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No-Code AI Platform for Data Extraction and Analysis

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Accern overview

What is Accern?

Accern is a no-code data science platform that enables data teams to easily use out-of-box NLP models to extract insights, analyze sentiment, and make predications from multiple, unstructured data sources. With Accern, you don't have to build models from scratch or spend time on data engineering - you can use models that are pre-trained specifically for finance so you extract insights that drive better risk and investment decisions.


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Accern has a consumption-based model, so you pay for what you use. We have 3 tiers - Basic, Professional, and Premium, with add-on's for extra customer support and premium data sources.

Accern features

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Key features of Accern

  • Deep Learning
  • Disparate Data Collection
  • Document Extraction
  • ML Algorithm Library
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Training
  • NLP
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Templates
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- ML models are highly accurate with a 96%+ benchmark.
- Platform is intuitive- no coding background necessary.
- Hundred of pre-built use cases from a library allow you to get started in minutes.
- The only no-code data science platform specifically for finance - our pre-trained models will give you more accurate results than models that have more general applications.
- Our platform integrates with data warehouses, clouds, and BI tools so you can plug in the data you need, and export results in a dashboard your business team will love.