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Online Registration & Electronic Health Records for Camps

4.93/5 (115 reviews) overview is a cloud-based electronic health record system for camps which also offers tools for online registration, payment processing, one-way parent emails, and more. The system can be used in a range of settings, including day camps, residential summer camps, YMCAs, JCCs (Jewish community centers), colleges and universities, special needs or medical camps, and parks & recreation departments. enables users to manage health forms, medications, and allergies, and track injuries and illnesses in the camp. The health forms are fully customizable, with users able to define required fields and add dynamic questions, and forms can be pre-populated with data from previous years so families don’t have to start from scratch every year. Automatic reminder emails are sent to families if forms are incomplete, and users can track emails to see if they have bounced or been opened. The built-in electronic medication administration record (eMAR) is designed to prevent human error when administering medications to staff or campers, and alerts users if a camper’s medication has been missed.’s online registration system allows families to register campers online, and pay deposits or fees by electronic check (ACH) or credit card. Pricing is flexible, with users able to add extra items for families to order, such as camp T-shirts or DVDs, create coupons for discounts, and accept donations. Payment plans can be set up to allow families to pay off their balance over time, with customizable confirmation, receipt, and balance reminder emails sent out automatically. If camp capacity is reached, campers can be added to waitlists, and users can create enrollment and financial reports to track the success of their camps.


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English, French, Hebrew, Spanish screenshot: Camper allergies can be tracked with electronic health screenshot:'s electronic health forms enable users to record and track illnesses and injuries in screenshot:'s electronic medication administration record (eMAR) automatically reminds users of missed screenshot: Custom reports can be generated in screenshot: also offers online registration for campers, with individual camper profiles, payment plans, credit card processing, and more reviews


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Patti Davis

I would highly suggest using this program for your next event whether it be a camp or not!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-09-20
Review Source: Capterra

At our camp, we didn't have WiFi, but we were able to print all food/environmental/drug allergies and prescriptions that were needed to be taken at camp at certain times of the day and included the dosage. Our nurse would administer the prescriptions, and then sign-off on the paper copies. CampDoc has really helped our company with camp and a conference. It was great to have all of the medical history and insurance cards before the event. When we first got to leadership camp, one of our campers passed out in the first hour of camp. We were able to look-up his medical history and found he does faint a lot. So we were able to call his parents, and we didn't have to take him to the hospital since it is something that happens to him. Later in camp we had a camper cut open her knee. We were able to go to the notebook and pull her medical history & insurance card and take her into the hospital. Since we had all of this information they were able to take care of her without waiting for a parent to get to the hospital (several hours away). We are now using CampDoc for the Registration and collection of the health profile and insurance card for our next conference. It works so well, and saves us tons of time collecting all of this information in paper. Our conference will have WiFi, so we will be able to utilize the on-line format of this program. CampDoc was the best find for our company, and it has given us the documents we need to protect our company and help the student in the time of need. CampDoc employees are great to work with and help to set-up the system for what we need. Thanks so much CampDoc!

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Megan Magerko

Major improvement over paper records!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-15
Review Source: Capterra

Putting the responsibility on the parents to complete their children's profiles improved our complete health record rate. Previously, using paper health records, we had no way to track incomplete profiles, however we began Week 1 with 20% incomplete, but with each week and with mass communication tools you provided, the incomplete profile rate dropped and we averaged between 6 and 10% total. We estimate that this number is far less than any year using paper health records. Many parents were grateful for the ease of the online format, filling the information out from home or on their phones. Uploading through taking a picture with a smartphone was the most helpful tool in getting important forms from parents. Nolan, our account manager, was very responsive and always clarified the questions I had, or he worked quickly to find an answer or solution. He is one of the reasons our first year with CampDoc was as successful as it was.The health log allowed us to log a camper's name and reason for visit (automatically saved with a time stamp) helped us treat more kids in a more efficient manner. We would often return when the office was less active and complete the entries, and share them if necessary. I liked the ability to customize the entries for the drop down responses. I loved the eMAR. It gave our nurses confidence that we haven't missed any meds, that we were attending to each of the 5 Rs of medication administration. On paper, it was harder to see that the time was passing on a child's window of administration. With an eMAR screen left open, I was able to see exactly when I needed to call a counselor to bring in a child.

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Megan Magerko

This is the second year my camp has used the program.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-12
Review Source: Capterra

Consistency with the year before (previous campers), medical information at our fingertips, ability to sort in a variety of ways and pull lists from the sorts.Ease of use, eMAR is very well thought out (I know we aren't using it to it's fullest capacity, but we find it great for our needs, filters to narrow down specific populations are excellent and came in handy daily.

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Ryan Reed

You continue to "set the curve" with your features!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-21
Review Source: Capterra

Our account manager is great! She's always knowledgeable, helpful, and professional, and she's also fun and personable. It usually felt like I was reaching out to a friend for help. The eMAR is HUGE for us! In a perfect world, we would save money by using the Health Log and EHR in Camp Brain; however, they don't offer the eMAR, and that's a deal-breaker for us. It seems like most camp management softwares are integrating health modules, but yours is still so good that we're unwilling to switch. As long as you continue to "set the curve" with your features, you make it too hard for customers to stray.

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Kristi Tannahill

Great software and our parents loved it!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-07-28
Review Source: Capterra

I have only heard positives from our staff. Obviously, there was a learning curve and we had internet issues at our site, but after that things went smoothly. I had a question one day and reached out to your support staff. They responded quickly and with an easy to understand answer!Our director just sent out a summary of the parent questionnaires. There is one question on our eval form specifically about registration and here is what we heard back from our parents: Pre-camp Registration: Very easy to do; easy online; good - love online; very easy to access and complete; ok; online took some getting used to but was good - liked email reminders; easy; Awesome! Love the new online system - it made preparing for camp so much easier and smoother; it went fairly well; great; Love it! Pretty easy to work with and make payments; online registration was great! New software/company used for registration was very thorough and I loved knowing how complete/incomplete each section was. Also appreciated not bringing forms to camp registration day!; very easy; smooth; easy; online registration was great! So, as you can see, it went over well.

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  • Customizable health forms
  • Automated completion reminder emails
  • Pre-populated data
  • Electronic medication administration record
  • Real-time injury & illness analysis
  • Missed medication alerts
  • Custom reporting
  • Multiple format support
  • Profile reviewing
  • Internal notes
  • Note categorizing & prioritizing
  • Tags for internally-assigned items
  • Triage mode
  • Health log templates
  • Online registration
  • Credit card & electronic check processing
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Add-ons, discount coupons & donations
  • Payment plans
  • Refund processing
  • Customized confirmation emails
  • Balance reminder emails
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Optional add-ons, such as camp T-shirts or DVDs, can be included for families to order during registration, and families can also be offered the opportunity to make a donation.

Payment plans can be set up to allow families to pay off their balance over time, with customizable email confirmations and balance reminders.

Camper health forms can be pre-populated with data from previous years.

Automatic reminder emails can be sent to families if their camper health forms are incomplete, with users able to track bounced emails and see which emails have been opened.

The electronic medical administration record, or eMAR, enables users to document and track all medications given to staff or campers, and automatically alerts users if a camper’s medication is not administered.