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Feb 9, 2017

Supercharge Your Business Email With a CRM for Outlook

If you're using Outlook and looking for a better way to stay on top of your pipeline, fear not: here are some of the best CRMs for Outlook. 

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

Love it or hate it, Outlook is the email and calendar manager of choice for many businesses. If you love it, you probably want to spend more time tinkering around its subtle slate and appealing azure interface. If you hate it, you want to avoid doing anything but checking email in its ghastly grey and boring blue inbox. That’s where a good CRM for Outlook will come in handy.

Whether you’re trying to manage your sales pipelines, marketing lists, or customer service queues (and whether you want to do that in Outlook or not), there are plenty of options for CRM software that integrates with Outlook to help you manage the content of your emails in one place.

Below are the best CRMs for Outlook, based on user reviews from GetApp.

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Zoho CRM

As a leading product from the Zoho family, Zoho CRM has the benefit of being one of the most affordable options for managing your customers. With features for sales and marketing automation, CRM analytics, and workflow management, Zoho’s bell and whistle-free solution is easy to onboard, especially when it comes to integrating with Outlook.

One GetApp reviewer says: “modules can be customized. Integration with Outlook is both easy and reliable. You can start with the free version of Zoho CRM and move to paid subscriptions that are appropriate for your needs.”

Aside from Outlook, Zoho also integrates with a ton of other products in the Zoho Suite, as well as popular solutions such as Gmail, WordPress, and Zendesk.

Pricing: Free for up to 10 users

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Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner is a popular CRM option, especially if you’re looking for an integration with Outlook. Marketing itself as a “visual CRM”, Pipeliner offers an org chart, dashboards, and multiple pipeline views to help you keep all of your customer deals on track, as well as the token lead management and sales reporting functions of a CRM.

In terms of its Outlook integration, one Pipeliner user notes, “I have been using Pipeliner for the sole purpose of following my deals/opportunities through the sales pipeline. There is no tool on the market that is as simple to use as this one. It lets me accumulate all the information quickly and I don’t have to use Excel anymore. The Outlook integration completes the system and lets me manage my customer information and contacts at the same time.”

Pricing: Starts free for one user

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It might be the obvious choice, but a list of the best CRMs for Outlook wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Microsoft’s very own Dynamics CRM. Unsurprisingly, an integration between two Microsoft products works seamlessly, as one reviewer points out:

“I love the integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook. I especially like the email templates available for Outlook. I use them on a daily basis for supporting the sales team.”


Microsoft Dynamics CRM has features for sales, marketing, and customer support teams. It offers account and lead info for sales, campaign management, and tracking for marketing, and queue management and a knowledge base for customer support, making it a good option for all of your CRM needs.

Pricing: Ranges from $15-65 per user based on licensing needs

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Base CRM

As a combined sales and CRM platform, Base CRM is a good option for salespeople looking to organize their pipeline and integrate their Outlook emails into a powerful platform. With a heavy focus on lead tracking and sales management, a huge emphasis on mobile, and robust sales intelligence and forecasting feature, Base CRM is a modern CRM option for any sales focused team.

Base’s seamless integration with Outlook is a big plus for users too.


“It’s very easy to navigate between the dashboard, to the leads, contacts deals tasks calendars and reports. You can even enter your email setting to save every email in the system regardless of where you send it from. Even when emailing from your computer software like Outlook or Mail, Base will grab this email and include it in your Base database.

Pricing: Starting at $25/month

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Prophet CRM

While it may be a lesser known option, Prophet CRM is the top choice among users when it comes to its Outlook integration because it was designed specifically for Outlook. Mentioned countless times in reviews, one reviewer notes:

“I first started using Prophet over seven years ago. I liked the way that it allowed me to stay within the Outlook platform. We had tried other softwares that claimed that they integrated with Outlook but always found this to not be entirely true. Prophet truly does. While it can be a robust as you want it to be it is not overwhelmingly complex to use. As salespeople, we want to be engaged in the sales process, not engaged in inputting data into a CRM.”


Another user boasts, “the biggest feature of Prophet for me is its seamless interaction with Microsoft Outlook.”

Embedded directly into Outlook, Prophet CRM is good for those looking for a solution that they can use directly from the email service, without having to fumble between applications.

Pricing: Starting at $25 per user per month

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Infor CRM

If you’re looking for something more industry specific, Infor CRM might be a good option to look at. Infor offers functions for sales, marketing, and customer service teams with its embeddable CRM for Outlook (similar to Prophet CRM), a mobile offering, and lots of flexibility which users have cited make it very easy to pick up.

Suitable for both small teams and enterprise, Infor CRM offers integration with Outlook that’s especially useful for those on a PC, as some users have noted.


“The Outlook integration is seamless (if you run PCs). Record history, documents, new contacts and accounts directly to the CRM without leaving the comfort of outlook…” As the reviewer notes, however, watch out if you’re using Outlook for Mac: “Ignore all of the above if you have MACs - Infor doesn’t support it.”

Pricing: Details not available

What’s your favorite CRM for Outlook? Let us know in the comments below.

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