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WorkflowMax by Xero is used by more than 6,000 businesses all over the world, providing a total cloud-based business solution for creative agencies, architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, IT companies, construction firms, consultants and anyone else who bills by time.

Complex quotes and invoices can be created in minutes and pushed out electronically to your clients. With a click of a button your client can accept a quote, and this becomes a job in WorkflowMax. Your team can now track their time against this job, even when they’re out in the field, and you can manage job milestones and keep track of who is working on what. When the job is complete, you can quickly send out the invoice, track how your company is performing with clever reports, and switch over to your accounting software to find all the job details have been added … automagically.

Because WorkflowMax is on the cloud, you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to manage your business. Check timesheets and send invoices from the Amazon jungle or the beach in Bali.

WorkflowMax integrates with more than 30 other systems, including Xero accounting - meaning all invoices created in WorkflowMax are seamlessly pushed into Xero.

With WorkflowMax taking care of all your admin and job management needs, you can spend your time working on the business, rather than IN the business.

WorkflowMax Reviews (46)

Most positive review

 Value for Money Time and Project Management System

As Certified Implementation Partners, we have implemented and trained WorkflowMax for over sixty clients in the UK. Industries have included Creative Agencies, Architects & Engineers, Ecologists, Training Companies and General Consultancy firms.

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Reviewed 26th of June, 2016 by

Most critical review

 Bitter Sweet

No planning tools. Like a simple gantt chart to plan out a day or week for team members. We've been using WFM for as long as I can remember and it's come a long way. It has many small features you would not think of till you need them, its fantastic in that way. But lacks in usability, project ...

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Reviewed 17th of August, 2015 by

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#6 in Business Management

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WorkflowMax Pricing

Starting from: $15.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

1 User - US$15/month
5 Users - US$49/month
10 Users - US$99/month (Most popular)
20 Users - US$149/month
Unlimited Users - US$199/month

Add WorkflowMax's Lead Manager (CRM) module for $15 extra per month.

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Key Features of WorkflowMax

  • An end-to-end, fully integrated job management solution
  • Lead manager (CRM)
  • Quoting & estimating
  • Client management
  • Job tracking
  • Project management
  • Job costing
  • Time tracking
  • Document management
  • Collaboration manager (clients & contractors)
  • Client portal
  • Purchase order
  • Invoicing & billing
  • Integration with Xero accounting software
  • Custom reporting
  • Integration with over 30 other products
  • Staff scheduling
  • 24/7 email support available
  • Free online webinars & video tutorials
  • Native iOS app & mobile site for Android

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Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Intended Users
Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
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WorkflowMax is the best-in-class job/workflow management software for your service business, trusted by 6000+ businesses globally.

1. All-in-one software - Most tools do one or two things and usually don’t integrate with each other. WorkflowMax’s suite of tools work together seamlessly, letting you focus on getting stuff done, not on cobbling together different tools.

Leads, quotes, time tracking, job management, invoicing - WorkflowMax does it all. Enter your data once, and it follows you through the job right to the invoice stage.

2. Access anywhere, anytime: The power of the cloud means you use WorkflowMax when and where it suits you. Your staff can track time on the client's site, or you can keep an eye on how jobs are progressing from your boat.

3. WorkflowMax for iOS: Now it's even easier to manage your jobs on the go with the native iOS app. User-friendly and intuitive, you can use quick swipe gestures to work effortlessly from wherever you are.

4. Complete transparency & visibility: Because all the data is real-time - you can see where every job in your business is at, who is doing what, and when you can schedule in more work. Use this data to give more accurate quotes and keep clients informed of progress.

5. Powerful Reporting: With Reports, you can get actionable insights on your business. With a few clicks you can find out the net profitability on any job, or which invoices are still outstanding.

6. Xero owned & integrated: WorkflowMax integrates with Xero accounting - providing a beautiful, seamless software solution you can trust. Invoices, purchase orders and other information flow seamlessly between Xero and WorkflowMax, helping you to get paid faster and giving you a complete business solution.

6. Integration with over 30 Add-ons: WorkflowMax integrates with more than just Xero. Using WorkflowMax as the core of your business, you can integrate it with your accounting, payroll, customer support, staff scheduling and other add-on solutions.

No more messy spreadsheets, no more lost files, no more undercharging. WorkflowMax gives you control of your business with just the push of a button.

There's so much more to WorkflowMax - and it’s easy to get started with a free trial.

Start changing the way you do business.

Who is WorkflowMax For?

WorkflowMax is built specifically for small to medium-size service businesses with between three and 50 employees. The end-to-end solution is most frequently used by businesses in the creative, marketing, architecture, business, engineering, consulting, IT, building, and construction industries.

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GetApp Analysis

From tracking jobs and managing timesheets, to sending invoices and purchase order requests, the job of a business owner is never done. WorkflowMax is an all-in-one project management solution that provides service businesses with everything they need to manage projects and typical business workflows.

Built for small to medium-size service businesses, WorkflowMax has integrated dozens of workflow management tools to bring together fragmented information in a centralized, web-based platform. An end-to-end solution, WorkflowMax handles everything from leads to quotes, timesheets, job tracking, project management, documents, purchase orders, invoicing, reporting, and seamless integration with Xero Accounting software.

What is WorkflowMax?

Designed to empower service businesses to better handle projects, WorkflowMax has combined dozens of powerful business management tools into one centralized platform. Leads, quotes, timesheets, job costing, project management, purchase orders, invoicing and reporting can all be managed from within WorkflowMax. Additionally, a deep integration with Xero means that WorkflowMax users are able to push sales invoices & purchase orders into their accounting software giving them a real-time insight into their business cash-flow. With more than 25 other software partners, businesses can add-on additional functionality such as CRM software (Salesforce), payroll software, customer support software (Zendesk), and document storage (Dropbox & Box).

Quotes, jobs, timesheets, and invoices are all converted seamlessly, which means WorkflowMax users don’t have to waste time manually entering client and service data more than once. When a job is complete, WorkflowMax users are also able to measure individual client or job profitability, and they can quickly determine whether particular clients are being over or under-serviced. For business owners who prefer billing throughout their projects, rather than at the end, WorkflowMax offers tools to track time against estimates, as well.

Main Features

See How Sales Staff are Performing with Lead Manager

WorkflowMax provides users with a way to track leads, proposals, and sales from an integrated pipeline. Managers are able to track how their sales teams are performing, and they can actually see what leads are talking about through integrated email conversations.

From the Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard, you can view current leads by category or staff. You can also see how many leads you’ve won for the month, and you can find out exactly which employees are bringing the most new business into your company.

Generating Quotes

Using WorkflowMax’s quoting tools, service businesses are able to generate accurate estimates quickly that can be sent to clients via email from within the software. Customizable templates can be designed for specific industries, and they can be formatted to include professional branding elements like logos. Businesses can also use their own markup percentages for better control over the final prices that clients see.

With a single click, you can populate a quote using all of the lead’s details. Next, design your own quote template using WorkflowMax’s tools. Once this is created, you’ll be able to easily generate additional quotes in the future. Each quote that you create will include a quote number and terms and conditions, and you can separate out individual tasks for better transparency when communicating with clients.

When you win the job, simply click a button and WorkflowMax transforms the data from the quote into a job, which you can then track time against. WorkflowMax provides you with tools for seeing the status of each of your quotes, which means you can follow up when necessary or close out quotes when the time has come.

Timesheets and Job Management

One of the biggest problems service businesses face is how to keep an accurate account of the amount of time each portion of a job takes. WorkflowMax allows you to assign a certain amount of hours to each job. You’ll receive notifications when that time is nearly used up.

There are six different options for time tracking, including a timer, start and finish time, duration, mobile site when you’re on the go, and an Adobe widget that tracks time from within the creative suite. Team members can see a weekly overview of their jobs, and managers can lock timesheets and see who is working on what. When a job is complete, an invoice can be generated from the timesheet with a couple of clicks.

With the WorkflowMax mobile site, your team can see job details and enter time while out on site. They can also contact clients or suppliers direct from their mobile interface. A great tool for construction companies, consultants, engineers and other site-based teams.

Project Management Tools

WorkflowMax enables your company to manage a project from end to end, and collaborate with team members, clients, and contractors. Clients and customers can log in to see the status of their jobs and add notes or access documents. You can control permissions to keep all your client data private and secure.

On the Job Tracking manager, you can see the status of each job in progress, and how many hours a job is taking against the estimate. You can track milestones and flip to a calendar view to see when important dates are coming up.

Any emails sent about a job can be tagged with the job number, and will automatically be stored in WorkflowMax. Documents can also be uploaded against a job, and you can add additional collaboration features by synching WorkflowMax up with document management apps like Box, DropBox and Google Drive.

Job Costing

Job costing software helps service businesses understand where they’re making and losing money, so there aren’t any surprises at the end of the month. WorkflowMax, in particular, is useful because it lets businesses know how their estimated costs are comparing to the actual costs of specific jobs.

It’s very simple to see a financial summary for any job your team has taken on. In addition, to the estimated cost and the quoted cost, you’ll see a breakdown of the actual cost based on the time your team has spent working on the project. If additional supplies are necessary to complete a specific job, you’ll be able to pay purchase orders directly thanks to WorkflowMax’s integration with Xero.

Manage Outgoings with Purchase Orders

One of the ways that WorkflowMax stands apart from competitors is by offering its users a way to track purchase orders against particular jobs to keep track of costs. Specifically, service businesses are able to separate out items in their purchase orders across multiple projects or jobs. This helps businesses avoid manually entering purchase order data more than once.

Not every business raises purchase orders. In that case, WorkflowMax is super flexible as it allows users to receive supplier invoices without creating a purchase order.

You can raise purchase orders and send them to suppliers via email. You can also receipt supplier invoices either in full or in part.

Thanks to WorkflowMax’s seamless two-way sync with Xero, when you raise purchase orders in WorkflowMax and add them as job costs as you receipt invoices, these are automatically pushed into Xero accounting software for payment, removing the pain of double entry.

Sending Invoices

WorkflowMax gives businesses total control over how their invoices look, what information they choose to include and also how the invoice is raised. You can invoice by actual time and costs, percentage of quoted value, quoted/estimated time or by costs or progress amount/deposit. In addition to adding custom branding elements, users can include staff, times, and rates on their invoices. They can also issue multi-job invoices.

Depending on the type of business you run, you may have certain employees who charge more for their hourly services than others. WorkflowMax is able to take issues like this into account, with tools for setting different hourly rates for team members. You can also override rates for tasks, clients, or jobs, which means you have 100% control over the contents of your business invoices.

Sometimes staff take longer in completing a job than expecting but you don’t have the luxury to charge extra from the client straight away, but you may do in future. For these scenarios, you have the ability to control the hours you bill by having the ability to write off time from an invoice, bill it in future or add extra hours to any of your staff.

Once the invoice is ready to be sent, you can either send it from WorkflowMax as an email from within the software or you can push it seamlessly to Xero accounting software.

Business Insights with Reports

With all the data about leads, quotes, time, jobs, and costings entered into WorkflowMax, you can use the software to gain valuable business insights. WorkflowMax allows you to run a series of built-in reports or create your own custom reports to slice and dice your data however you like.

You can find out how much money you make from different types of jobs or client categories, see how productive each staff member is, generate a report of unpaid invoices, get a tally of the amount of money you’ve generated in a month, and see the time you’ve written off for a particular client. You can also add custom fields to clients, jobs and leads, so you can draw out the exact information you need.

Sync Accounting & Job Management with Xero Integration

With Xero and WorkflowMax working together, you have a complete end-to-end business product. When you create a sales invoice in WorkflowMax, you can push that data through to Xero. Payments in Xero are automatically synced with the corresponding invoice in WorkflowMax, giving you an accurate picture of productivity per job.

You can also use the Xero/WorkflowMax integration to send purchase orders and receipt supplier invoices in WorkflowMax. These are the automatically pushed into Xero for payment. Data moves between the systems automatically, eliminating double-handling, and enabling you to get an accurate view of your business on either platform.


WorkflowMax offers complete integration with Xero accounting, which means that users are able to send invoices to their customers via email and also put those invoices into Xero at the exact same time.

Beyond its deep integration with Xero, WorkflowMax also integrates with Salesforce, along with a number of off-the-shelf job management applications, including Zendesk, Box, MoneyWorks, MYOB, WFM Plan, Actual, EndGame, Freshdesk, Smoothpay, and many others.


Service businesses can sign up for monthly pricing plans without being locked in to any long-term contracts. Monthly plans range in price from $15 to $199 per month. Users can upgrade to WorkflowMax Premium, which includes additional KPI and Productivity dashboards, along with the ability to import invoices from Xero, for $50 extra per month.

Bottom Line

  • All-in-one project management solution, trusted by more than 5,000 businesses

  • Built for small to medium-size service businesses

  • Handles leads, quotes, time sheets, job tracking, purchase orders, invoicing, reporting, and document management

  • Strong in the financial management of client jobs

  • Lets businesses design their own workflows