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Nov 11, 2016

Six Android Business Card Scanner Apps for Your CRM

If you want to organize your business cards, check out these Android business card scanner apps that integrate with your CRM. 

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

It’s a bit of a mystery as to why physical business cards still play such a prominent role in our highly digitized lives- there’s no avoiding a pocket full of cards after a successful conference, meeting, or networking event. The good news is that there’s a much easier way to digitally organize that stack of cards with an Android business card scanner. Using your Android phone, you can take a photo of a business card, create a contact, and automatically upload it to your CRM.

Here are six Android business card scanner apps that’ll integrate with your CRM to give your business card collection a digital home and keep your contact book up-to-date.

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Zoho CRM

Price: $0.99

Zoho CRM is already a popular and affordable CRM solution, so why not use its Mobile Card Scanner app to up your contact management game? With Zoho’s Android business card scanner, you’ll be able to scan cards and automatically add them as contacts or leads into Zoho CRM, saving you the extra step of having to import or export them from another app.

When you hold your camera up to the business card, the fields will automatically be ported to the appropriate fields in Zoho, and the scanned business card will be saved as an attachment in the CRM. With multi-language support for both the app itself and the cards that it reads, it’s a good option for the international business traveller.

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Price: Free (with an Insightly subscription)

Insightly is another full blown CRM that has a handy business card scanner incorporated into its Android app. Much like Zoho, its biggest benefit is the fact that once you upload a business card, a contact will automatically be created within Insightly. Once that contact gets created, you can add tags or set permissions if you want to limit who can access the contact.

The caveat: you must have an Insightly subscription in order to use the app. The biggest downside is the limit on the number of cards that you can scan per month, depending on your pricing plan. It ranges from 5 cards per user per month on the basic plan, to 50 per user per month for Enterprise.

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Full Contact

Price: Free

FullContact is a popular Android business card scanner that also doubles as a contact manager and integrates with many popular CRMs like Pipedrive, SalesforceIQ, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Working with a Zapier integration, cards scanned with FullContact will get ported to your CRM of choice.

If you’re using FullContact itself as your CRM, keep in mind that you can only add up to 5 Gmail accounts. This might not be ideal if you’re planning to increase the size of your team, but because its business card scanner integrates with over 500 different apps, you’ll have an easier time transporting business cards into your other software using FullContact.

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ABBYY Business Card Reader

Price: $14.99

ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android is ideal for those with heavy business card scanning needs. Coming in at a hefty $14.99, it’s worth the price if you’ll be scanning tons of cards on a regular basis. Working in 25 different languages, the scanned business card will get added to ABBYY’s digital rolodex, which lets you scroll through all the cards you’ve added and send quick emails or make calls straight from the app via newly created contacts.

The contact book features aren’t as robust if you’re looking for a fully-fledged CRM to create and manage leads, but if you’re just looking for a place to digitally store your business card collection, ABBYY Business Card Reader is a good option.

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MagneticOne Mobile

Price: Starting at $14.99 for individual accounts

MagneticOne Mobile offers a collection of Android apps to scan business cards, tailored specifically for whichever CRM you’re using. It offers apps for 25 different CRMs including amoCRM, Pipedrive, bpm’online CRM, and Base CRM, among many other popular options.

MagneticOne Mobile’s collection of apps for Android all work the same way: you scan the card, make any necessary adjustments, and save it to your CRM. All you have to do is make sure that you link your CRM account within the app so that contacts automatically get created and synced. The app also recognizes images previously taken with your phone, which means you can upload images directly from your photo album to the app to save a business card. Like ABBYY, it also recognizes business cards in 25 different languages.

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CamCard Free

Price: Free (for up to 200 cards)

If the name doesn’t give it away, CamCard Free is one of the best free solutions for the avid business card scanner. Unique to the list, CamCard Free lets you create a profile and gives the option to exchange electronic business cards with people in your vicinity, getting rid of the paper factor completely (although it does offer the scanning feature too).

Once you have a list of business card contacts, you can add notes to contacts, get enriched additional information like company news, or use the map feature to find an address. CamCard Free will sync across all of your devices too.

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