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Front overview

What is Front?

Front is the shared inbox for teams that brings all of your business communications into a single collaborative platform. Teams in customer support, sales, operations, IT, and marketing can manage support@, sales@, and other group email addresses, Facebook, Twitter, chat, and SMS messages, in one place, and respond without switching between multiple tools.

Designed for team collaboration: Emails and messages in your shared inbox can be assigned to teammates to makes it clear who is responsible for responding, and collision detection prevents multiple replies to the same message. You can directly mention teammates to share and discuss messages and drafts before sending a response to a customer. Email templates let you quickly reply consistently to common questions.

Enhances team productivity: Front works like an email client, but it’s more powerful than Gmail or Outlook. With features like internal comments, follow-up reminders, read receipts, mail merge, email sequences, and canned answers, you’re able to respond 2-3x faster to customers. Mobile apps on iOS and Android are available for responding and triaging on the go. Front’s comprehensive analytics shows your response time, message volume, and many more to measure your productivity.

Integrates with all your apps: Front works with many of the other software you already use — Salesforce, Slack, Trello, GitHub, Intercom, Asana, and more, so you can access and sync this information in Front. Custom integrations for your specific business need can be developed using the API.

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Front screenshot: Manage email, chat, social media, SMS in one place Meet FrontFront screenshot: Assign messages to your teammate for clear accountability and ownership Front screenshot: Direct mention teammates to internally discuss messages and leave comments Front screenshot: Connect to other apps, like Salesforce, to access and sync information in Front Front screenshot: Track and analyze your message volume and response times to improve performance over timeFront screenshot: Android mobile app to respond on the go Front screenshot: iOS mobile app to respond on the go

Front reviews

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Paul Smith

The Best Team Collaboration Tool!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-12-19
Review Source: Capterra

My team is able to be more efficient and we all can see past comments and such so it makes our team more cohesive. Many times the client doesn't even know which team member they're speaking to because we are so united...because of Front. We are able to create Asana tasks directly from our Front inbox which saves some time. I am able to stay more organized and keep the cleanest inbox that I've ever had in my entire 20+ years of work experience. I can't believe that I could even live without Front before. I don't see how I can ever go back to the old way of just sending e-mails and losing the collaboration function that Front provides. One problem that many people have is tagging an e-mail as backup for a task or the like. With the permalink feature, we're now able to attach an e-mail string to any Asana task so that the we can quickly refer back to the e-mail without screenshots and the like. It's so much easier now to keep all of our information together without an overload of e-mail messages.

I love being able to comment to teammates and to create a client-specific e-mail for our clients to respond to in order for collaboration to be smoother and for communication to be shared. I like being able to share drafts with my team so that they can review and even send if needed. If my direct reports want an e-mail to come from me but want to be sure I say exactly what they want to be heard then they just type up the e-mail, share the draft and @mention me, I edit it, my signature automatically attaches and then I send the e-mail as if I had written it. It's actually quite brilliant instead of sending an e-mail to one person to review, you can share it and everyone can see the edits. I like how you can immediately see at the top the tags of whose folder you're in so that you don't have to search through the e-mail to realize where you may be or which client you're working with. I also like the feature that lets you know if one of your colleagues archive the message that you're currently looking at. It helps to know this so that you know whether or not you need to reply to the message or assume that they're still going to respond. I also love how we can snooze an e-mail until later so they don't junk up the inbox. I am usually terrible at just leaving my inbox full with unnecessary messages that I forget to get back to until it's too late. With Snooze, I now say goodbye for now and get it out of my mind completely and then am reminded of it at the appointed time.

I haven't really found anything that I don't like yet. One thing that may improve but is not a big deal is that tagging folders at the top right does not always work but if I drag the message to that folder then it does work. It would be nice if you could add an Asana task from Front without adding it to a project. For example, if it's a private task that I don't want shared with anyone else then I should either be able to make it private or not add it to a shared project. I was going to say that I would love to make reactions to the comments placed in Front but it appears that that option was added 18 hours ago so someone else beat me to the punch. It might be nice to have the option to add a follower to an e-mail thread but make it so that they cannot see any previous comments to when they were added. This would just make it so that you can share current information going forward but not include any past information that you may not have wanted to get into their hands. I'm sure Hillary would have loved that feature. One thing that I would love to add is an @mention to say something like @all or @everyone that tags everyone that is assigned or a follower to a particular e-mail comment thread.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Nic Miller

A Great App for Unifying and Streamlining your Communication Workflow

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

Front has a positive influence on the way I process communication because it allows me to aim for and realistically reach inbox zero. This is possible by allowing me to either respond immediately to a message, snooze it for a later reply or most importantly to me, easily delegate the message to another team member while still being able to follow the conversation. These features allow me to realistically manage multiple inboxes and ensure timely responses to all inbound communication.

Front is a beautifully designed app for managing private and team emails as well as your company's other communication channels such as chat widgets, social media platforms and even SMS through a service like Twilio. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has guided Front's development over the years. The Front team's dedication to optimizing the app based on customer feedback is evident in each iteration, and it's great that the Front app is regularly freshened with feature updates and additions. Today's existing integrations with Front coupled with new regularly added services makes Front the perfect platform for unifying your communication workflow. One "inbox" for all your accounts is awesome!

There are a couple of pain points for me when it comes to my daily usage of Front. My chief complaint is that at this time there is not bi-directional sync of archived or permanently-deleted messages. In my case, archives and deletes in my Office 365 account are synced to Front, but when I apply the same actions in Front, they do not sync to Office 365. This behavior is annoying in the context of my personal inbox—messages acrue and clutter the inbox—but counterproductive for a shared inbox with a mix of Front and Office 365 users. The obvious solution is to move all users to Front but in my case it is not realistic to onboard our entire team at once. Front should sync all actions back to Office 365. My second and last complaint is Front's calendar: it's not as robust as it should be if it's intended to be used instead of, say, Office 365. The experience for creating timed versus all-day events is cumbersome and to my knowledge, cannot be toggled between. Additionally, there is no functionality for creating recurring events. Unfortunately, my time is currently wasted switching between Front and Office 365 for simple calendaring tasks. I am looking forward to the Front team addressing both the sync and calendaring issues in an upcoming release. These pain points are partially behind my hesitation to push Front to all team members.

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Likelihood to recommend: 8/10

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Carlos Mario Sanmartin Grajales

Switch to Front and you don't have to Cc anymore!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2020-03-10
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, Front is awesome! It has multiple options and features to make your life easier. You can create "tags" to your e-mails and archive them in the same folder. You can also "snooze" an e-mail for a particular day & time so you won't forget about it. There is something I really like and it is the feature "new discussion" in which you can select your teammates, discussion topic, add comments rather than sending a regular e-mail (this will help you to avoid hundreds of e-mail for the same discussion)

What I like the most about Front is that I don't have to use Cc option on e-mails anymore. Front has a lot of great options and one of them is called "mention" Let's say a customer writes to you and you are not the correct contact person for that e-mail: with our previous electronic mail supplier we had to go over it and write something like "I'm copying Karen here who will help you out with your request" and copy Karen's name on Cc space. But with Front now we just need to "assign" that e-mail to the right coworker and it'll disappear from you inbox. Then it'll go automatically to the right person and he or she will reply from it (without customer seeing too many e-mail redirectioning to the correct party)

There is something I haven't found on Front and it is the option called "recall message". When you send a message there is a gap of 5 seconds to cancel it but once it has been sent there is no way to recall it

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Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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One of the worst email applications I've ever used

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-04-02
Review Source: GetApp

The overall look of Front is simple, which is nice. The snooze function on emails. The support staff were friendly and quick to answer.

My company switched my team over to Front after a couple people who shared an inbox had issues with managing it. I didn't have a shared inbox, but struggled with the lack of functionality for just personal inboxes. There are so many missed functionalities to Front it made my job incredibly inefficient. I found myself spending more time doing my job which consists of heavy emailing because of Front problems. 1. No calendar. Cannot make appointments, set up meetings, etc. 2. Unable to edit messages in a previous thread. Say someone sends you a list of questions. You cannot just answer next to their list in the previous email and say "see below." 3. Archiving messages... when we first switched to Front, the management team used it for a few weeks to test it. When the team was instructed to switch within the next couple weeks, and BOOM thousands of emails that Front could not autoarchive. I had about 10 emails in Outlook during the switch. The front inbox had accumulated thousands over the course of the management test period. Front could only auto archive shared inboxes, not personal. I had to spend 20 minutes selecting 3000 emails to auto archive since it didn't sync correctly with Outlook. 4. Saving emails... you can't. You only have the option to send a link of the email which only works for those that also used front. 5. You cannot edit pasted tables in front, as far as formatting goes. No deletion of columns or making rows smaller. 6. No red flags or categorizing. Often I'd keep emails in Outlook and red flag them to remind myself to check on it before I leave. No flagging in Outlook. This is replaced by snoozing in Front to make it reappear later, but I do miss the flag option. 7. You archive something in someone else's inbox that they share with you... it archives in their inbox, too. 8. No options to make folders. You want to move emails to a folder to refer to later? You cannot. I could go on and on and ended up emailing a list of 18 problems after using Front for the first 3 months to management who sent to Front support. The responses were basically they hope to rollout that feature one day. Which obviously doesn't help now.

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Likelihood to recommend: 0/10

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Ari Perlstein

Shared Email Tracking without the need for tickets

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-12-19
Review Source: Capterra

We had extremely too much email for an Outlook mailbox to handle, no SMS integration nor chat functionality. We solved all of that with Front. Now all of our communications are in one place for ease of use and management.

Front allows multiple teams within my company to manage massive amounts of email in shared mailboxes, meet or exceed customer SLAs and seamlessly integrate our communications with our management systems. We also like that we get all of the same functionality of email ticket tracking, but without the need for communicating the standard ticket responses and ids to our customers. It allows for a more personal engagement with our clients.

Our teams took sometime to get used to the new interface as it was difficult to pry Outlook out of their hands. However, once they got the hang of Front they loved the integration and tracking abilities that Outlook does not have.

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Key features of Front

  • Chat functionality
  • Collision detection
  • Canned responses
  • Salesforce integration
  • Absence management
  • Activity tracking
  • Application integration
  • Assignment management
  • Audit trail
  • Auto-responders
  • Automatic reminders
  • Channel management
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Communication management
  • Contact database
  • CRM integration
  • Email integration
  • Email tracking
  • Full text search
  • Mail merge
  • Mobile integration
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Multi-channel management
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Real time analytics
  • Real time notifications
  • Rules-based workflow
  • Search functionality
  • SAML single sign on
  • SMS integration
  • Social media integration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Alerts / escalation
  • Authentication & security
  • Chat
  • Email templates
  • Macros
  • Scheduled emails
  • Analytics & reports
  • Tags & keywords
  • Contact management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Commenting
  • Mentioning
  • Multi-channel inbox
  • Client management
  • Customer service analytics
  • Customer support tracking
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Centralized view: Incoming messages, from group email addresses (support@, sales@, etc.), Facebook, Twitter, chat, SMS texts, and even voice messages can be managed in Front.

Better team collaboration: Teams can work together in the team inbox with message assignments, internal comment and message sharing, and collision detection to make sure they're not dropping the ball or duplicating work.

Enhanced team productivity: Teams can work 2-3x faster with keyboard shortcuts, canned answers, workflow automations, send later, follow-up reminders, and individual email management in Front.

Minimal learning curve: Front works like any other email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), and not like a clunky, complex help desk ticketing system.

Increased mobility: iOS and Android mobile apps for Front come with all the features of the desktop and web apps.