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QuickBooks GoPayment

Mobile credit card processor

4.55/5 (31 reviews)

QuickBooks GoPayment overview

QuickBooks GoPayment is a payment management and mobile payment gateway allowing vendors to process credit card transactions via mobile application. The mobile payment platform uses a credit card reader plugin enabling users to processGoPayment amounts and request customer electronic signatures via a touch sensitive screen.

QuickBooks GoPayment also records offline payments to ensure your accounts are fully up to date and can email invoices as well as customizable receipts. The payment solution is fully integrable with QuickBooks and there are no customer charges.

QuickBooks GoPayment is a complete mobile payment gateway for small to medium sized businesses. The transaction software allows you to instantly process all major credit cards with a card reader plugin and mobile application. The app can also request a customer signature for additional security and can email or print receipts.

A complete transaction history can be viewed via the mobile application or by logging into the website. Here you have the option to re-send invoices/receipts and void charges. Reports are viewed in real-time and they can be automatically synchronized with QuickBooks with complete transparency.

QuickBooks GoPayment does not incur any ongoing payment subscription and you pay-as-you-go or upgrade to a premium account for a monthly fee. Your customer will not be required to pay any additional fees when processing transactions and you have the option to opt out of the solution as there are no long-term contracts.


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QuickBooks GoPayment reviews

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Nishawne Pristell

Works well

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

It's a really easy to use way to charge my clients and it interfaces nicely with my QuickbooksI have found this software easy to use. Customers like the interface though it keeps changing. The changes The changes tell me they are constantly trying to improve their product

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Catherine Rutherford

payment software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-13
Review Source: Capterra

we are still using this system and it's working great. We rarely have any problems and when we do they are solved quickly for us.This allowed our technicians to receive payment in the field and integrated nicely with Quick Books. It worked wonderfully for the most part.

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Laura Sarna

We use the Go Payment mobile app at work.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-15
Review Source: Capterra

Convenience, ease of use, fair pricing.What I like most about the Go Payment app is that in real-time it is easy to use. Comprehensive. It's great how it seamlessly integrates into QuickBooks online and then into our bank account.

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Nathan Sevrinus

Fast and easy credit card processing

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-29
Review Source: Capterra

I was using a set desktop solution before that had a long term commitment. This allowed us to take mobile payments anywhere we had a cell phone and get out of those long term contracts. Also it smoothly integrated into QuickBooks so it was a win-win for us.I has many options for taking a credit card payment. Plug in chip reader, take a picture of the card or a Bluetooth card reader is available. I like that it's month to month and if I don't use it I don't have to pay anything. It's simple and easy to integrate into quickbooks. It has a good back end that you can access from a computer to manage your payments and who is taking those payments.

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Rhiannon Rouyre

Simple and fast

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-14
Review Source: Capterra

Go payment is easy and fast to use. If you have the app on your phone or tablet and out doing business, you can charge a customer right there and then on the spot. You are able to swipe the card with the card reader or key it in manually. Once you take payment you have the option to send a receipt of the sale and get a signature from the customer for extra security. The software is well design and works flawlessly.

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QuickBooks GoPayment pricing

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Pay Monthly & Save
$20 per month
Swipe Rate: 1.6% Key Entered: 3.2% Transaction fee: $0.25

$0 per month
Swipe Rate: 2.4% Key Entered: 3.4% Transaction fee: $0.25

QuickBooks GoPayment features

Billing & Invoicing
Invoice Management
Invoice Processing

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Additional information for QuickBooks GoPayment

Key features of QuickBooks GoPayment

  • Free card reader
  • Personalized interface
  • Multiple users
  • Encrypted, secure scanner
  • View transaction history
  • Void charges, re-send receipts
  • Geolocation sales tax
  • Syncs with QuickBooks
  • Email invoicing
  • Create custom receipts
  • Video tutorials
  • No customer charges
  • Track offfline payments
  • No long-term contracts
  • Accepts all credit cards
  • ACH bank transfers
  • No setup fee
  • Free mobile application
  • Add business logo
  • Pay-as-you-go option
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- Free card reader and mobile application: QuickBooks GoPayment receive free mobile payment setup, a free card reader that plugs into your mobile device and a free mobile application which is completely customizable.

- Transaction history and reports: Either using the QuickBooks GoPayment mobile app or website login, you can view real-time reports and complete history of payments and invoices.

- Receipts and invoices: QuickBooks GoPayment allows you to email receipts and invoices as well as print them. You can also void charges and re-send payment details to customers should you need.

- Charges and fees: QuickBooks GoPayment does not incur any long-term contracts for vendors and you have the option to pay-as-you-go or subscribe to a more premium account with a monthly fee. Your customers are not faced with any additional charges per transaction,

- Personalized interface and invoicing: You have complete control over the design of the dashboard and you can add your company logo to receipts as well as to the payment interface. The platform is also fully integratable with QuickBooks.