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Recruiting software & Applicant Tracking for professional recruiters

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Crelate Talent is designed from the ground up to make managing your network fast and easy. Pair this with your flexible workflows that don't "get in your way" and fantastic support and you have a powerful talent relationship management platform that is just right for your busy recruiting team or firm.

Crelate Talent believes strongly in pricing software the way they would want to buy it. Mobile clients, branded candidate portals, unlimited records and many other features are just included in their base offer. They offer generous discounts for annual commitments and reasonable terms.

Finally, customer service is paramount. Software is only as good as the service that comes with it. Services include high quality on-boarding, training, and support services made available to every customer.

Crelate Talent Reviews (97)

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 Incredibly easy to use!

We all want a software package that is flexible enough that we can adjust it to our business and not have to adjust our business to the software package, this is that tool. Within 1 hour of my using the software, I had a listing of clients already imported, candidate resumes parsed and was ...

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We use Crelate as our Applicant Tracking system. Our first experience with an ATS was with Sendouts and it was a great system until it was bought by Bullhorn and was no longer being supported. We did switch to another system in between Sendouts and Crelate and that was a disaster, like throwing ...

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Reviewed 14th of December, 2016 by

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Crelate Talent Pricing

Starting from: $65.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Starter, Pro and Premium plans are available depending on the level of supports and features desired. Pricing is per user, per month and generous discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

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Key Features of Crelate Talent

  • Flexible applicant and candidate workflow
  • Branded candidate portal
  • Customizable workflow and activities
  • iPhone and iPad clients
  • Search the entire text of all resume and documents
  • Email candidates and bulk templated email
  • Unlimited Jobs, Candidates, etc.
  • Full text search of all resumes and candidates
  • Talent relationship management
  • Hiring manager access
  • Outlook Client
  • Job board integration

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Intended Users
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPad, Mac, Windows, Web-based, iPhone, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Alternatives to Crelate Talent


Find Candidates Fast

Mine your database with ease using powerful full text searching features and data rich relational searches, which allow you to search everything – resumes, notes, activities, history – you name it. Post to job boards, integrate our job portal with your website, and automatically add candidates to searches when they apply.

Stay Connected

The more you remember, the more you can do with your network. Use notes, activities, and tags to keep a relationship history. Use mentions to tie your contacts together. Use reminders and tasks so you don’t forget a thing.

Keep Your Team Running Smoothly

You can use Crelate’s powerful workflow features to manage as simple or complex a process as you need. We'll help you set it up, and teach you how to change it in the future, so you can work through searches quickly and keep the whole team on the same page.

Do it All From Anywhere

Crelate is in the cloud, so you can use it from any computer (including your iPad), anywhere. Our iPhone client is designed to do exactly what you’d need from your phone so you can rely on Crelate wherever you are.

Who is Crelate Talent For?

Designed specifically for recruiters, Crelate Talent customers are most commonly one to 10-seat boutique recruiting agencies. These are typically agencies that handle executive search, retained search, and other focused recruitment opportunities, as opposed to staffing agencies. Crelate supports internal and corporate recruiters as well, with about 30% of the customers falling in this category.

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Crelate Talent Category Leaders


#9 in Applicant Tracking (ATS)

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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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GetApp Analysis

The most effective way for recruiters to find great talent is by forming deep relationships. Crelate Talent is a web-based platform that aids in this process, providing recruitment agencies with a way to keep in touch with talent, quickly access important records, and reach out with follow-up communication when the time is right.

By integrating an applicant tracking solution into their workflows, recruiters are better equipped to keep employment records updated and more easily able to search through databases for potential hires. Crelate Talent has developed an integrated, streamlined SaaS applicant tracking system (ATS) with talent pipelining, which comes standard with complete onboarding, training, and support services for recruitment agencies.

What is Crelate Talent?

Crelate Talent is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that offers a simplified way for recruiters to connect with top talent. Using Crelate Talent’s tools, recruiters are able to create applicant databases, which they can mine through text searches and relational searches find candidates with specific qualifications, notes, or professional histories.

Crelate Talent also provides recruiters with the ability to post to job boards, integrate with job portals through their websites, and automatically add job candidates to searches when they apply. Powerful workflow features make it possible for recruiters to design processes that are as simple or complex as they need. Because Crelate Talent is cloud-based, the entire system can be accessed from any computer, including mobile iPads and iPhones.

Main Features

Post Jobs

Recruiters can use Crelate Talent to post specific job opportunities. These postings can then be added to popular online job boards or integrated into the job portal on a company’s own business website.

To post a new job opportunity, create a listing using Crelate Talent’s tools. Include the name of the employer and as much information about the job opportunity as possible. Including tags is a helpful way to keep multiple jobs organized. As applicants start streaming in, you can create a short list of the best talent.

Manage Relationships with Talent

Every piece of information about a prospect is located in one place in Crelate Talent, which prevents recruiters from having to search for misplaced paperwork or notes. Each applicant has his or her own profile page. This is the page where recruiters are encouraged to add notes and tags. A complete activity stream also shows the candidate’s current status at all times.

And searching for your candidates in Crelate is lightning fast -- searching and scanning 50,000 resumes in under a second fast. How does it do it? With advanced Boolean queries (and, or, not...), tagging and proximity, helping to make sure your eyes on look at viable candidates.

Not only does it manage your client relationships, Crelate Talent allows you to manage the internal ones too. Track what’s important to your agency by enabling customized activity types. You can pin important notes to the top of a contact profile to ensure everyone on your team is privy to the relevant information. When you mention another record in your notes, the two contacts are automatically linked within the Crelate Talent system. It also includes features such as record ownership and the activity stream, which lets you easily see who is doing what across clients, jobs and candidates, without risking that you'll step on each other's toes.

Visualize Applicants

Crelate Talent organizes applicants into colorful tiles, which makes visualization a snap. Users can drag-and-drop applicant tiles throughout the hiring workflow, easily keeping track of which candidates have been interviewed and which have been placed.

Design your visualization board based on your existing workflows, changing the size, grouping, and sorting of tiles as frequently as you need. Crelate Talent’s visualization tools enable you to see the latest status of every applicant in the system without clicking through multiple pages to do so.

Track Interactions With Contacts

Keep detailed notes based on all the interactions that your agency has had with professional contacts. Crelate Talent’s tools keep track of any notes, along with the number of phone calls you’ve had with each contact.

Tag contacts to categorize professionals based on industry or skill level. You can also attach documents—including resumes and cover letters—to Contacts, Jobs, and Companies. Crelate Talent will automatically detect duplicate contacts, and it will merge contacts on an as-needed basis.

Connect Through the Mobile Interface

Crelate Talent is a SaaS application, and it is completely connected through mobile. Recruiters with iPhones and iPads can access their contact networks from their mobile devices, instantly searching through contact records and viewing upcoming tasks. The mobile interface also enables users to track activities and view candidate resumes, which is useful when meetings are being conducted outside of the office.


Crelate Talent offers email integration, with the ability to send, receive, and parse emails through the web-based platform. Additionally, users have the ability to export data to Excel, along with the option to post jobs directly to job boards.


Base pricing for Crelate Talent is $60, $70, and $90 per user, per month, depending on the tier and the features that an agency needs. Crelate Talent offers a discount for annual agreements ($45, $55 and $75 respectively). For deals over 10 seats and nonprofit groups, Crelate Talent has additional discounts, as well. Data migration and conversions are free or deeply discounted during Crelate Talent’s “Early Adopter” program. The company is also offering custom pricing for special needs.

Bottom Line

  • Integrated SaaS applicant tracking system

  • Provides recruiters with ways to keep in touch with talent

  • Implement applicant tracking and talent pipelines

  • Quickly search through thousands of resumes and records

  • Access employment records on mobile devices

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