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Insightly provides customer relationship and project management software to small and medium businesses worldwide. Ideally suited to organizations with 25 - 100 employees, Insightly is used by over 1M people in over 200 countries. SMBs across the world leverage Insightly’s cloud-based application to manage customer transactions, interactions, leads, proposals, opportunities and projects from any device at any time. Insightly’s web application allows businesses to start using CRM with just an email address and a web browser. In addition, Insightly for Google Apps is the number one CRM application in the Google Apps marketplace.

Originally made for Google Apps: Insightly was created with a full Google Apps integration. Simply sync Google Contacts and Calendar, link Google Docs, and save information from Gmail directly to Insightly with our Gmail gadget. Insightly is the #1 rated CRM on the Google Apps Marketplace. Not using Google Apps? No worries, you can still using the Insightly Web version.

Don't have Google Apps? No worries, you can use Insightly's web app with any email system. Just sign up at the Insightlyl website and get started in seconds.

The power of Linking: Insightly is so powerful because of its ability to link related items together -- employees related to their employers, emails related to projects, tasks related to opportunities - all intuitively linked up and just one click away.

Full history of customer interaction: Keep a history of customer interactions including emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Gmail integration, Office 365 integration: Insightly can keep track of your email messages and ingeniously associates and links each message saved with the right contacts and organizations. Not using Google Apps Gmail? Insightly's integration with Office 365 and Microsoft calendar may be what you're looking for to help improve your productivity. With both Google Apps and Office 365 integration, you have a complete email history in your CRM with just one click. Insightly's integration with popular accounting applications like QuickBooks Online and Xero allows you to see all your customer and financial information in one place.

File sharing: Use the great file sharing capabilities of Insightly and keep important documents and information attached right next to the entities they relate to.

Insightly Reviews (143)

Most positive review

 A great CRM for Google Apps users!

I first signed up my company for insightly to use on internet sales for furniture products. We ended up expanding that use as sales reps enjoyed how simple it was to use and share info on leads.

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Reviewed 11th of October, 2015 by

Most critical review

Vendor responded

If it would work I could use it .....but I paid for the entire year and now I feel like I got ripped off. I started with Insighly about 3 months ago and everything seemed to be going well. When purchasing the package they made sure and called me everyday to get me signed up. However, (3 months ...

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Reviewed 8th of June, 2016 by

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Insightly Pricing

Starting from: $12.00/month

Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

$0 (Free for up to 2 users)

$12/user/month (if paid annually)

$29/user/month (if paid annually)

$49/user/month (if paid annually)

$99/user/month (if paid annually)

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Key Features of Insightly

  • Powerful email integration with Google Apps/Gmail
  • Free up to 2 users
  • Fast Search of Everything You've Stored
  • Automatic Address Book
  • Track Opportunities/Pipelines
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Tasks and Milestones
  • Project Management
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Powerful Google & Microsoft Calendar Integration
  • Notification and Follow System
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Insightly Sidebar Chrome Extension
  • Linking to provide 'influence' view for sales and service
  • Open API
  • Reports
  • Accounting Integration: Quickbooks Online & Xero
  • File Sharing
  • Integration with Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive
  • Automatic lead distribution
  • Customizable reporting
  • Duplicate detection
  • Lead assignment
  • Lead capture
  • Lead distribution
  • Multi-currency
  • Sales reporting
  • Sales tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Contact Database
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Role-Based Permissions

Insightly Screenshots (6)

Insightly screenshot: Insightly integrates with Quickbooks OnlineInsightly screenshot: Integrations: Insightly integrates with Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Googe DriveInsightly screenshot: Insightly Reports: Stay on top of your businessInsightly screenshot: Insightly Dashboard:  See all activity in one placeInsightly screenshot: Insightly Contact Screen:  See your contact's social media activityInsightly screenshot: Insightly Contact View:  See all your contacts at a glance


Intended Users
Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Video Tutorials

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• Improves organization and productivity
• Improves internal collaboration
• Improves efficiency
• Increases sales

Insightly helps teams to build happy, loyal customers by:

• Improving customer interaction

Insightly helps teams to grow their business and increase sales, giving a:

• Macro or Micro view of the business

Who is Insightly For?

Insightly was developed specifically to fit the needs of small businesses, which the company defines as those having between one and 200 employees. Although Insightly may be used by organizations in any industry, the platform is especially useful for service businesses.

The company’s current roster of clients includes organizations in the business services, consulting, education, entertainment, media, financial services, food services, grocery, insurance, manufacturing, nonprofit, retail, real estate, security, technology, and travel industries. While Insightly is designed to be used by every member on an organization’s team, it is especially useful for those working in sales and marketing departments.

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Insightly Category Leaders


#7 in CRM

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#7 in Task Management

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#8 in Sales Management

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#9 in Project Management

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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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GetApp Analysis

In order for small businesses to grow and flourish, they need access to the best tools possible. Insightly is a CRM and project management application designed specifically for SMBs. The web-based solution enables its users to create strong relationships with their most loyal customers, so they can effectively maximize revenue and grow their businesses.

Created for organizations with between one and 200 employees, Insightly has integrated some of the most important features of a CRM platform—including flexible calendaring, automatic address books, file sharing, and notifications—with a project management system that uses tasks, milestones, and pipelines to keep organizations on track. Using Insightly’s linking feature, SMBs have the ability to create true 360-degree views of their complete networks. Insightly has all the functionality necessary for small business sales teams.

What is Insightly?

The purpose of Insightly is to provide SMBs with ways to build better relationships with their customers. In doing this, Insightly has developed a CRM and project management system that allows its clients to manage contacts, organizations, vendors and suppliers from within a unified system. Being able to link any object—such as a contact, organization or opportunity—to any other object is another way that Insightly gives businesses a complete view over their entire networks at a single glance.

Using Insightly should help SMBs streamline everyday processes for improved business efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. As the name implies, Insightly provides its users with deep insights into how their customer relationships are influencing sales. As a result, many businesses experience an increase in sales after they begin using Insightly’s platform.

Main Features

Managing Contacts

Insightly’s CRM solution gives you a way to see all of your customers and prospects in a centralized location. You can also use the flexible calendaring, notes, comments, and tagging features to keep track of important thoughts after getting off the phone with a client.

Before you can start managing contacts from within Insightly, you’ll need to add a few of your clients or prospects to the system. Import contacts and notes, or manually add the information for each new client and prospect you come across. In addition to including basic details like name and email address, Insightly provides you with space for including personal details and linking to the contact’s social media accounts.

Using leads

Lead management is an integral component within Insightly. By setting up leads, sales teams can keep track of anyone who appears interested in their products or services, but hasn't actually verified his or her interest in the business. These individuals can be added to a company's Insightly account through the Leads tab.

Regardless of how your leads are obtained (purchased contact lists, website forms, trade shows, or other marketing efforts), you'll want to turn on the Leads functionality to enter those leads into your Insightly account. When you determine that a certain lead is qualified, you can convert the lead by linking the contact and organization. (Insightly doesn't convert related contacts and organizations until leads are converted into opportunities.) You can manage the status of each lead, along with the source of your lead's information.

Setting Tasks

Insightly’s Tasks feature can be used in a number of different ways, including making to-do lists, logging meetings and phone calls, and creating email reminders. The most common way to use this feature is by creating a list of all the tasks that need to be done before a certain project will be complete. You also have the option to set reminders on tasks, which means you’ll receive an email notification before the task is due. Tasks can be linked to contacts, opportunities, projects, organizations, and emails.

Click on the “Task” tab from the dashboard page to begin the process of adding a new task to you list. Insightly gives you the option to assign the task to a particular colleague and set a due date. You can also set the priority level and status, and update the progress-percentage as the task gets closer to completion.

Sending Email

Insightly now offers a way for business users to compose and send email from their Insightly accounts. Just select the lead or contact to communicate with and get started writing the message. Setting up email templates is one way that many Insightly users have found to make writing email messages even easier.

Send a new email message to a single lead or contact by clicking on the Actions menu when viewing that lead or contact, and then selecting Email This Lead or Email This Contact. You can send a new email from a template or compose your own from scratch. Although Insightly offers you the ability to send emails directly through its web-based platform, you also have the option to compose and send emails from your default program by clicking on an email address link in Insightly.

Linking Objects

Insightly is one of the only CRM solutions that provides its users with a way to create a true 360-degree view of their networks. By linking together objects—including contacts, organizations and opportunities—with other objects, users are able to clearly see how relationships are impacted by certain actions.

Click on a contact and scroll down to the “links” section. To add a new link, type in the name of the contact, organization, or opportunity that the contact is associated with. For example, in addition to noting that Contact A is associated with Contact B, you can also include information about how those two prospects are related.

Using Pipelines

A pipeline is a linear series of steps, which Insightly lets you define for projects and opportunities. Users can view pipelines to see their progress along a path. A pipeline should include all the anticipated stages in a workflow, up through the completion of the project.

To create a pipeline, visit the System Settings, choose a pipeline name, and click the “Edit Stages” link next to the new pipeline. Insightly will draw the pipeline stages for you above your stage list. The next time you create a new project, that pipeline will show up in a populated list for you to choose from, and you can select which stage the project is currently at.

Generating Reports

Insightly’s reports are based on opportunities and completed activities. Reports can be filtered by date ranges, and quickly reformatted for printing. A few of the Opportunity Reports that users can choose from include: Opportunity Category Breakdown, Reasons For Losing Opportunities, Opportunity Pipeline Stage Report, Total Incoming Opportunities, and Value Of Opportunities.

To generate a report, click on the type of report you want to create and customize the settings based on the dates, pipelines, tags, and responsibilities you’d like to use. When those selections have been made, you can generate a custom report. If Insightly’s reports don’t meet a particular need that your organization is facing, you also have the option to export your records. This enables you to create reports using whichever outside tool you prefer.

Scanning Business Cards

Using Insightly's mobile apps, professionals have the ability to take photos of business cards and automatically create contacts or lead records in their CRM. This action takes place automatically, and it is available to all paid Insightly accounts.

To start scanning business cards with your smartphone's rear camera, the the + icon within the mobile app and choose the "scan" option. Insightly allows you to scan a certain number of cards each month. Once you've snapped the photo, you can add tags, background information, and select visibility permissions for each new contact or lead. Insightly will follow up with an email update on each card you scan.


Insightly integrates with a number of popular business apps and services, allowing users to connect their CRM and project management system to products like Google Apps, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Evernote, Xero, Quote Roller, INinmail, MailChimp, Torpio, and Zapier. Insightly offers an Outlook App that provides enhanced productivity for businesses that use Office 365 and Outlook 2013. In addition to its integration with QuickBooks Online, Insightly offers an integration with Xero.


Free accounts are available for businesses with two or fewer users. Monthly pricing plans start at $12 per user, per month (when paying annually). Upgraded plans range in price from $29 per user, per month to $99 per user, per month (when paying annually).

Bottom Line

  • CRM and project management solution for SMBs.

  • Enables businesses to create strong relationships with customers.

  • Created for businesses with one to 200 employees.

  • Integrates with many of the most popular business apps.

  • Linking feature gives users a 360-degree view of their business networks.

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