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APE Mobile

Construction app for site intelligence.

4.33/5 (18 reviews)

APE Mobile overview

Find out what's happening on site, instantly using real time data and insights. APE Mobile is a construction app that is revolutionising the construction industry by using best of breed technology turning complex projects into simple projects. With this data, better decisions can be made in both the field and office. We are using AI and NLP to create a Site Assistant, similar to Siri, that can answer all your site questions like "How much concrete was poured in the last week".

As a cloud-based service with native mobile applications on iOS and Android, APE Mobile ensures all data is stored safely, backed up instantly and available to multiple users in multiple locations across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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APE Mobile reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Matt Lawrie

No more paper

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-02
Review Source: Capterra

Ape has enabled use as a company to eliminate paper and the problems that come with keeping it safe. With Ape, we are able to see how a project is progressing. The ability to have live feed means all records are available to whoever needs them instantly. It's important to our clients that we get them the information as soon as practicable, with ape it is as soon as they sign off. From our clients point of view, it means we are more transparent and our Q. Systems are more accurate. We are also taking advantage of the formulation side, for our works the are a lot of conversions and with APE all we need is the first number and the rest will be done from there like a calculator. The only difference is it's always right. APE has changed how we do business and it's the future of record keeping.Live feed and time-saving

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Johnathan Loh

Great Product and Support

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

Ape Mobile is a responsive program and support service. It is easy to use on site and doesn't lag or stutter while being used. Any additional features or bugs are promptly seen to by the service team.Dropdown menus that are easy to edit

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James Shields

Ape mobile

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-01
Review Source: Capterra

The ape is easy to use but need more access to some areas and be able to do more editing in areas such as materials in use and some of the text areas aren't big enough. Being able to put an operator on more than one machine would be good without having to fill it out again.Ease of use and information it's there when needed.

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Colin Morel

Best Mullet

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-01
Review Source: Capterra

I have had nothing to do with the implantation of the system into our organization. I have just have to use it and I do not have any issues in using it. I have use a couple of other programs such as JDE, SAP, and MatrixOps. I do believe it can be made more user-friendly but that might just be they way our people ( who think they know everything and asked for no one else's input ) got it set up or have set it up. I ok with it, I have had a couple of friends from other organization's ask me about it and I have recommended to them to get it.

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Colin Tran

Usable but needs to be desktop friendly as well

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-12-01
Review Source: Capterra

This application is very useful when used on a tablet or portable device, but when done on a desktop device, it becomes a bit difficult and troublesome to control and access. There are also times when I input data into the cells, but when the information gets proceeded and printed out for review, some of the input data is cut off, because the program/application does not shrink or wrap the texts in the cell to suit.New and modern, a new means to track and document your daily works if used.

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APE Mobile pricing

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APE Mobile offers four price plans.

Starter: AU$45 per supervisor / month & AU$10 per operator / month
Professional AU$65 per supervisor / month & AU$15 per operator / month
Premium: AU$85 per supervisor / month & AU$20 per operator / month
Enterprise: To receive a custom plan, contact APE Mobile directly.

These prices are billed annually and in Australian Dollars.

APE Mobile features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Contractor Management
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Document Storage
Real Time Updates

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Additional information for APE Mobile

Key features of APE Mobile

  • Permit management
  • Warranty / service management
  • Forms management
  • Template management
  • Document templates
  • Document storage
  • Import management
  • Import / export data
  • Custom forms
  • Contract management
  • Photo management
  • Contractor management
  • Timesheets
  • Timesheet management
  • Task management
  • Incident reporting
  • Progress reports
  • Safety assessments
  • Data synchronization
  • Synchronization management
  • Automatic backup
  • Real time data
  • Real time monitoring
  • Real time reporting
  • Real time updates
  • Activity dashboard
  • Activity management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Metadata management
  • Digital signature
  • Offline access
  • Third party integration
  • Workflow management
  • Action management
  • Audit trail
  • Compliance management
  • Secure data storage
  • Activity logging
  • Auditing
  • Project planning
  • Tracking features
  • Multiple users
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APE Mobile is available as a native mobile application on iOS and Android, affording users the flexibility to access their documents onsite or at the office.

APE Mobile includes powerful synchronization technology which is capable of granting users full offline access to projects.

Users can view data in real time, letting contractors track site related operations quickly and accurately.

Users can import existing documents directly from MS Word, thereby enabling them to generate form templates easily.

APE Mobile captures and stores data in a central database, allowing data, documents and images to be updated, accessed and exported conveniently.