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ProProfs Review – a Look at the All-in-One Online Training Solution

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 8 May 2013

In this Proprofs review we will share insights on the "All-in-one training solution for creating and delivering online training and educational programs.

We will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you.

The Evolution of a Training Solution

ProProfs started life as a popular free quiz website for certification exams. Sameer Bhatia, founder of the solution, says the solution's big break came when organizations demanded a paid version of the tool to customize it for their in-house training. In this case, it meant that they wanted security and branding features so that they could use the tool for employee training and testing. Instead of converting the tool into paid software, Bhatia opted for a freemium pricing strategy. They also expanded into the larger sphere of training and related web-based e-learning tools such as LMS software. "There has been no looking back," says Bhatia.

Its beginnings, as an online education software has not restricted ProProfs' client roster. ProProfs counts clients from a wide range of industries, including disparate industries such as construction and manufacturing services. It has received positive reviews for being an all-in-one tool, which provides a comprehensive training solution to all types of industries. "The reason is that we are a versatile tool, flexible and configurable for various training apps," says Bhatia.

According to him, the biggest benefits of using ProProfs for small businesses are cost and time saving. "This is possible because our online training can be accessed anytime and from anywhere," he says.

Designing Training Materials Using ProProfs

I started the process of ProProfs review by signing up for the free version of the solution. Setting up ProProfs is extremely easy. You can begin creating learning materials immediately after creating an account. The application offers multiple learning options from quizzes to training to polls and surveys. I opted for course creation. Broadly, you can create courses in multiple formats and styles. For example, you can create a course consisting of multiple articles or quizzes. Depending on the choice that you have opted for, the solution offers multiple options.


For example, I wanted to create a business course with multiple articles. Proprofs immediately displayed options to segment and add chapters and pages to my course. There are several elements or settings associated with each artifact. For example, you can configure security notifications, enrolment notifications and permissions for each course. ProProfs also includes preview and analytics capabilities to track feedback for your learning artifact after it has been dispatched. An audit history of modifications to a course is also available in the application.


The menu of options available for each training option in the solution is exhaustive. Despite this, the solution is not complex. According to Bhatia, simplicity was the guiding principle while designing the solution. "From the product to customer support; we keep the user experience simple and delightful, every step of the way," says Bhatia.


That simplicity is transferred to the solution's comprehensive suite of analytics as well. You can generate reports tracking usage and completion rates for your courses. You can also configure automated grading of your courses, online certifications or conduct classrooms using features available within the system. "This ensures that our online tools provide a comprehensive elearning software to instructors, organizations and business in the simplest way possible," says Bhatia.

Selling Courses Through ProProfs

One of the more interesting features in the solution is its e-commerce shop. ProProfs users can also earn revenue through their courses by submitting them to the solution's e-commerce storefront. The terms of store are skewed towards the seller. ProProfs does not charge users to promote quizzes and courses through their platform. In addition, you can opt for the zero percent revenue share option if you use your own billing system or pay 20% if you use ProProfs billing system - which is significantly reduced for customers with a subscription to their software. You can also opt out of billing (and revenue share) at any time and use ProProfs as a course-delivery software.

Pros & Cons

I really like the fact that the solution does not limit itself to a single learning artifact. Instead, it offers an assortment of artifacts that provide flexibility to the learner as well as instructor. These artifacts are also easy to create, maintain, and share through social networks. Finally, I thought that their e-commerce platform is a truly innovative idea for users. It helps create a repository of useful e-learning content. Apart from the obvious platform benefit, this strategy also enables you to make sense of the market by tracking the types of learning deliverables and artifacts that are popular within the platform.


ProProfs is entirely free for creating public quizzes or courses.

Private use has three tiers of pricing: Professional, Business & Enterprise.

The Professional Plan is designed for educators and instructors as it allows them to create courses, assessments, polls, surveys and manage learners through online classrooms. The Business Plan includes all the features of the Professional Plan with the added benefit of custom branding. It is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses who what to create branded online courses and assessments for their employees, with option for creating online certification. Large enterprises looking for features such as enterprise security, API & SSO integration, reporting access control, phone support, white label can go for the Enterprise plan. This is the highest plan and is for large business who are looking to create extensive online training programs.

The Bottom Line

ProProfs enables you to create new instructional and training material in an innovative manner. The e-commerce platform also ensures that you can earn revenue off your e-learning material. Highly recommended.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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