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Amperity overview

What is Amperity?

Amperity is an intelligent CDP (customer data platform) that allows businesses to connect customer data from across multiple platforms, sources, and databases, into one single source of truth in order to aid with marketing and customer experience management, and to optimize conversions. The cloud-based platform allows users to create multiple databases for storing customer data and resolve identities with the use of machine learning techniques.

Designed to help businesses resolve customer identity in the case of hidden connections or activity, Amperity uses artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology to match activity to existing customers. The Amperity platform is focused on customer identity resolution and unifying difficult-to-integrate customer data from across multiple systems in order to form rich, and complete customer profiles. These more detailed and data-rich profiles can then be used to enhance marketing campaigns, personalization, customer experiences, and analytics platforms. Amperity scales to the user’s data, processing a large number of customer records every day, securely, and with the necessary compliance regulations.


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Amperity screenshot: The Amperity system allows businesses to build complex, data-rich customer profiles by resolving and unifying customer identity Amperity

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Key features of Amperity

  • Customer Profiles
  • Data Matching
  • Personalization
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