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axCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax management service for retailers. It handles every aspect of sales tax, from collection to filing.


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CL Gillespie

Supper easy integration and amazing product compared to other services.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-19
Review Source: Capterra

Extremely cost efficient scalable sales tax processing and reporting that eliminated all burdensome sales tax matters. Sales tax is now easy. By voluntarily signing up to remit sales taxes in SSUTA states my business is indemnified against audit risks in those states. All sales tax functionality is simplified, and now is much more cost effective. The service has been completely re-engineered and is much improved. The new reporting and customer interface are superior to anything else on the market. I love not having to buy an expensive enterprise software solution. TaxCloud works seamlessly across multiple platforms and is designed to scale with my business needs. TaxCloud is a true very powerful cloud based system providing my business with a tremendous service that frees up valuable time and resources.

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Brynn Roberts

Calcuates tax great - pray you dont need tech support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-02-26
Review Source: Capterra

I love the ease of which it works when it works. But when you do need help it is virtually impossible to receive it timely.The ease of setting up an account and nexus.

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Jeffrey Kyle

Slow/Poor Customer Support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-30
Review Source: Capterra

We have liked how easy it is to calculate shipping in our WooCommerce store when their Simple Sales Tax plugin is not having compatibility issues.

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Brian Gustin

Cant integrate with Ebay , or cant find out how to.

Used other for free trial
Reviewed 2019-02-18
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, it would be a great solution, except the time-consuming registrations and expense required to get tax number for each state (those that are not in the Free list) , plus lack of eBay integration, We're seriously considering simply exiting the e-commerce business entirely. (Thank you SO much SCOTUS for that stupid ruling!) Seems simple to set up, I did find how to integrate with Amazon, Bonanza, and I was all excited to start using it... But then could not find any way to integrate with eBay platform despite finding the ebay connection logo... So it stopped right there - we never went live.

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Mario Winkelman

Sales department was enthusiastic. Software integrated well. Problems caused mayhem with no fix.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-06-12
Review Source: Capterra

The software took a time burden from my shoulders.Mostly the software runs seamlessly once it is set up correctly. Helps avoid expensive business costs.

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TaxCloud features

API (181 other apps)
Accounting Integration (125 other apps)
Accounting Management (122 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (124 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (111 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (87 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (126 other apps)
Compliance Management (87 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (97 other apps)
Data Import/Export (106 other apps)
Electronic Payments (114 other apps)
Expense Tracking (122 other apps)
Financial Analysis (85 other apps)
Invoice Management (174 other apps)
Invoice Processing (103 other apps)
Multi-Currency (106 other apps)
Real Time Data (109 other apps)
Receiving (94 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (137 other apps)
Third Party Integration (115 other apps)

Additional information for TaxCloud

Key features of TaxCloud

  • Calculates sales tax in real time for any location in the US
  • Automatically files sales tax returns for 24 states
  • Manages sales tax exemption certificates
  • Monthly state-by-state reports on sales tax collected
  • Monitors changes to tax rates
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