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Cloud-based HR compensation management with insight analysis

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SimplyMerit overview

SimplyMerit from MorganHR is a cloud-based HR compensation management software solution that supports business leaders with optimizing merit spend budgets and annual bonus pools. Promising “Live in Five” days deployment and configuration time, the centralized system imports existing compensation data, and connects into established performance management processes with integration for ADP Workforce and Namely. With real time capability, SimplyMerit handles currency conversions, applies prorations automatically, while also generating and distributing adjustment letters. Requested compensation adjustments remain transparent throughout the software which has been designed to follow the traditional merit pay adjustment request and approvals workflow.

Additionally, SimplyMerit offers a collaboration engine for assisting the collaborative work between teams of users, while tracking all updates and changes for auditing purposes. Secure user permissions ensure that only authorized managers have access to sensitive compensation data. Predictive modeling tools go on to advise on the projected impact of any planned compensation adjustments, with real time monitoring applied to set budgets. Analytics is also provided in the form of SimplyMerit Insights, which combines a company’s data with MorganHR consultancy to deliver boardroom-ready reports. These include compensation insights spanning biases and disparities, gender-pay differentials, HIPOs, employees at risk, market pay and budget allocation analysis, plus a range of identified merit cycle outliers.


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SimplyMerit screenshot: SimplyMerit is a cloud-based HR compentation management software solution for global business users SimplyMerit screenshot: SimplyMerit promises to give HR departments and managers a comprehensive level of visibility into the compensation process, showing here searchable employee data for a particular organizationSimplyMerit screenshot: The SimplyMerit interface has been designed to follow the natural workflow for merit pay adjustment requests and approvals in order to be intuitive for all usersSimplyMerit screenshot: An example of SimplyMerit's Salary tab detailing employee data pertaining to a particular work team with Merit fields for making salary adjustments for certain members of staffSimplyMerit screenshot: The bonus tab allows for the definition of bonus allocations, showing here the submission of company and discretionary bonuses to certain team employees plus an overview of the total allocated bonus budget overallSimplyMerit screenshot: Configuration options include the Budget Amounts tab, showing a budget overview with a page as shown for setting and submitting budget amounts

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Key features of SimplyMerit

  • Bonus Management
  • Compensation Assessment
  • Compensation Calculation
  • Compensation Plan Modeling
  • Compensation Statements
  • Incentive Programs
  • Organizational Charting
  • Salary Planning
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• SimplyMerit from MorganHR is an online HR compensation management solution that promises rapid "Live in Five!" implementation, importing existing data and connecting to performance management processes etc to go live in five days or less.

• SimplyMerit has support for global currencies, automatic prorations, plus one-click generation and distribution of compensation adjustment letters.

• Interface designed to intuitively follow the natural workflow for handling merit pay adjustment requests and making approvals, with a collaboration engine supporting multiple users and tracked system updates for auditing.

• Modeling capabilities allow HR teams to model and forecast the holistic results of any planned compensation adjustments, aiding the setting of budgets that are tracked in real time.

• SimplyMerit Insights delivers analysis of a company's compensation environment by combining gathered data with the knowledge of MorganHR consultants to provide a bespoke "board-ready" report detailing compensation insights and merit cycle outliers.