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Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The analytics app by Salesforce

4.09/5 (37 reviews)

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud overview

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is designed to offer a data analysis tool that is not exclusively used by data analysts. The mobile-first app can be used by all kinds of business users looking for quick and searchable access to business data. The interface is designed to make understanding data more intuitive. Einstein Analytics combines data from other Salesforce.com apps managing sales, service and marketing, as well as 3rd-party systems and machine-generated data.

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics allows you to create, deploy and manage data sets, you can also combine data sets and build interactive dashboards to visually represent this data. The high-speed search-based query index lets you discover, measure, personalize, group, filter and share data insights and dashboards with team members on the go. Einstein Analytics offers high-level data protection and role-based access to keep all your important metrics secure.


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Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: MindTouch using Wave by SalesforceSalesforce Analytics Cloud Overview DemoWave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: FirstRain using Salesforce Analytics Cloud WaveWave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: Wave Analytics Cloud for salesWave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud is mobile firstWave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: Salesforce Wave Analytics for multiple platformsWave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: Salesforce Analytics Cloud Wave for non-profitsWave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud screenshot: Salesforce Analytics Cloud Wave used by non-profits

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud reviews

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Kevin Chiles

Amazing platform for Amazing Analytics

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-27
Review Source: Software Advice

Amazing visual experience for your data. Users find it so much easier to use and view data as well, which allow them to drive their performance in the right directions. The visualization of data not just from salesforce but also from outside systems is a huge plus as well, as now we can see all of our data in one place.

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Akash Mohan Singh

Best Visual Reporting and Dashboard Tool

Reviewed 2015-09-09
Review Source: Software Advice

I have recently worked with this product, Dashboards are very interactive, mobile friendly and easy to share your data with your colleagues. You can filter your data with your dynamic time query. Response is also very quick and fast in terms of performance.

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Raghunandan Karanam

SFDC BI Platform

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-12-15
Review Source: Software Advice

One of the best cloud BI platform. We can notice that Salesforce is improving Einstein Analytics continuously in their releases. AI in Einstein analytics is simply superb and easy to adopt.

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SalesForce is a great tool to manage customers/clients information. It is pretty easy to use.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-08
Review Source: Capterra

One benefit of using SalesForce is that I save a lot of time when I pull up account and I have the benefit to customize views to help me have everything organized. SalesForce has the ability to store many accounts with the customers/clients information and easy to find them and create new account.

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Shrikant Bagal

Excellent analytics cloud as A Best Business Intelligent Application

Reviewed 2015-09-09
Review Source: Software Advice

1. Mobile First: Wave was designed for smartphone and tablet use first, but also works seamlessly on desktop and laptops. 2. Key-value Store: Wave is based on a key-value-store, NoSQL database meaning you can bring all data from 3rd party apps and your desktop into the system easily. 3. Data for All: Wave provides insights and reports for back-end, front-end, end-user and developers to query and analyze the KPIs that interest them. 4. Secure Data: Wave can meet high-level data privacy and data security requirements for analyzing confidential data. 5. Multiple Dashboards: Create dashboards for multiple datasets and to meet a variety of business, departmental and individual KPI analyses.

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Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud pricing

Pricing options
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START: A Wave platform license is required to get started. Platform features include:
High-speed search based query index
Massively parallel processing
Cloud scale and trust

Builder User Licenses
$250 /user/month (billed annually)

Explorer User Licenses
(billed annually)

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud features


Activity Dashboard (90 other apps)
Ad hoc Reporting (61 other apps)
Business Intelligence (86 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (65 other apps)
Dashboard Creation (76 other apps)
Data Filtering (59 other apps)
Data Import/Export (69 other apps)
Data Visualization (93 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (52 other apps)
Graphical Data Presentation (45 other apps)
Monitoring (64 other apps)
Multiple Data Sources (43 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (84 other apps)
Real Time Data (64 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (47 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (67 other apps)
Third Party Integration (54 other apps)
Visual Analytics (88 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

A mobile-first, cloud-based business intelligence platform, Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides key insights into your data. It offers answers to questions about your data, and helps you correlate customer purchase history with satisfaction, better understand your customer base, pinpoint the best performing sales and marketing channels, forecast possible business scenarios, and detect new expansion opportunities, among many others.

Critical business data from various channels, such as your company’s CRM tool, ERP, and other data sources are managed, viewed, and shared with your team from a single, centralized application that you can access anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud supports self-service access that instantly provides users with answers to their queries, eliminating the need to log a ticket with the IT department and wait days, weeks, or even months for their issues to be addressed.

What is Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud?

Because data is gathered from a variety of sources and consolidated in a single view, with just a few clicks, you see the big picture through engaging and easy-to-digest reports. Filters allow for systematic drill downs into the information you need, and Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud’s intuitive interface keeps your data intact and updated in real time, even as you switch from pie to bar chart, from line graph to donut chart.

Built on the Salesforce 1 platform, Wave: Salesforce Cloud Analytics is cloud-scale and instantly mobile. It integrates with a variety of Salesforce applications and works with a number of third-party apps in the AppExchange to extend its capabilities. It’s search-based and allows for immediate access to data that you can measure, filter, categorize, view, and share from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Who is Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Midsized businesses to large organizations
  • Departments/roles: Data analysts, IT admins and professionals, app developers, sales professionals, sales managers, independent software vendors, and business users
  • Budget/point: Starts at $125 per user per month
  • Example customers: GE Capital, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Main features


Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud dashboards can be accessed on any device, and its mobile web app can be downloaded on iPhones and iPads. This allows users to view, filter, group, measure, and share datasets from their mobile devices. Data can instantly be connected, customized, and deployed from anywhere, anytime.

Questions around datasets are addressed in no time, and findings can be shared with other users via your smartphone – a feature especially useful for field professionals such as customer service representatives or marketing teams who are always on the go.

Dynamic Visualization Engine

Designed for data builders and business users, Salesforce Analytics Cloud has a rapid visualization engine that shows in real time how one chart affects another. Through quick searches and interactive, beautifully-presented visuals that can be structured via tools such as groupings and filters, users gain critical business knowledge that helps them make better-informed decisions.

Wave’s visuals aren’t just about charts and color-coded lines. The app also allows users to make the experience as interesting as possible through quirky, fun stickers.

Self-Service Access

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides a way for users, regardless of their data analytics background and experience (or lack thereof), to find answers to their queries without sending ticket requests to the IT department and waiting days, weeks, or months for solutions. Aside from process delays, long waiting periods can result in the data being irrelevant or obsolete when finally received.

Wave allows you to ask ad hoc questions as you explore and gain insights into your data. Updates are visible in real time, and filters and grouping strategies can be used to further slice and dice and, therefore, understand the data at your fingertips.

Multiple Dashboards

Depending on the type of business you do, your data sources can be diverse and numerous. Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud embraces all data forms, structured or unstructured, from tools such as ERP, CRM, website, RFID sensors, social media, among others.

Multiple (up to unlimited) dashboards can be created for various datasets to address your different data needs, e.g. the success of your marketing campaigns and customer service initiatives, insights into the age, gender, and location of your most valuable customers, the average time visitors spend on your websites, your most successful lead sources, and so on. Dashboards consolidate various data visualizations into a single view.

Native Salesforce Integration

Because Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud is built on the Salesforce 1 platform, all data resides in Salesforce, hence, no synchronization issues with other of these applications, and uses the same sharing and security rules. Your data can be automated and customized using existing tools, such as workflow rules, custom data fields, and so on.

Updates and upgrades are easier to roll out, and data is stored within Salesforce servers, as opposed to external or third-party servers, until they’re exported.


Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud has native integrations with other Salesforce applications and easily connects with apps listed in the Salesforce AppExchange.


To start using the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, a Wave platform license is needed. Builder user licenses, which enable users to create and manage data connections and data sets, are billed annually at $250 per user per month.

Explorer user licenses, which allow users to view, personalize, and share dashboards and data insights, are likewise billed annually at $125 per user per month.

Bottom line

  • Mobile-first analytics and business intelligence app for organizations to make sense of their data
  • Multiple dashboards for various datasets
  • Offers self-service access
  • Role-based access and hierarchy controls
  • Available on any web browser and as a mobile web app for iOS devices

Additional information for Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Key features of Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud

  • Self service access to data
  • Build mixed data dashboards
  • Search-based data
  • Measure, group, filter,view & share data
  • Mobile device access
  • Present data on smart phones
  • Build mobile-first analytics apps
  • Native salesforce integration
  • Field level security and role based hierarchy controls
  • High Speed Search-Based Query Index
  • Dynamic Visualization Engine
  • Massively parallel processing,
  • Key-value pair data ingestion
  • 100% Vertical Integration
  • Mobile-first
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Mobile First: Einstein Analytics was designed for smartphone and tablet use first, but also works seamlessly on desktop and laptops.

Key-value Store: Einstein Analytics is based on a key-value-store, NoSQL database meaning you can bring all data from 3rd party apps and your desktop into the system easily.

Data for All: Einstein Analytics provides insights and reports for back-end, front-end, end-user and developers to query and analyze the KPIs that interest them.

Secure Data: Einstein Analytics can meet high-level data privacy and data security requirements for analyzing confidential data.

Multiple Dashboards: Create dashboards for multiple datasets and to meet a variety of business, departmental and individual KPI analyses.