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We believe small business deserves a leg up. Learn how our GPS fleet tracking solutions can help decrease costs, delight customers and improve productivity. With GPS fleet tracking, you can have a more complete picture of what happens in the field, from the time of departure to the time of delivery. Our vehicle tracking solutions are intelligent and innovative, providing the data you need to make better business decisions.


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Ron WW

Awful Customer Support - ELD Doesn't work

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-20
Review Source: Capterra

The GPS system works fairly well and the reports are handy. The online interface is easy to use. Drivers are simple to set up, customer service is awful.

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Chuck Eliason

Good product, HORRID customer service.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-16
Review Source: Capterra

I've had this product for just over 2 years now tracking 17 trucks. Overall, I like the software, the mobile app, the fuel integration, mileage tracking, and service notifications. We've had a few issues with the installed units, but the installation team (which is subcontracted out) is very prompt and responsive to getting the issues resolved. My account rep and sales team, however, are a different matter altogether. First off, most of the time I call customer service, I will inevitably be transferred at LEAST 2 times to a different department, and will have to explain the issue in full each and every time. I had a billing dispute (where they charged me for an add-on e-log that was never received nor installed in my trucks) and they refused to issue me a credit or even really address the issue. Their entire attitude is basically "well, we shipped them out (to the wrong address) and it's not our fault you didn't install them". I've spoken with my account rep, his boss, and even the Customer service manager. Not only will they NOT respond to calls or messages (they never answer the phone), but emails go unanswered as well. I'm currently fighting them to buy out my contract so I can find a company that will actually provide service to their customers. Do your homework folks... Good product, TERRIBLE customer service!ease of use, easy to install

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Kelli Dahlund

Reporting Functions Crash all the time!!!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-29
Review Source: Capterra

All's this program is good for is seeing where your vehicles are. Do not purchase this program if you would like to take advantage of it's reporting and vehicle assignment function. We have had two other issues with the reporting functions in the past 8 months and are now on our third. We were using vehicle assignment function to produce the daily time card reports to distribute to supervisors for time card review and approval until the clock time assignment stopped working. We are now going on five weeks and their incompetent IT department still has yet to fix it!!! I have spoke to three of their IT representatives, between my co-worker and I we have spent probably close to three hours each explaining and reviewing this current issue at hand. I just keep getting bi-weekly calls to let me know they still have yet to fix it and are still trying to create a "patch" or correct this issue and the problem is still in "development". We pay $2,000.00 a month to have this program work, this is just down right ridiculous and very frustrating!!!! We can track where the company vehicles are.

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terrible in the last couple month

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-11
Review Source: Capterra

trucking and when is working it is wonderful, but in last 30 days system was down every weekend plus minimum one day in a weekIt was good before was acquired by Verizon and it was working 99-100%, never down, I like to be able to see 24 hours all my vehicles, idling time, locations.... But lately system is more down then working

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Nathan Kona

We Love This Software and Rely On It More Than Expected

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-06
Review Source: Software Advice

We have been completely satisfied with the performance and functionality of Verizon REVEAL. The stability has been flawless and the ease of use has made Verizon REVEAL a "go-to" for everything from quick reference location checks to detailed driver safety and vehicle performance monitoring. The fuel card integration has enabled us to monitor fuel purchases to ensure everyone continues to abide by our fleet fuel guidelines. The driving behavior reporting has dramatically improved our fleet's driving.

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GetApp Analysis

Fleetmatics REVEAL is a cloud-based GPS fleet management software that allows service-based businesses to keep track of their vehicles and drivers in real time. The app enables you to confidently relay to customers where your delivery vehicles are and whether or not they’re arriving on time. The dashboard offers complete visibility into figures such as hours and miles, including how much money your company is wasting on overtime hours, fuel costs, engine hours, and so on.

Fleetmatics REVEAL has served more than 28,000 customers with about 594,000 subscribed vehicles from around the globe, and is used by many service-based businesses such as Hill-Rom, Mediacom, Comcast, Virgin Media, and Time Warner Cable. Fleetmatics REVEAL has numerous noteworthy features, including real-time fleet and driver monitoring, route replay feature, alerts and notifications, fleet maintenance information, and fuel cards.

What is Fleetmatics Reveal?

Fleetmatics REVEAL is a GPS tracking solution that provides real-time insight into the location of your drivers and vehicles, taking the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations. The app enables you to dispatch job orders more effectively and improve the efficiency of your delivery routes. It also empowers your field workforce with real-time information to help them speed up work completion, increasing revenue and reducing operating costs in the process.

The solution is equipped with a real-time and customizable alerting mechanism that lets you know of instances of extended idling, speeding, or entering of areas your drivers aren’t supposed to go, among others. With reports on fuel spend, activity, timecard, and driving style available to you anytime, anywhere, you’re confident that hours paid equals hours worked and that fuel fill-up isn’t being abused.

Who is Fleetmatics Reveal for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: Companies from service-based businesses that include plumbing, HVAC, construction, lawn care, electrical services, Internet and cable providers
  • Business size: Small to midsized businesses, large enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Operations managers, workforce managers, dispatchers, field service personnel
  • Budget/point: Price point depends on the features your company needs
  • Example customers: Comcast, Johnson Controls, Tri-State Metal Company, Bright House Networks, and Dallas Plumbing

Main features

Real-Time Fleet and Driver Monitoring

Aside from information on the whereabouts of your vehicles, Fleetmatics REVEAL delivers essential driver data through its key fob driver tracking system. You can generate driver-focused reports and view fleet dashboard activity based on driver ID. This means no matter how many times your drivers change vehicles in a day or week, their tracking information is consolidated in one driver management system.

Along with the Fleetmatics REVEAL GPS unit, each vehicle dash is installed with a key reader, and when the vehicle starts, the driver is required to present the unique key fob assigned to them into the key reader.

Route Replay Feature

The Fleetmatics REVEAL timeline view and replay feature lets you review vehicle and driver activity through a visual, interactive display. You can watch trips from start to shutdown and look through journeys by date. Aside from knowing where your trucks had been, the feature lets you spot early starts and finishes, excessive idling and long stops, and unproductive engine use or travel, if any.

In case of customer disputes or complaints, the feature is also a way to provide absolute proof of service.

Alerts and Notifications

For you to immediately know if something has gone awry, Fleetmatics REVEAL sends real-time notifications that are either texted to your phone, emailed to you, or tracked with the Fleetmatics REVEAL mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Examples of such alerts include vehicle activity alert, points of interest alert, speeding alert, and idling alert.

If a vehicle is supposed to be at a certain location at a specific time, say, at the company’s premises from 6 PM to 6 AM, and it starts up and moves, the vehicle activity alert kicks in to notify you of possible theft. The points of interest alert goes off when a driver enters a location they’re not supposed to be in, say, a beer joint. The speeding alert allows you to correct driver behavior in real time, as speeding lowers fuel efficiency and is a threat to both lives and property.

Fleet Maintenance Information

Fleetmatics REVEAL’s fleet management system enables you to create fleet service schedule alerts that you automatically receive when your vehicles are due for maintenance. Historical maintenance data such as service date, usage hours, and vehicle mileage can be used to plan service schedules ahead of time. Notifications can also be sent to your mechanics and team members.

By ensuring your vehicles are always in their best possible condition, you avoid vehicle breakdowns, lost time on the road, and hefty repair bills.

Fuel Card

Fuel spending monitoring is an absolute must when you’re in the fleet operations business, as a big chunk of your operating budget goes on fuel. Fleetmatics REVEAL’s fuel card integration lets you monitor your fuel costs through reports such as fleet fuel purchased report which details where your fuel dollars were spent, lost fuel report identifying incidents when a fuel card was used but the vehicle it was assigned to wasn’t at the gas pump, and fuel efficiency report showing which vehicles are running as expected and which don’t satisfy efficiency requirements.

The carbon footprint report calculates each vehicle’s carbon footprint, enabling your company to land “green” contracts.


Fleetmatics REVEAL has an open API that lets you share Fleetmatics REVEAL data with your existing business applications.


Fleetmatics REVEAL offers a subscription-based pricing model where the dollar value depends on your company’s unique feature requirements.

Bottom line

  • GPS fleet tracking solution that lets you know exactly where your vehicles and drivers are in real time
  • Fosters customer trust via the route replay feature
  • Automatically sends out alerts and notifications for instances such as vehicle theft
  • Can be accessed on your desktop, Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Supports both English and Spanish languages

Additional information for Fleetmatics Reveal

Key features of Fleetmatics Reveal

  • The location of your fleet vehicles in real time
  • The historical status of each vehicle
  • Preventative maintenance information
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It’s all made possible through our user-friendly GPS Tracking interface that more than 17,000 customers use to easily and effectively manage their vehicle fleets. When using our GPS Tracking software, access is made quite easy with the use of a username and password.