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DEAR Inventory

Inventory management software for SMBs

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DEAR Inventory overview

DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based, inventory and order management application for SMBs which offers a complete back end management solution with purchasing, sales, warehouse management, light manufacturing features as well as shipping, ecommerce and payment gateway integrations.

DEAR Inventory aims to help small to medium business owners take control over inventory and order management while streamlining, automating and simplifying all daily operations.

DEAR has wide applications in various industries by businesses of various sizes. Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and ecommerce operators are the broad categories of DEAR Inventory users. Some businesses utilise DEAR for simple inventory management needs while others rely on DEAR to meet compliance requirements imposed by their industry, for example food manufacturers need DEAR for lot traceability and expiry date capabilities.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and 3 other markets, India, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
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DEAR Inventory reviews

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Kurt C

Great software platform for inventory management

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-10-31
Review Source: Capterra

DEAR is phenomenal for a user that is willing to put in the time to discover it. If PMs had more of a security / controls / data audit background , and implemented processes to address those weaknesses , it could potentially become a solution for businesses of all sizes, not just SMBs.

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Dave Smith

After trialing three chosen cloud-based stock-management solutions for my clients DEAR won my vote.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-01-14
Review Source: Capterra

The software can be used "out-of-the-box" after a minimal amount of setup, and can also be used in more complex installations where bespoke software development might be needed. The simplicity of the initial setup, the simplicity of the menu navigation, and the speed with which new users are able to grasp what they need to do to accomplish their tasks caused me to take a closer look at this software and I'm glad I took the time to do so. The multiple warehouse locations field, along with the multiple bin locations field, both available in DEAR but not available in some other offerings, is a basic requirement of a stock management system as far as I am concerned. Whilst the software might appear complex for first-time users, those with experience of stock systems and business processes should find it a breeze to set up and use for the purpose intended, especially if they are familiar with setting up other software. It's an advantage, but not a requirement, if the person(s) setting it up also have an understanding of business accounts and are able to find their way around creating/editing MS Word mail-merge templates. I am impressed that I have been able to use the software to accomplish pretty much every task that my clients' have asked of it so far. The ease of integration with other cloud-based applications puts another tick in the box for me.

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Nigel Bobs

all in all very happy

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-19
Review Source: GetApp

"Moved over from sage around 12 months ago to Xero and added Dear which answered the major issues I was having with Sage in that the inventory element (sure, that's not what is was designed for) was woefully inadequate for our business. I have to report that 12 months in that Dear has met and exceeded expectations and added real value to my inventory management and customer order processing. With the recent addition of the B2B portal, and what my customers will be able to do once is it fully operational will really revolutionalise some of the challenges we faced in, for example, letting customers know what is available from stock etc. Overall, we made the right move and I haven't seen a better combination of integrated applications than Dear and Xero! Well done and thanks to both!"

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DEAR Systems, much more than an inventory plugin!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-17
Review Source: GetApp

// DEAR SYSTEMS DOES + Manage inventory with different sales channels + Send PO/Invoices/Quote/.../... with customisable template + Auto assemblies + Bundles + Issues to production + Sync to accounting software + Handles goods in transit, FX gain or Loss etc + They are working on a reseller portal + They are working on a POS + Chat support is knowledgeable and they really try to help you

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Stephanie McDonald

DEAR is essential to the way we manage our inventory. Lacking some features we need but has most.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-12
Review Source: Capterra

Being able to integrate with a number of eCommerce platforms is huge. Support usually replies fast (especially for simpler questions and help). Also the way in which we're able to manage thousands of products over multiple locations is fantastic. Some aspects of DEAR are very intuitive and easy to use. It allows one portal for looking at sales, product orders, inventory storage and movements, basic product history. The reports on the dashboard help us see inventory and financials at a glance. They've also recently expanded, allowing more than 20,000 SKUs at a time in the system!

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DEAR Inventory pricing

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Plans start from as little as $199 USD/month for 5 users

Extra users: $50 USD/month

DEAR Inventory features

Data Import/Export
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Inventory Tracking
Invoice Management
Real Time Data
Third Party Integration

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#7 in Inventory Management

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GetApp Analysis

Regardless of a business’s size, product management needs remain the same. A business must manage the flow of products in and out, mitigating loss and fulfilling orders quickly. While larger businesses can afford a full staff and a customized solution, small businesses usually lack the funds to put these resources in place.

DEAR Inventory levels the playing field for SMBs, allowing them to compete with much larger organizations. Whether a business is moving hundreds or hundreds of thousands of products each month, DEAR Inventory offers a back end solution that can help businesses manage daily operations affordably.

What is DEAR Inventory?

Using DEAR Inventory, businesses can reduce manpower without sacrificing efficiency. The app can integrate with a business’s inventory software to provide ongoing access to financial information for business managers. Profit and loss statements and balance sheets will always be updated, reflecting the latest information about sales online and at a business’s retail locations.

Because inventory information is always updated, employees will no longer make promises they can’t fulfill. If a product shows as in stock, it will be, allowing floor workers and websites to always know if an item is available.

Who is DEAR Inventory for?

DEAR Inventory is geared toward small and medium-sized businesses that deal with product inventory and shipping. Businesses that are most interested in DEAR Inventory’s offerings are those in retail and wholesale, since those organizations deal largely in product management. Small personal businesses also gravitate toward DEAR Inventory, with its integration with eBay, Magento, and Shopify making it great for those who rely on shopping apps.

Manufacturing companies and ecommerce operators also enjoy DEAR Inventory’s affordable service. Additionally, the company attracts a large number of franchise chains who are looking for a way to manage multiple stores using one interface.

Main features


Using DEAR Inventory, businesses can create and track each phase of the purchasing process. Once a purchase order has been created, it appears in the list of orders for easy tracking. The order is submitted to the specified vendor, automating the ordering process to remove the burden from workers. Businesses can also access information on the reorder level of all stock.

Through reporting, businesses can see all purchase orders, with separate reports available for pending purchase orders and purchase cost analysis. A Supplier/Product report can show all activity with a specific supplier or product for a specific date range, as well as all pending orders for that supplier or product.


Managing inventory can be difficult, especially as a business’s product offerings grow. Once an item is entered into the inventory system, it can be transferred and adjusted within DEAR Inventory. DEAR Inventory supports many aspects of inventory not available in other solutions, like serial numbers, batch/log tracking, and expiration dates.

An Inventory Aging Report can help an organization pinpoint all items with upcoming expiration, preventing waste by giving businesses an opportunity to move that inventory at a reduced rate in the weeks leading up to a product’s end of life. DEAR Inventory supports a FEFO (First Expiry First Out) costing method to further prevent waste. If a product requires a recall, businesses can conduct a batch/lot recall within DEAR Inventory.

Logical Workflow

DEAR Inventory’s happy customers list its logical workflow as one of its biggest benefits. Each section of the app works with other sections to create a seamless process for users. When integrated with other apps used by a business, DEAR Inventory can provide an easy-to-learn interface for everyone within the organization.

With DEAR Inventory’s Users & Permissions setting, managers can give each user the access he or she needs. Editing capabilities can be locked down to only those employees who need to add and remove information, with others within the organization only having the ability to read information.

Production Tracking

Manufacturers can keep up with production on each item through DEAR Inventory’s production section. Even before production starts, DEAR Inventory can be used for job costing and to issue an item to production. Inside the application, users can view the Bill of Materials and wastage percentages.

DEAR Inventory can also help with Disassembly manufacturing. Within the system, businesses can enter an item and include the quantity that needs to be disassembled.

Accounting Integration

Because DEAR Inventory works with the accounting applications businesses already use, updating financial data as items are ordered and sold. This reduces duplicate entry and reduces the risk of error due to missed entries.

With the ability to pull reports, businesses can have updated information on all aspects of their organization in just minutes. Everything will be located in the cloud, giving professionals the ability to login from any internet-connected device to view up-to-date information.


DEAR Inventory integrates with applications for accounting, eCommerce, and shipment. Currently, the app features integrations with Xero and Quickbooks for accounting; eBay, Magento, and Shopify for eCommerce; and ShipStation for shipping.


For one user, the software is only $31 per month, which includes one location, one currency, 600 products, and unlimited customers and suppliers. Plans for three users and locations are available at $64 per month and plans for five or more users begin at $85 per month.

Bottom line

  • Business of all sizes can track inventory and manufacturing
  • Logical workflow makes operations run seamlessly
  • Support for First Expiry First Out costing method, Backordering, Drop Shipping, Serial/Batch number tracking
  • Reporting helps businesses easily see upcoming expiration dates and inventory levels
  • Integrates with a variety of accounting and shopping apps
  • Business of all sizes can track inventory, manufacturing and multichannel selling

Additional information for DEAR Inventory

Key features of DEAR Inventory

  • Purchasing. PO’s, credit notes, stock, return to supplier.
  • Stock levels. Reorder to stock level, reorder backordered
  • Partial deliveries
  • Manufacturing, BOM, finished goods
  • Job costing, issue materials to production
  • Lot/batch tracking, expiration date, barcodes, serial number
  • Selling, sales quotes, margin calculation, recurring invoice
  • Customer discounts, product discounts, volume based discount
  • Multiple pricing tiers, product images
  • Integration with online sales channels
  • Sales by sale representative, products, customers reports
  • Multiple currencies, multiple warehouses
  • Cost analysis, profit summary
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Stock adjustments and valuations
  • Product expiration reports, lot recall reports
  • Stock on hand, inventory movement
  • Purchase history
  • Purchasing reports
  • Drop shipment management
  • Manufacturing reports
  • Inventory reports
  • FIFO/FEFO methods
  • Fulfilment management
  • Accounting integration
  • Accounting management
  • Application integration
  • Balance sheet
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Barcode scanning
  • Bills of material
  • Cost analysis
  • Credit card integration
  • Credit card processing
  • Customer database
  • Customizable templates
  • Data import
  • Data synchronization
  • eCommerce integration
  • Electronic payments
  • Email integration
  • Estimating
  • Inventory & service-based expense tracking
  • Financial reporting
  • Inventory tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Invoice processing
  • Job costing
  • Multi-channel management
  • Multi-country
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-location
  • Multi-store management
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Order management
  • Order processing
  • Order tracking
  • Permission management
  • POS
  • POS integration
  • Purchase order management
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Sales quote management
  • Real time data
  • Real time monitoring
  • Returns management
  • Rights management
  • Sales reporting
  • Sales tracking
  • Search functionality
  • Shipping management
  • Status tracking
  • Summary reports
  • Supplier management
  • Downloadable templates
  • Third party integration
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Purchasing management
  • Discount management
  • Customizable categories
  • Barcode printing
  • Account reconciliation
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Data import/export
  • Cost tracking
  • Multiple catalogs
  • Serial number tracking
  • B2B integration
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Barcode support
  • Automated billing
  • Sales orders
  • Stock management
  • Automated sales
  • Actual costing
  • Automatic adjustments
  • Cost estimating
  • Power management
  • Production tracking
  • Productivity reporting
  • Bill of material analysis
  • Product reordering
  • Product data management
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Production yield analysis
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Powerful order management:
DEAR acts as a central order management system and lets users achieve complete visibility of sales across all channels (retail, wholesale and ecommerce) and track customer orders from quote to fulfilment (pick, pack, shipment) and invoicing.

Inventory management:
With inventory being the main asset it is important to know what is in stock, on order, allocated to a customer or running low. In DEAR users can conveniently set automatic stock reorder points, perform stock adjustments and stay on top of all stock movements in their business.

DEAR uses actual accounting costing methods FIFO and FEFO for true cost calculations when users buy, sell or manufacture. Variations of the costing methods cater for inventory with serial/batch numbers as well as expiry dates allowing users to store unique items and giving the ability to subsequently track the sale of inventory to specific end customers.

eCommerce Integrations:
DEAR supports all major ecommerce sale channels, shipment services and POS e.g. Square, Amazon, Fulfilment by Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Shipstation, Vend, Floship and more.
Our integrations with online stores and shipping platforms help users reach their customers and increase exposure and sales. Users can easily add new platforms to their sales strategy and use DEAR Inventory as a central point for managing all orders, payments and shipment information for multiple sales channels.

Accurately tracking the costs of raw materials, labour and overheads through the production process will help users formulate the right pricing strategy for their products and ensure they are never operating at a loss. In DEAR this can be managed via the Bill of Materials functionality.
Users can easily estimate the cost of manufacturing and availability of raw materials within the Production module. Check the maximum quantity users are able to manufacture along with the relevant costs and automatically order missing components. Auto-assemblies and kits are also available for the management of bundles.
Our Disassembly module lets users break down items into smaller components and takes the pain out of unit conversions.