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CampSite is an all-in-one camp management software created to help camp directors and managers to efficiently manage all aspects of a camp including enrollment, billing and financial analysis, staff recruitment and alumni tracking. It is a web-based solution that was designed by experienced camp directors, offering a multitude of modules that help to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

CampSite enables users to customize their company’s online enrollment process and collect secure credit card payments along with electronic signatures. The feature also offers an optional setting for demographic restrictions, and can display the number of spaces remaining in a particular session. The parent dashboard in CampSite enables parents to manage their children’s enrollment information, view balances and upcoming invoices, as well as raise questions in the forum.

Camp leaders can manage campers, staff and alumni using individual profile pages, and use drag-and-drop to put campers and staff into groups with CampSite’s bunking board feature. Directors can track new camper leads and conversion rates with the analytics module, as well as evaluate which geographic areas are of higher interest to the organization.

The email and communications tool within CampSite enables camp staff to keep in touch with families and send personalized emails, design paper letters as well as print custom labels. CampSite has no limit on the number of users and email notifications can be set for various topics, as well as staff access restrictions on various levels within the database.


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CampSite screenshot: CampSite's online camp registration module allows parents to easily enroll campers online, reduce paperwork and offer RFI (request for information) forms. CampSite IntroCampSite screenshot: Parents using CampSite's parent dashboard can complete online forms, view their balance, make a payment, see upcoming invoices, as well as manage their personal information.CampSite screenshot: Users can reduce paperwork and increase compliance with form submission by taking advantage of CampSite's online form collection.CampSite screenshot: With CampSite’s email and communication tool users can customize email templates, insert merged fields, create paper mailings, print labels and more. CampSite screenshot: CampSite’s profile pages contain detailed information about each camper and staff member along with a photo and their current status within the camp. CampSite screenshot: CampSite users have the ability to add any fields and filters in real-time to create customized reports.CampSite screenshot: With CampSite’s lead tracking, management and analytics tools, users can view the number of leads received for each month compared to previous years.CampSite screenshot: CampSite's bunking board allows users to drag-and-drop campers and staff into groups for each session.

CampSite reviews

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Brigett Lummel

Couldn't Run Our Camp Without Campsite!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-20
Review Source: Capterra

We started using Campsite about 5 yrs ago and it was a game changer for our summer day camp. We are easily able to track, communicate with and capture data for all of our campers, camp families and staff, which we were not able to do before. The transportation & attendance modules have cut my work on those areas in half and I can't imagine going through the process without it. I love that they are rolling out more mobile-friendly interfaces, as we are quickly moving our leadership team to mobile devices while out on camp. This is the first year we are using the Medical module, and so far we were able to change most of our process from paper forms to electronic, which is a real time-saver. Last, but not least, the people that work in their customer help desk are AWESOME. Always just a phone call or email away with a very rapid response time - that's crucial for me when camp season ramps up. We are extremely happy with Campsite, and the constant improvements made by their development team continue to make it better and better. I realize I'm starting to sound like an infomercial, but I swear I'm just a really satisfied customer!The ever-evolving interfaces that are mobile-friendly, as well as the very customizable advanced reports. Also like the analytics for emails sent, however I wish I could easy re-send to people that never opened the email.

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Chesca Pritchard

Camp Site = Best Site

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-19
Review Source: Capterra

I've found Camp Site to be extremely helpful and user friendly. We've compared it to a few other management softwares, and while there are a couple of things that can still improve, this is the most all encompassing software system we've come across. I'm very happy with it, and I would be extremely upset if we were to switch to something different. The customer service is always on point as well. They are very quick to respond and always willing to set up tutorials to teach us how to use the latest and greatest features. I would 100% recommend Camp Site to other camp professionals.All the features it has to offer from registration, bunking, photographs, emails, activity scheduling, medical forms, communication with parents and staff... it has it all. The customer service is amazing as well.

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Eric Meyer

Functional, Easy to Learn, Great Support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-03
Review Source: Capterra

As a camp director who prefers to have as much contact with parents and campers as possible while also keeping costs down, I have found CampSite to be invaluable. I do not need a full-time administrator to handle the back office so I can be out front with my campers. Campsite allows me to do everything- enrollment, bunking, billing, special requests etc- quickly and efficiently so I can be a visible presence in camp. While comfortable with technology, I no longer have the patience to spend an hour or two learning a new trick. I have found with Campsite, that learning a new feature is fairly simple. And, when its not, I email a question to support. And, to me this is one of the best features of the software/service, I get a response very quickly with clearer instructions or an offer of a phone call if I still need further help.

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Kate Vizen

Best decision we made!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-02
Review Source: Capterra

Best decision we made as a business to switch from Campminder to Campsite. It is user friendly, easy to follow, has more capabilities, the home office is very willing to help you and takes suggestions for updates and changes (and actually tries to implement them!) It's been more cost effective for us and our families speak highly about the change and ease of user friendliness of the parent dashboard!I like that we're able to pick and choose which functions we want and need. Which leaves you only paying for what you actually need and will use! It's also extremely user friendly and if you are ever in a bind or stuck - Campsite is ALWAYS there via email or phone to help you and their response time is super fast!

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Adam Benmoise

Campsite is our savior

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-04-19
Review Source: Capterra

We demo'd several different programs, and we ultimately decided to go with Campsite for a few important reasons. 1. Campsite was clearly a software that was geared towards day camps. Many of the others programs out there are so clearly for overnight camps, and day camps who use them need to adapt. There was no adapting to Campsite. It had all of our needs. Transportation, program, even text message integration, it really had everything we wanted. 2. Campsite was able to beat or match any of the CC processing fees that we were currently paying, while other programs had a number of hidden processing fees that we weren't interested in paying. 3. The support that was provided to us and has continued to be provided to us is absolutely top notch. The entire team is available to us when we need them. 4. There is a strong commitment to change and Campsite is always striving to improve. Things that we mention to the technical team that we want the system to do, end up being implemented as quickly as a month or two later. Overall we are incredibly satisfied with Campsite. We honestly could not run our camp without it. The service is amazing and the program has all we want

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Additional information for CampSite

Key features of CampSite

  • Online camp registration
  • Advanced reporting
  • Forms
  • Seamless website integration
  • Camper lead management and analytics
  • User management and email notifications
  • Parent dashboard
  • Billing and financial suite
  • Email and communication tools
  • Profile pages
  • Bunking board
  • Medical management
  • Transportation management
  • Parent to camper communication
  • Phone call scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Photo and video blog
  • Activity scheduling
  • Staff recruiting management
  • Data encryption
  • User authentication and permissions
  • Operating system security
  • Database security
  • Server management security
  • Reliability and backup
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CampSite's registration feature enables parents to enroll campers online using the camp’s personalized enrollment options, as well as make secure credit card payments with electronic signatures.

CampSite's advanced reporting feature gives insight into the camp’s data and enables users to apply different fields and filters in real-time, creating entirely customized reports.

CampSite includes an electronic medical record module with restricted access that helps to make camps HIPAA compliant, while facilitating the collection of medical information through the parent dashboard.

Users' camp data is secure thanks to CampSite being a member of Amazon Web Services. This guarantees high-level standards for data encryption, user authentication and permissions, security, reliability and backup.

Users can offer their customers a seamless experience with CampSite’s website integration feature that perfectly matches the look and feel of the organization's original web page design.