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SilkStart overview

SilkStart is a leading provider of cloud software for member-based organizations. SilkStart's Association Management Software (AMS) streamlines operations through one central database that can be accessed anywhere you can find an internet connection.

SilkStart creates beautiful and functional websites that are mobile friendly and can also integrate with existing sites. We simplify complex and time consuming tasks like member management, events, invoicing, payment processing, and communications.

SilkStart also has a robust multi-chapter solution for larger associations looking to consolidate administrative tasks and member data across many regional and localized offices.

SilkStart has an intuitive back-end user interface, and is fully supported by a dedicated customer support team that's there to help you when needed.


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SilkStart reviews

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Ron Jamieson

The Benefits of CRM and Great Website Integration in One Package

Reviewed 2017-10-12
Review Source: Software Advice

SilkStart was not the least expensive of the alternatives we evaluated, but was also not the most expensive. On balance it delivered good value for money. Some other association management platforms may appear to be inexpensive, but to get the same functionality as SilikStart would have required bolting on additional 3rd party modules and probably some IT skills to enable them. In the end, they were of no better value. SilkStart kept it simpleStarting with the website, we found the available templates yielded clean and contemporary page designs that helped communicate professionalism to members. Integration of a dynamic member directory into the website gives small members an opportunity to showcase themselves and realize a mini website as part of the perks of joining the organization. With SilkStart, this was easy to do - even for people with limited experience on website publishing. SilkStart also streamlined the membership acquisition process by making it faster and easier for new members to join and for the organization to receive payment. A process that used to take days was reduced to minutes. Collecting member fees is usually a headache for organizations and can require significant resources to follow up with members to collect payment. With SilkStart, members receive reminders of their renewal and, if they do not pay on time, SilkStart can continue to send reminders and serve as a virtual collection agency. Many organizations hold events - either as their primary raison d'etre or as fundraisers. With SilkStart, we were easily able to set up events, ticket pricing tiers and create and send messages to promote them. For my client, integration with their QuickBooks system was important. SilkStart delivered.

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Tricia Ginis

SilkStart Database and Website-a great choice

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-11-08
Review Source: Capterra

I did a lot of research before choosing SilkStart and while the cost was a little more than the other comparable options, I felt that the customer service was extremely important and worth the extra cost. From the start, the people from SilkStart were very helpful and knowledgeable. Having never built a website and starting essentially from scratch, they helped guide me through the process and make important decisions on what to include in both the website content and database information captures, how to prioritize and tutorials on how to manage both the website and the database. We launched our site 5 months ago and we are so happy with the website. We are in the midst of registering for a big conference and the set up was easy for us to do. We were able to offer multi sessions within the conference as well as a variety of ticket options which has been extremely helpful. We had a few questions along the way, and after submitting a ticket, we had the questions answered within a couple of hours. SilkStart was a great choice for us!Ease of use, many tutorials and FAQ to help problem solve, easy access to support with quick response time.

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Martin Benson

Great choice for small to medium sized not-for-profits.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-11-08
Review Source: Capterra

One my major tasks in my first year of employment was to select a new platform for our ageing website and to find an AMS so that we could consolidate our various contacts. I researched a number of options and finally settled on SilkStart. Silkstart offers current technology (updates are frequently rolled out), fresh, modern looking templates and a robust contact/event management system. The pricing is comparable to other more popular software solutions without the burden of a contract. The staff have been fantastic, and the transition was very smooth. It was also important that we find a Candian solution to our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend SilkStart. Cost effective, fresh templates. various design options with the use of the many widgets available.

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Annie Jordan

Great member management platform

Reviewed 2016-06-14
Review Source: Software Advice

Our organization is thrilled with our new website backed by SilkStart’s robust platform. With this website, we get the best of both worlds: an award-winning website that projects a modern online image, without having to spend the effort to put it together. From the beginning, our site has been easy to use and we can make our own updates with no technical skills required. The features they develop are exactly what we need. SilkStart gets organizations. Truly. End of story. If we do run into any snags, Silkstart’s topflight customer service is super responsive. Silkstart takes care of us by providing a highly customizable event calendar to suits our needs as event organizers, but also provides a seamless one-stop registration, payment, and feedback experience to out without changing pages. Thank you SilkStart for making managing 700 members so easy.

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Dillon LaFoy

Very happy transition!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-23
Review Source: Software Advice

We're happy to be customers!SilkStart provides a super simple interface for quickly managing your website and users. Our organization is completely driven by volunteers, so the simplicity of SilkStart has been a huge help to our small society. We were in a tough situation with our old website a few years ago and the SilkStart team was able to transition our site quickly and successfully.

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Premium - Starts at $200 / month: Based on member type and total members, choice of payment processors, Corporate members, telephone & email support, unlimited administrators

Custom / Multi-Chapter - Contact us for pricing: Based on total chapters and members, choice of payment processors, Corproate members, dedicated account manager, unlimited administrators on parent and chapter level.

SilkStart features

Social Media Integration

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Activity Dashboard (189 other apps)
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Automatic Notifications (176 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (165 other apps)
CRM Integration (121 other apps)
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Additional information for SilkStart

Key features of SilkStart

  • Membership management
  • Customizable membership plans
  • Dues management
  • CRM
  • Member portal
  • Member directory
  • Group discussion forums
  • Event management
  • Customizable event registration options
  • Email marketing
  • MailChimp integration
  • Website CMS
  • Mobile friendly web pages
  • Job board
  • Online payment processing
  • Offline payments
  • Financial management
  • Multi-chapter solution
  • Unlimited admins
  • Ongoing support
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Easy setup in three simple steps: Website configuration, data migration and training.

Build your brand: Create a mobile friendly web-presence with social media integration.

All-in-one system: Manage everything in one place through one integrated platform.

Personal service: A dedicated account manager to support you along the way.

Save time and money: Automate administrative functions. Access current data, anytime, anywhere.

Room to grow: A scalable solution that grows as you grow.