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Libris overview

Libris is a cloud-based digital access management (DAM) system for organizations that require storage, organization and distribution solutions for substantial image and video libraries. Libris provides simplified visual asset management for organizations of all types and sizes including top universities, government agencies, travel brands, retailers and manufacturers.

Libris enables companies to move a large number of images and videos from disparate sources onto a single, centralized platform. The solution is divided into two portals: an admin portal, where an organization’s staff can upload and manage assets, and a user portal, where the general public or invited users can access and download from an organization’s media library.

As media is uploaded, Libris automatically screens and extracts keywords, tags, descriptions, and licensing metadata from each file. Users, as well as third parties, can upload thousands of files in a single day using drag and drop, or the website's uploader. Custom user roles can be set to provide appropriate access and permissions to stakeholders, groups, or individuals. Visitors can use integrated Lightbox tools to curate images for their own current projects.

Organizations can share assets not only through the Libris portal galleries, but also via the ‘quick send’ feature from the admin portal, upload to FTP servers, or simply weave public images and video directly into marketing channels and social media. Organizations can add an unlimited number of invited users to their portal, as well as group and view lists of registered users.


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Libris screenshot: The public portal includes a media library available to users or the general publicIntroducing PhotoShelter LibrisLibris screenshot: The admin portal where users and staff manage and organize media assetsLibris screenshot: Browse images by gallery which can be grouped to the needs of an organizationLibris screenshot: Metadata capabilities allow stake holders to find images according to keywords, dates, locations and moreLibris screenshot: Site visitors can use the Lightbox tool to curate images for their current projectsLibris screenshot: Images are always controlled by access permissions set by users Libris screenshot: Download logs keep a record of who has access the image librariesLibris screenshot: Send public images directly to social mediaLibris screenshot: Add metadata to untagged images in the libraryLibris screenshot: A list of registered usersLibris screenshot: Lightroom users can publish and manage their photos directly from the applicationOrganize Your Library

Libris reviews

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Jay Buckner

Libris is a very effective tool to manage thousands of digital files and share easily with others.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-08-15
Review Source: Capterra

Incredibly effective and efficient file management that's so easy to share with others. It is the solution that emerged from hours and hours of research into digital asset management systems. I simply cannot function well without it.As a cloud solution, this system is easily accessible to all users. The administrative side of things is well thought and well designed and packed full of the right features to effectively manage countless files. It integrates easily and well with Lightroom and the optional Adobe connector makes managing assets during the production process even easier. This software has saved me countless hours of work and has helped me and my operations to be far more efficient. Administrators and editors have to thoroughly learn the nuances of this system, but after a week... it's automatic. Processing files take only a few minutes from start to finish, complete with keywording either while importing the images into Libris or by adding them to images after they're imported. Too, the sharing mechanism works great with easy to design templates to ensure clients always get the right info to access their files. In short, I cannot imagine doing my work well without Libris. Oh, and their support team is FANTASTIC... responsive and thorough.

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Susan McSpadden

Libris has made digital asset management so functional and user friendly for my department

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-27
Review Source: Capterra

It's an easier access storage solution for our library of images. It's a great system for sharing and collaborating. It has given me the ability to hunt down images fast and deliver them to the client easily. I also love that you can organize it in the way that works best for you.I love that the Libris platform is so intuitive, clean and user friendly. The multiple ways to search give flexibility to the user and the sharing controls really allow you to be specific with who can access your images. Invited users can create light boxes within the system to allow for collaboration which is such a handy feature. I love that the images show up large on the screen making image selection easier and I also love that users can select their desired size of download. You don't always need the full size, full resolution version! Downloads are always fast and without error. The customer support is fantastic and fast. I also appreciate all the tutorials, blogs and webinars offered as part of your membership. They do a great job of keeping photographers up to date on equipment, trends and general news in the field of photography. As a member, you feel like a part of a community that's cheering you on and there to help you succeed.

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Emily Lindbloom

Photo Archiving/Organizing Must Have!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-08-10
Review Source: Capterra

We use Libris for city government photo organizing/archiving. My department had over 5,000 photos to organize and Libris helped a daunting task become manageable and achievable. Having a place to organize photos properly makes our department function more efficiently and smoothly; we get many requests for photos on a daily basis. Libris makes photos searchable and easily findable with metadata tagging and keywords, which we love. Libris employees were there for us every step of the way during the initial set-up process and are still there for us currently with any questions we have. We most like Libris' functionality regarding photo organizing and sharing. Libris equips its users with a variety of ways to quickly upload photos and create a library structure that makes sense to your organization. We love the ability to tag photos in batch and personally add metadata to photos. This way, our photos are searchable, but also browsable through Libris' collections and galleries structure. Sharing photos is easy and super customizable as well. With the option to add passwords to galleries and set expiration dates for links we send to outside shareholders, we have more control over privacy and access to our photos. Through working with Libris, the customer service has been great. Questions are answered in a timely manner and the Libris staff is readily available through email or phone each day. We enjoyed our multiple training sessions and demos. The staff at Libris is willing to help in whatever way possible.

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Aaron Yoshino

Libris and the LR plugin have become an important part of our daily workflow, with a few caveats.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-08-14
Review Source: Capterra

Ease of use and user-friendly access for our Art Teams.Extreme ease of use, excellent tagging options, relatively responsive website and LR plugin. Reasonably quick upload speeds. I am a staff photographer at a regional publisher with 6+ magazines in production. I use Libris daily to file 3-4 assignments a day, 5 days a week.

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Aaron Lurth

A great product for managing your digital media, but does have some limitations.

Reviewed 2016-10-10
Review Source: Capterra

First and foremost I have to say the customer service Photoshelter provides for Libris users is absolutely wonderful. Their team gets back to you quickly with answers to your questions and is always pleasant to work with. Libris truly shines in it's ability to easily organize and then later search for the images you need. You have the ability to set up the folder structure in any way that fits your needs (which is not something I say about the last product we were using) and the backend structure is so user friendly, it's a breeze to move collections, galleries, or even individual photos around after upload. All you need to do is grab them and drag and drop them into a different area. On the search side of things, you have great control over the types of parameters you can give the search. Everything from searching for photos based on a specific orientation, to things photographed on certain's quite nice and the results are fast and (seemingly) very accurate. Uploading is fast, and has a number of potential ways it can be integrated into your workflow, including a lightroom plugin. As much as we like Libris overall, it is not without it's limitations and there are a couple of big ones we hope are eventually addressed. The biggest one for us at the moment is Libris' inability to allow downloads without either a password or a user login. This is a bummer and is currently a bit clunky. We produce content for a wide range of people and we would like to make that content available for download to everyone, but the best you can do right now is put a password on everything and then try and make that password available to the public, which is just clunky and a bit odd. We really hope they implement a password and login free option soon. Secondly, when you search for images there is no way to sort what we have searched for in the results page. Want to search for something and then sort by "date taken" or "date uploaded"? Not possible. The other slightly frustrating thing is there is no way to change the size of the image thumbnails in the galleries or search results. They are a bit small and it can sometimes be hard to see what the photo looks like until you click on it to make it larger. Really there are so many things to like about Libris that I wouldn't say the above should be deal breakers, but they are things I think could really help improve it.

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Professional: $6999.00/year

Enterprise: Custom

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Libris features

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Drag & Drop Interface
Permission Management
Search Functionality
Third Party Integration

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Additional information for Libris

Key features of Libris

  • Organize digital assets
  • Keyword, description, and licensing metadata extraction
  • Third party uploads
  • Keywords and search
  • Collaboration tools
  • Manage user roles
  • Controlled access and permissions
  • Optimize workflows
  • Streamline processes
  • Mobile integration
  • Image and video library
  • Multiple distribution options
  • Share directly to social media
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Lightbox and Lightroom integration
  • Centralized platform
  • Control over images and videos
  • Public portal
  • Admin portal
  • Browse images by galleries
  • Navigation
  • Metadata capabilities
  • Download permissions
  • Curate galleries and collections
  • Stoplight-based permissions interface
  • Set download limits
  • Download logs
  • FTP functionality
  • Automatic tagging and metadata
  • Manual tagging and metadata
  • Registered users list
  • Drag and drop to upload
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Organizations can upload their entire library of digital media content and categorize assets by topics and keywords.

Visitors can use the Lightbox tool to curate images for current projects and email them between users for collaboration and feedback.

Users can create collections and galleries that fit their needs, as well as control access with Libris' unique stoplight-based permissions interface.

Libris provides access to download logs that let users keep a record of who has accessed the image library.

Users can allow or restrict downloads, set size limits, restrict the number of downloads, as well as set time limits and passwords for each file.