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Crelate Talent

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Crelate Talent overview

Crelate Talent is an all-in-one recruiting CRM and applicant tracking system. Users can track the progress of candidates, record interactions, manage task lists, and send e-mails right from their pipeline screen. Key features include mobile clients, branded candidate portals, unlimited records, and more.

Users can drag & drop candidates through the hiring process and review resumes quickly without leaving the talent pipeline. Visualize, filter and view personalized recruiting dashboards, and fully customize recruiting activities and the hiring process.

From lead to placement, users can manage requisitions and orders right alongside their talent pipelines. Capture leads and build the sales funnel, manage talent and client interactions across the sales lifecycle, and align talent with potential opportunities at any stage of the sales process. Users can also calculate fees and understand the value of their pipeline.

Automatic email and calendar integration with Office 365 and Gmail, means users can focus on what’s important: engaging with candidates and customers.


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Crelate Talent screenshot: View all job titlesCrelate TalentCrelate Talent screenshot: Add details, tags and descriptions to jobsCrelate Talent screenshot: Add notes to candidate profilesCrelate Talent screenshot: View resumes in the same screenCrelate Talent screenshot: Manage and visualize candidate pipelinesCrelate Talent screenshot: Gain insight into sourcing efficacy, recruiter productivity and more with advanced recruitment reportingCrelate Talent screenshot: Add Boolean, tag, and proximity filters to easily locate the best candidateCrelate Talent screenshot: View information from candidate's LinkedIn profilesCrelate Talent screenshot: Access recruiting activities while on-the-go

Crelate Talent reviews

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John Nilon

BEST ATS I've seen in 25 years in the industry!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-16
Review Source: Capterra

Crelate has streamlined our business process and workflows and empowered us to grow.The ease of use and intuitive interface allows new users to quickly adapt, reducing onboarding and integration of team members. Crelate's licensing/pricing and provisioning model provides the flexibility to run my business as I need to, vs other ATS providers who force me to make decisions based on their terms. The metrics available are endless and are quickly and easily accessible. The data provided empowers me to track performance and lead more effectively. Crelate's ridiculously easy customization across the board ensures that Crelate molds to our needs without headaches. Crelate's highly flexible search capabilities also allow us to find what we need, wherever it is, quickly and easily. Data capture, either manually, automated or parsed is also fast and effective. Training and support are always rapid and just a phone call or e-mail away. Crelate's team is continually rolling out new features and updates in a manner that is not at all disruptive and always adds value. I'm afraid if I say that Crelate has been WELL WORTH our investment that they'll start to raise prices!!! Though it is true. As one who has investigated seemingly countless ATS, Crelate stands out as the BEST I've ever seen.

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Crelate is User Friendly and Comprehensive!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-07-19
Review Source: Capterra

To start, we switched over from another system and the pros at Crelate were spot on in transferring our data in its entirety from our old product! It automatically gave us a great feeling to find what we needed that we had almost a fluid transfer from our old ATS to this one. It is intuitively easy to use. For any professional who has worked with database software, or ATS systems already, the designers of Crelate have made it easy to understand and use from the moment you log in. "How do I do this?" is not as large a concern while navigating and adding data, creating and solving tasks and tracking and scheduling candidates, searches and clients! Additionally, it looks great! Some systems bring too much information to the head of a pin leaving you to wonder about how to find and retrieve information rapidly. Not so with Crelate! The screen you see the moment you log in allows you to breeze in and get what you need. It customizes on the fly! You are allowed to create new jobs, tags, categories, skills in this ever-changing world. Its ease of functionality makes it a perfect partner for other systems and software you use! I can send messages that appear in my sent box. Schedule appointments that end up in my outlook calendar. Create jobs that end up on the boards that I am already contracted to work with! The "help" feature of the system has answered my questions with great clarity that we needed almost no training to get started.

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Richard Moss

Excellent, best experience ever with an ATS software firm

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-08-30
Review Source: Capterra

This is the very best ATS software on the market for a contingency or retained search firm. For a recruiter, it's always about the interface and workflow. Can I quickly see and get to all the information I need to multitask with multiple clients and candidates.? The answer in the case is a resounding YES! Crelate does that far better than everyone else for me. The second thing it does better than any ATS I have ever used is automation of repetitive tasks. You can actually customize your own workflow. The interface allows you to drag and drop between stages. It will send out automated, customized emails at each stage of the recruiting process. It allows me to work quickly, efficiently, the way I want to work. It's a beautiful thing. The third thing is a reactive mobile app that works very well - it adapts to each device I use, tablet, phone, etc. One last thing, I have never in my 25-year career using ATS software had a company be so responsive to requests for help and new features. A few weeks ago (weeks!) I asked for a new feature that required the developers to make changes to their mobile app. It was a very important change for my business, but because it involved changes to an app, I assumed it would take months to get on the list of changes for their next release. I am happy to say that I was wrong, and their quick response was the best service I have ever experienced from an ATS software firm.

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mark rodman

Xtra Effort review of Crelate Software

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-03-24
Review Source: Capterra

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. is a 16 year Sales, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success recruiting firm for enterprise technology companies. We have a national reach. The diverse nature of our client requirements make it imperative that we are agile when responding to super specific requests around candidate tenure, technical skills, industry knowledge, performance metrics, location, career stability, and countless other soft traits. Our challenge, as a contingency based search firm, is providing enough "high touch" service to satisfy each client's nuanced request, while maintaining enough velocity and volume to continuously feed the candidate and client pipeline. A flexible, reliable, and powerful Applicant Tracking System is critical to achieve these goals. Crelate was suggested to Xtra Effort by another small recruiting firm. We were hesitant to consider change because of the fear of disruption associated with the data conversion and learning curve. However, these fears were alleviated when speaking with Crelate, mostly for two reasons: 1) Crelate's technology is intuitive, flexible, and really well designed 2) Crelate's people are SUPER responsive, thoughtful, creative, and resourceful Crelate made Xtra Effort feel as though we were a 1000 employee prospect. They made every perceived major hurdle go away through listening and making resourceful suggestions. We agreed to convert to Crelate and had the same favorable experience during the conversion and training period, and with the post conversion support organization. Mostly importantly, Xtra Effort users are now offering unsolicited comments about productivity gains. Xtra Effort would definitely suggest Crelate if you feel a need for improved value and function from your ATS technology AND vendor team. It is fantastic to truly valued as a customer by the vendor who is most critical to supporting our efforts. Contingency recruiting is challenging, it is nice to know that such an important partner cares and "has your back"

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Renee Tarmoom

Easy up and running

Reviewed 2016-06-15
Review Source: Software Advice

User interface is simple to understand and user-friendly. You are able to drag and drop candidates into customizable stages on job orders, as well as quickly add notes and filter on activity. Features customizable activity types and icons. Support is available in-app, and tickets are addresses promptly by staff in the U.S. Ability to add custom tag categories and tags for skills, candidate preferences, etc. 5 customizable candidate information fields. Search is robust, and you can filter search on documents (and each customizable document type), activities, tags, etc. Job postings can be pushed to company's website as well as free industry boards. There is a companion app to retrieve/add information from mobile device. Basically for the money this is the best solution for our small business.

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Crelate Talent pricing

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Essentials, Pro and Business Premium plans are available depending on the level of supports and features desired. Pricing is per user, per month and generous discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

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Employee Management (231 other apps)
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Time & Attendance Tracking (155 other apps)
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#9 in Applicant Tracking (ATS)

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The most effective way for recruiters to find great talent is by forming deep relationships. Crelate Talent is a web-based platform that aids in this process, providing recruitment agencies with a way to keep in touch with talent, quickly access important records, and reach out with follow-up communication when the time is right.

By integrating an applicant tracking solution into their workflows, recruiters are better equipped to keep employment records updated and more easily able to search through databases for potential hires. Crelate Talent has developed an integrated, streamlined SaaS applicant tracking system (ATS) with talent pipelining, which comes standard with complete onboarding, training, and support services for recruitment agencies.

What is Crelate Talent?

Crelate Talent is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that offers a simplified way for recruiters to connect with top talent. Using Crelate Talent’s tools, recruiters are able to create applicant databases, which they can mine through text searches and relational searches find candidates with specific qualifications, notes, or professional histories.

Crelate Talent also provides recruiters with the ability to post to job boards, integrate with job portals through their websites, and automatically add job candidates to searches when they apply. Powerful workflow features make it possible for recruiters to design processes that are as simple or complex as they need. Because Crelate Talent is cloud-based, the entire system can be accessed from any computer, including mobile iPads and iPhones.

Who is Crelate Talent for?

Designed specifically for recruiters, Crelate Talent customers are most commonly one to 10-seat boutique recruiting agencies. These are typically agencies that handle executive search, retained search, and other focused recruitment opportunities, as opposed to staffing agencies. Crelate supports internal and corporate recruiters as well, with about 30% of the customers falling in this category.

Main features

Post Jobs

Recruiters can use Crelate Talent to post specific job opportunities. These postings can then be added to popular online job boards or integrated into the job portal on a company’s own business website.

To post a new job opportunity, create a listing using Crelate Talent’s tools. Include the name of the employer and as much information about the job opportunity as possible. Including tags is a helpful way to keep multiple jobs organized. As applicants start streaming in, you can create a short list of the best talent.

Manage Relationships with Talent

Every piece of information about a prospect is located in one place in Crelate Talent, which prevents recruiters from having to search for misplaced paperwork or notes. Each applicant has his or her own profile page. This is the page where recruiters are encouraged to add notes and tags. A complete activity stream also shows the candidate’s current status at all times.

And searching for your candidates in Crelate is lightning fast – searching and scanning 50,000 resumes in under a second fast. How does it do it? With advanced Boolean queries (and, or, not…), tagging and proximity, helping to make sure your eyes on look at viable candidates.

Not only does it manage your client relationships, Crelate Talent allows you to manage the internal ones too. Track what’s important to your agency by enabling customized activity types. You can pin important notes to the top of a contact profile to ensure everyone on your team is privy to the relevant information. When you mention another record in your notes, the two contacts are automatically linked within the Crelate Talent system. It also includes features such as record ownership and the activity stream, which lets you easily see who is doing what across clients, jobs and candidates, without risking that you’ll step on each other’s toes.

Visualize Applicants

Crelate Talent organizes applicants into colorful tiles, which makes visualization a snap. Users can drag-and-drop applicant tiles throughout the hiring workflow, easily keeping track of which candidates have been interviewed and which have been placed.

Design your visualization board based on your existing workflows, changing the size, grouping, and sorting of tiles as frequently as you need. Crelate Talent’s visualization tools enable you to see the latest status of every applicant in the system without clicking through multiple pages to do so.

Track Interactions With Contacts

Keep detailed notes based on all the interactions that your agency has had with professional contacts. Crelate Talent’s tools keep track of any notes, along with the number of phone calls you’ve had with each contact.

Tag contacts to categorize professionals based on industry or skill level. You can also attach documents—including resumes and cover letters—to Contacts, Jobs, and Companies. Crelate Talent will automatically detect duplicate contacts, and it will merge contacts on an as-needed basis.

Connect Through the Mobile Interface

Crelate Talent is a SaaS application, and it is completely connected through mobile. Recruiters with iPhones and iPads can access their contact networks from their mobile devices, instantly searching through contact records and viewing upcoming tasks. The mobile interface also enables users to track activities and view candidate resumes, which is useful when meetings are being conducted outside of the office.


Crelate Talent offers email integration, with the ability to send, receive, and parse emails through the web-based platform. Additionally, users have the ability to export data to Excel, along with the option to post jobs directly to job boards.


Base pricing for Crelate Talent is $60, $70, and $90 per user, per month, depending on the tier and the features that an agency needs. Crelate Talent offers a discount for annual agreements ($45, $55 and $75 respectively). For deals over 10 seats and nonprofit groups, Crelate Talent has additional discounts, as well. Data migration and conversions are free or deeply discounted during Crelate Talent’s “Early Adopter” program. The company is also offering custom pricing for special needs.

Bottom line

  • Integrated SaaS applicant tracking system

  • Provides recruiters with ways to keep in touch with talent

  • Implement applicant tracking and talent pipelines

  • Quickly search through thousands of resumes and records

  • Access employment records on mobile devices

Additional information for Crelate Talent

Key features of Crelate Talent

  • Flexible applicant and candidate workflow
  • Branded candidate portal
  • Customizable workflow and activities
  • iPhone and iPad clients
  • Search the entire text of all resume and documents
  • Email candidates and bulk templated email
  • Unlimited Jobs, Candidates, etc.
  • Full text search of all resumes and candidates
  • Talent relationship management
  • Hiring manager access
  • Outlook Client
  • Job board integration
  • Visualize, filter and view recruiting dashboards
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Mine the database with ease using powerful full text searching features and data rich relational searches, which allow users to search everything – resumes, notes, activities, or history.

Post to job boards, integrate the job portal with a website, and automatically add candidates to searches when they apply.

Use notes, activities, and tags to keep a relationship history. Use mentions to tie contacts together. Use reminders and tasks to avoid forgetting anything important.

Use Crelate’s powerful workflow features to manage as simple or complex a process as needed. Crelate helps set it up, and teaches how to change it in the future, allowing users to work through searches quickly and keep the whole team on the same page.

Crelate is in the cloud, enabling individuals use it from any computer (including an iPad), anywhere. The iPhone client is designed to do exactly what users need from their phone so they can rely on Crelate wherever they are.