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SoGoSurvey overview

What is SoGoSurvey?

SoGoSurvey is an enterprise feedback management tool for the creation and management of customer and employee experiences. Providing an all-in-one data collection and analysis platform, SoGoSurvey grants users the ability to create multiple surveys, polls, quizzes, and forms with customization, distribution, and reporting tools.

SoGoCX covers the complete customer journey by meeting customers where they are throughout their experience with an organization or product. The latest UI and UX best practices have been incorporated into the SoGoCX platform to optimize ease-of-use.

SoGoSurvey stands out from competition by offering best-in-class products that lead the competition and are offered at an affordable price.

With features including an inbuilt library of templates, a common question database, branching, skip logic, drag and drop interface, and more, SoGoSurvey products (SoGoCX, SoGoEX, survey, and quiz) make survey creation as simple and personalized as possible.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech and 17 other languages, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian
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SoGoSurvey reviews

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Kathryn Harryman

I use SoGoSurvey to create online forms and it gets the job done beautifully!

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

I work for a non-profit and I use SoGoSurvey to create online forms for volunteers to fill out and give me more information about them. I researched so many forms companies and didn't like how tedious the forms were to fill out online, or the price they were charging. (Most charge a monthly rate, and the volume of forms I will use each month didn't justify the cost.) With SoGoSurvey, filling the forms is simple and someone on a mobile device can do it as easily as someone sitting at a computer. The forms generated are clean, easy to read and allow some flexibility if you want to change up the design. I created a form using SoGoSurvey for my volunteers to give me basic info; then I created another form that volunteers can provide me with more background info and leave answers to open-ended questions. Finally, I have a reference form that I can email references. SoGoSurvey has made my job easier without sacrificing the quality/look of my forms. Best of all, it is free! If you are looking for a good forms software, give SoGoSurvey a try!

This software doesn't have to be limited to creating feedback surveys. I actually use it to create online forms for my non-profit. I have a lot of volunteers who want to come and I needed a way to create easy-to-use forms for them to fill out and give me the info I need from them. I started out using the "free" package and even under a pre-designed form, the software will allow you to go in and make changes to better reflect your needs. Just make sure you don't exceed the number of questions on the form or it will ask you to upgrade to a paid package. Because I work for a non-profit, once I was able to prove that I am indeed non-profit and advertised for SoGoSurvey on my website, they actually allow me to use the next level paid plan for free! I am very happy with SoGoSurvey and plan to continue using the software. Another awesome feature is that our volunteers can be English/Spanish speaking and SoGoSurvey has the option of choosing the language for the survey at the click of a button. This is such a key feature and I love it. (you will have to be able to speak the language you create the forms in, SoGoSurvey doesn't actually translate the content for you.)

I think navigating the actual site takes some getting used to. Once you are in a form, keep in mind that you will only see the form "on top" of the pile. What this means is there is a number counter, and you must click the drop-down arrow to see the other numbers of other surveys in order to review your responses. I think this could be improved, I would especially like to see the name of the person who filled out the survey used as an indicator in the "pile" of responses, rather than just a number. Also, when I print survey results it can take up to 6 pages with a narrow column of data, rather than 3 pages where the data takes up the entire page. It would be nice if this could be adjusted.

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Cindy Hellewell

User Friendly Software and Responsive Company

Used occasionally for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-12-26
Review Source: Capterra

SoGoSurvey has exceptional customer service!!! This is the biggest reason I would choose to use SoGoSurvey. I LOVE the ease of building surveys, saving questions to use later, copying surveys to use again with minor edits, testing surveys, and looking at survey results. With the free non-profit upgrade we are able to get all the survey results we need to help our organization improve and meet the needs of our community. Downloading survey results is easy and the format of the results makes it easy to evaluate our results. Having used this survey company for a little more than a year, currently I have no reason to look for another survey company to use.

Being able to save questions in a question bank, copy surveys to re-use after editing, and reviewing the survey before sending are wonderful features. I can send test surveys to others for review as well. Free upgrade for non-profit does increases our survey limit so we don't worry about losing survey results because we reached our limit. Customer service is the best with responses almost the minute you ask for help!!! This is huge for me! I hate waiting day(s) to get answers to solve problems I may encounter. I haven't had very many problems with SoGoSurvey, so I don't contact them often, but the few times I have, they have always responded promptly. We can download all the results we need, no need to print it all up in order to share with members of our organization.

Getting a QR code was not as intuitive as SurveyMonkey, but their customer service easily bypassed this problem. The benefits of SoGoSurvey heavily outweigh the few things I liked slightly better about SurveyMonkey. The first year we applied for the free upgrade we needed to provide a review of their product. Because we had not used them before this was a problem, but the company was willing to work with us on this so that we could provide an honest review.

Response from SoGoSurvey Enterprise

Cindy, thank you for such a thorough review! We are so happy to support non-profits like yours.

I have passed along your accolades to our support team. I know they will be very appreciative! :)

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Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Claire Gregory

Survey for Disseration

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2020-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

It is really user friendly, gives you unlimited surveys/questions. The online support team are really helpful.

It is really simple to use and gives you lots of function on a free basic account. I was able to design my own survey and use pre designed question formats.

That it capped my responses to 100 for my survey.

Response from SoGoSurvey Enterprise

We are so glad you switched to SoGoSurvey for your dissertation work, Claire! :)

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Online survey tool that relies on most other competitors for it's product features

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

Good for use, heavy on pockets!

Customer support is the main thing that I can talk about this survey software. There are a bunch of people who constantly reply to our queries and issues, and get them fixed at high priorities when required. The overall user interface is decent, although, it cannot be compared to the other brands. It provides a wide variety of functionalities and tools and thus seems really great as and overall application. (All under one roof). However, this sometimes looks densely populated when you are looking for one specific function and you have a lot of ways to do the same thing. Creating and distributing surveys is the most basic part, but the reporting features makes the application really stand out!

It copies a lot of other survey tools and tries to replicate their premium functionalities. The product management team seems to be pretty ordinary with their thinking and cannot go out of the box to widen the scopes of this application. The tools are way too expensive and no comments on how their overall performance or scalability measures are!

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Friendly user

Used occasionally for free trial
Reviewed 2020-04-17
Review Source: Capterra

On my way to create a survey. I am suggested by my senior about SoGoSurvey. Great experience with SoGoSurvey and having some assists from SoGoSurvey chat. It's really friendly user. Thanks for making my life easier with SoGoSurvey 👍👍👍

- Quick respond from SoGoSurvey chat - Structured and well-organized software - Easy to use with the guide of Tooltips and samples - Friendly survey tools with nice graphic design

So far so good. Still on my way to explore the beauty of SoGoSurvey

Response from SoGoSurvey Enterprise

We're always happy to help! Enjoy your continued exploration of the platform. :)

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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SoGoSurvey pricing

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Basic plan (survey) : free for life

Plus plan (survey) : $299/year

Pro plan (survey) : $199/month or $788/year

Premium plan (survey) : $299/month or $1188/year

Enterprise plan (survey) : Call for pricing, +1 (800) 646-0520

SoGoCX : Call for pricing, +1 (800) 646-0520

SoGoEX : Call for pricing, +1 (800) 646-0520

SoGoSurvey also provides plans for non-profits, academics, and students, and offers custom survey design services.

SoGoSurvey features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
CRM Integration
Custom Fields
Customizable Branding
Customizable Reporting
Customizable Templates
Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics
Surveys & Feedback

Activity Tracking (179 other apps)
Calendar Management (194 other apps)
Customer Database (174 other apps)
Data Import/Export (200 other apps)
Electronic Payments (152 other apps)
Email Integration (208 other apps)
Reminders (198 other apps)
Social Media Integration (188 other apps)
Third Party Integration (247 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options
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Additional information for SoGoSurvey

Key features of SoGoSurvey

  • 360 degree feedback
  • Activity dashboard
  • Audio / image / video support
  • Automatic notifications
  • Branching
  • Contact management
  • Custom fields
  • Custom forms
  • Customer activity reporting
  • Customizable branding
  • Customizable questions
  • Customizable templates
  • Data analysis tools
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Email alerts
  • Email invitations & reminders
  • Embeddable surveys
  • Engagement analytics
  • Feedback collection
  • Kiosk survey
  • Mailing list management
  • Mobile survey
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Multi-language
  • Multiple delivery formats
  • Multiple question types
  • Online survey
  • Paper survey
  • Progress tracking
  • Question branching
  • Quota management
  • Real time reporting
  • SMS integration
  • SSL security
  • Security & encryption
  • Site intercept surveys
  • Skip logic
  • Summary reports
  • Survey management
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Templates
  • Trend analysis
  • Visual analytics
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Utilize the drag and drop interface to build surveys either from scratch using a variety of elements and question types or by customizing one of the many in-built templates. Users can add branching and skip logic to enhance and personalize the respondent’s experience, and to ensure that no time is wasted on irrelevant questions.

Set up rules and alerts to manage responses when surveys are submitted such as a thank you message for all submissions. Users can also set up additional response rules such as alerting support staff if an unsatisfied customer leaves a bad rating.

Customize surveys, polls and quizzes by adding logos, changing fonts and colors, and choosing from a range of different question types including NPS, matrix grid, rating grid, attachment, image choice, and more.

Schedule customized survey invitations and reminders to send to contact lists from the contact manager. Automate these reminders to send to contacts who have yet to respond based on predefined rules and time frames.

Gain insights with real-time reporting via SoGoSurvey's advanced dashboards. Analysis options, including easy-to-use visualizations, report distribution, and segmentation options, clearly showcase the drivers of customer and employee experience.

Maximize the value of your data through SoGoSurvey's API, CRM, and other integrations.