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Performance Pro Reviews

Performance Pro

Employee Performance Appraisal App

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Jennifer Dickey, PHR

Verified Reviewer

Performance Pro - Easy Peasy


Using Performance Pro truly promotes what every HR head would be looking for in streamlining the Performance Management and Performance Review process. Getting your organization to understand the importance of effective Performance Management is difficult enough, being able to offer and utilize a solution that gives everyone a web based tools to guide the process rather than restrict and dictate the process has been a nothing but a win-win for the employees and in meeting business results.


Performance Pro offers a web based solution and is incredibly user-friendly on both the administrator and end-user side. Everything to make the review or coaching process experience easy and efficient is offered right within the system. If customization is needed, you can actually do most if not all of it on your own and there is no additional charge.There are a number of factors to select from, goals can be customized for specific positions and reviewed and evaluated periodically with employees throughout the year. If you really break it down, your administrative expenses will be reduced and you should see an immediate return in that your goals and factors align directly with business objectives.


More of a wish list, I would love if the system integrated with our HRIS system, the good news, from what I heard it will be able to very shortly!!! :)

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