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DNS-based web filter, malware/phishing protection & security

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DNS Based Advanced Web Security Filter blocking Malware, Ransomware and Phishing attempts.

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Cybersecurity platform to identify and fix vulnerabilities

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HackerOne is a web-based cybersecurity platform designed to help businesses across various industry verticals such as education, telecom, aviation, media, financial services, and more eliminate vulnerabilities by securing continuous development processes.

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All-in-one automated web application security solution

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Acunetix is a cyber security solution offering automatic web security testing technology that enables organizations to scan and audit complex, authenticated, HTML5 and JavaScript-heavy websites to detect vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection, and more

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Appgate SDP


Zero Trust Security Access Platform

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Appgate is secure access provider that delivers solutions that prevents complex threats and reduce operational costs, securing the lives of the people that rely on them.

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Perch Security


Threat detection and response management software

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Perch Security is a threat detection and response management software designed to help enterprises create, launch, and manage cybersecurity programs. The platform enables organizations to identify potential threats and malicious activities across networks and connected devices via a unified portal.

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ESET Endpoint Security


Network security, network monitoring & endpoint protection

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ESET Endpoint Security is a network monitoring solution, which helps businesses manage processes for detecting threats, blocking targeted attacks, preventing data breaches & providing protection against ransomware. It lets users monitor behavior of malicious processes and decloak memory segments.

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Duo Security


User identity verification & device vulnerability discovery

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Duo Security provides a Trusted Access platform offering multiple two-factor authentication methods, mobile apps, and an Access Gateway for Single Sign-On (SSO)

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FlexPrem SD-WAN


SD-WAN platform with multiple routing algorithms

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FlexPrem SD-WAN is a network security solution designed to help businesses streamline software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) processes using patented technology. The system utilizes algorithms to perform testing across WAN links and route application traffic to specific connections.

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Splunk Enterprise


Machine data management and analytics

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Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring.

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Anti-bot protection software to block unwanted traffic

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DataDome Anti-bot Protection software is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses identify and prevent bot attacks in real-time using in-memory pattern databases along with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

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ThreatSpotter - Compliance Security Scanner

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ThreatSpotter tool integrates with private cloud resources and ensures that compliance risk management summary should be integrated with provided credentials so that all compliance results would be available in threat analytics dashboard. Threatspotter helps in achievement of tracking continuously.

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Managed Cybersecurity Platform with 24/7 SOC Monitoring

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CloudJacketX is a managed security-as-a-service platform designed to help businesses detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. It lets IT teams ensure protection against data breaches by monitoring the organization's network in real-time.

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Accelerate threat detection and response with SIEM and UEBA

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LogPoint's SIEM platform helps businesses secure data from threats & respond to cyberattacks in compliance with regulatory norms.

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Cloud VPN with identity-based access control in 10 minutes.

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GoodAccess is a cloud VPN that helps remote teams to securely access business systems, cloud apps and other resources. In 10 minutes you create resilient private network with identity-based access control. No hardware, no maintenance fees. Just secure "anywhere, anytime" access for authorized users.

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Dark Web ID


Threat detection and monitoring for businesses and MSPs

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Dark Web ID is a cloud-based cybersecurity tool, which monitors the dark web and alerts businesses to any risks or threats. The platform can be used by MSPs or enterprises to prevent data breaches and ensure sensitive employee or company data is not available on the dark web.

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Network security and monitoring with built-in firewall

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GlassWire is a network monitoring and security platform that provides businesses with tools including real time network monitoring, a built-in firewall, internet security features, alerts, bandwidth usage monitoring, and more. It offers an Android app to allow users to monitor networks on-the-go.

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Next Generation Firewall


Threat intelligence and network security software

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Next Generation Firewall is a threat intelligence software designed to help businesses configure security gateways and prevent zero-day attacks. The platform allows administrators to intercept SSL encrypted communication between servers and clients and protect data centers against Gen V attacks.

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Cybersecurity tool for conducting simulated phishing attacks

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PhishingBox is a network security solution designed to help businesses conduct simulated phishing attacks and provide awareness training to team members. It lets organizations create groups of employees and send targeted phishing emails using custom-built templates.

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Vulnerability assessment solution for security practitioners

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Nessus is a cloud-based vulnerability assessment solution designed to help security practitioners identity and resolve vulnerabilities to protect organizations against various security risks. It comes with pre-defined templates which can be customized by users to scan for critical vulnerabilities.

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Avast Business


Cloud-based security software solution

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Avast Business is a cloud-based security software for commercial organizations that helps to protect endpoint devices as well as file and email servers

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Smarter Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection secures users and devices across all the stages of a cyberattack.

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Cloud-based threat detection and response platform

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Blumira’s cloud SIEM can be deployed in hours with broad integration coverage across cloud, endpoint protection, firewall and identity providers including Office 365, G Suite, Crowdstrike, Okta, Palo Alto, Cisco FTD and many others.

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Vendor access management and remote support

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SecureLink is a vendor privileged access management solution for technology enterprises and vendors which offers features such as role-based permissions, audit logs, compliance management, self registration, desktop sharing, remote support, file transfer, and more

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Alert Logic MDR


Managed detection and response (MDR) platform

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Alert Logic MDR is a managed detection and response platform that helps businesses identify, investigate, and eliminate active threats across networks, applications, and endpoint devices. Features include asset discovery, PCI scanning, behavior tracking, web log analytics & real-time reporting.

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Anti-spam filter for business email. Vital email security.

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SpamTitan is an anti-spam email security solution that identifies & blocks phishing, malware, spear phishing, malicious and spam emails to protect business email, with multi-layered analysis and authentication. 5 Star product with great pricing and amazing front line support

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