. Orderry can be customized easily and extensively. It has very user-friendly interface. I tried to use many software products before. I want to note that Orderry is one of the best software products I've ever come across. It has everything that I need. The product is really flexible, convenient and meets needs!The product is really flexible, convenient and meets needs

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Orderry features

Automatic Notifications
Document Storage
Inventory Management

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Additional information for Orderry

Key features of Orderry

  • SMS notifications
  • Inventory management
  • Storefront
  • Custom SMS signatures
  • Call recording
  • Ticket management
  • Status tracking
  • Ticket search
  • Integrated telephony system
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Pay assessment
  • Wage calculations
  • Document printing
  • Staff activity monitoring
  • Ticket status notifications
  • Template management
  • Customer management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Service history tracking
  • Technician management
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All tickets are displayed in a single table, with statuses including pending, under repair, ready, and issued, and users can search for tickets by ticket number, customer name, device name, or customer phone number.

An integrated telephony system enables click-to-call on users’ Android devices, displays customer cards on incoming calls, and automatically records and logs all calls.

Stock of spare parts and merchandise can be managed, with users able to post, write off, and transfer items between workshop stocks.

Any transaction which involves a withdrawal of funds or receipts is automatically recorded, and reports can be generated containing complete financial records.

Technician reports allow users to calculate wages for specified time periods, and users can specify the percentage of the value of each completed ticket to be deducted as wages if employees are paid for piecework.

Clients can be either automatically or manually notified by SMS when tickets have been completed.