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Close logo

The all-in-one CRM for fast-growing sales teams.

learn more
Close is the sales CRM that helps small businesses and startups turn leads into revenue. Close lets you email, call, and text your leads from desktop. With productivity tools like task reminders, Call Assistant, and Predictive Dialer, you’ll reach more leads, follow up more often, and close more.

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Zoho Campaigns logo

Simplified Email and SMS Marketing

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Zoho Campaigns is an email and SMS marketing software for small, medium, and large businesses to automate their entire marketing process.

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Acumbamail logo

Effective email marketing to skyrocket your business

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Acumbamail is a complete tool with Email Marketing, SMS campaigns, and landing pages for companies of all kinds to effectively communicate with their customers between channels, expand their business and improve their conversion rates.

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Selzy logo

Affordable email marketing software

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Selzy is an intuitive email marketing platform that suits any business needs. It offers a wide range of integrations with your favorite tools, an easy-to-use drag&drop editor, and email templates for any occasion.

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SalesLoft logo

Sales acceleration and customer engagement platform

learn more
Salesloft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that helps sales teams to automate sales plays, access coaching material, manage pipelines, and more. The platform offers a range of integrated modules including Sales Email, Calendaring, Analytics, CRM Sync, and more.

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Mailshake logo

Sales engagement platform for email, phone & social outreach

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Mailshake is a sales engagement platform for modern sales teams. Send personalized cold emails at scale and set tasks to engage with prospects via phone and social media, all in one sequence, on one dashboard.

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GlassHive logo

Sales and marketing platform for IT industry

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GlassHive assists businesses in the IT industry such as MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, and more. It caters to businesses of all sizes. It enables teams to manage marketing and sales efforts using intuitive tools, pre-built content, and insightful data.

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Saleshandy logo

Supercharge your cold email outreach to get more conversions

learn more
Saleshandy is a cold email outreach platform for teams who want to make significant, faster & humanistic sales engagement.

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Yesware logo

Sales Engagement Made Easy

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How sales teams do meaningful email outreach at scale.

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Autoklose logo

Cloud-based sales force automation platform for marketers.

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Autoklose is a cloud-based sales force automation platform, which helps businesses in technology, finance, hospitality, logistics, design, and other sectors manage email campaigns, generate sales leads, and handle customer contacts. The software provides various features including appointment scheduling, drip campaigns, performance tracking, lead segmentation, email validation, reporting, and more.

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FreeAgent CRM logo

Powerful, easy-to-use CRM your whole team will love.

learn more
FreeAgent CRM is a fully-featured CRM. Measure email campaign effectiveness, delivery tracking, open and click tracking, and more.

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Emma by Marigold logo

Multi-channel marketing that works for you.

learn more
Emma by Marigold is an email marketing platform which focuses on segmentation, automation, and an easy-to-use email builder for teams of all sizes to leverage their customer data, increase engagement, and drive more revenue from email. Users can create and collaborate on email campaign content.

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ReachMail logo

Web-based email message creation and campaign marketing tool

learn more
ReachMail is a web-based email marketing solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, offering scalable pricing plans and features which include campaign creation and management, social media sharing, custom templates, a survey builder, spam checking, and reporting

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Folio logo

Folio: Manage Real Estate Transactions from Gmail.

learn more
Folio helps you create and share real estate closing timelines from your email inbox. 100,000 real estate agents trust Folio to help them close on time, impress their clients and get more referrals.

Folio works with the tools you already use every day: GSuite or Microsoft 365, DocuSign, and more.

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Pinpointe logo

Advanced-feature email marketing for less

learn more
Pinpointe is the go-to email service provider for businesses that have outgrown their current email platform. If you're ready for more advanced features and service, Pinpointe is the right choice.

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LaGrowthMachine logo

Multichannel prospecting platform

learn more
LaGrowthMachine is the first multi-channel prospecting platform that helps growth, sales, and recruiters engage with their targets on LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter.

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emBlue logo

Integrate channels, become omnichannel

learn more
Segment your audience based on interests, activity in your campaigns, or behaviors on your website. Then, create effective remarketing campaigns and increase your results.

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1PointMail logo

Cloud-based email marketing platform

learn more
1PointMail is an email marketing solution that supports the entire marketing process and helps in execution of campaigns across various channels

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Docsify logo

Email tracking, Send later and Templates

learn more
Docsify is an email tracking and email productivity tool for Gmail

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Kickbox Email Verification logo

Email verification software for developers and marketers

learn more
Kickbox software automates the email address verification process. Marketers and business agencies can use it to improve the accuracy of email list data and deliverability. It integrates with most email providers and marketing or EDM software, including SendGrid, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

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Cirrus Insight logo

#1 App for Salesforce Productivity & Meeting Automation

learn more
Cirrus Insight enhances productivity with Salesforce and automates meetings by integrating with Gmail and Outlook. Users can sync data, send personalized emails, track interactions, and schedule meetings effortlessly. Cirrus Insight supports over 50,000 users globally.

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Folderly logo

All-in-one email solution platform

learn more
Folderly is an email deliverability solution that offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring flawless email deliverability. Locate, solve, and prevent email deliverability pitfalls, and ensure your emails reach the Inbox folder.

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Mailtrap logo

Just in time email delivery.

learn more
In 15 years, Mailtrap evolved into a fully-fledged email delivery platform. It’s a reliable end-to-end solution for dev teams to test, send, and control emails.

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RMail logo

RMail®, track, prove, encrypt, e-sign, certify, all-in-one.

learn more
RMail® is the e-security platform by RPost®. RMail specializes in elegantly easy to use email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signatures, legal e-delivery proof, secure file sharing, email impostor protection, and AI-infused services to prevent data leaks and human e-security errors.

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Escala logo

CRM and marketing automation platform

learn more
Escala is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses manage customers and streamline ad campaigns. Users can create landing pages and forms by customizing templates and publishing them according to requirements.

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