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Magpie Property Management


Property management tool for the hospitality sector

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Magpie Property Management Software is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses in the hospitality industry manage operations related to guests, bookkeeping, & reservations. Integrated with QuickBooks, Magpie allows users to handle payments, invoices & credits automatically.

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Hospitality property management and hostel management system

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NOBEDS is a hotel and hostel property management system with features such as reservation management, customized invoicing, a booking calendar, data reporting, customer service management, and more. The system also comes with a review monitoring platform to reward staff for positive reviews.

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Maximize Results,Minimize Efforts

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Aiosell is a hotel software that provides an all-in-one solution to automate all hotel services on one unified system for increased efficiency and reduced costs.It integrates 24X7 dynamic pricing along with a comprehensive suite of products that allows hoteliers to drive more customers year-round, g

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BugHotel Reservation System


Travel agent & tour operator platform

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BugHotel Reservation System is a B2B & B2C reservations management platform for travel agents, tour operators, DMCs and online travel agencies to manage availability, prices & bookings across multiple channels. The system is designed for small start-up property managers as well as large enterprises.

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A digital solution for hotel and guesthouse management

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Datahotel is a tool for the management and automation of hotel and inn operations. It is integrated with SNRHos (National Guest Registration System) and third-party booking portals, such as Take-off, Booking, and Trivago, through channel Manager.

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Cloud and web based Hotel Management Software Solution

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With ElektraWeb, many modules that are offered and sold separately at the market, such as CRM, task and channel management and online reservation engine are integrated with front office module and offered in one software. In addition, these are offered to hotels completely free of charge.

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Hospitality property management system for small hotels

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FCS CosmoPMS is a mobile-friendly hospitality property management system which enables small hotels to manage front desk & back of house operations efficiently

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FCS Voice


Voice and digital messaging solution for hotel businesses

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FCS Voice is a voice and digital messaging solution for hotels and resorts of all sizes, promising compatibility with major PABX and property management systems

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Hotel web design, booking engine and channel manager

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Guestcentric provides an all-in-one solution for digital marketing, website design, channel management & booking systems in the cloud.

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HMAX Software


Software for the management of Brazil-based hotels and inns

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HMAX Software is a management tool for Brazil-based hotels and hostels, which has a modular system for managing reception, reservations, customers, maintenance, finances, cleaning, events, sales, and more. The solution can be used on desktops or mobile devices for on-the-go task management.

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HS/3 Hotel Software


HS/3 streamlines administrative tasks for the hotel industry

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HS / 3 offers functions for performing typical administrative tasks in hotel settings. The manufacturer emphasizes the scalability of the solution, which can be used in hotels of all different sizes. Several versions and expansion modules are available for custom software applications.

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Hotel Wiz


Management tool for hotel businesses

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Hotel Wiz is software for the management of hotels and inns that allows centralized control of the occupancy schedule, arrival and departure of guests, and other business activities, in addition to generating performance reports and contributing to intelligent management.

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Group reservation technology for the hospitality industry

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Passkey GroupMAX offers group reservation to meeting planners organising meetings of all sized in numerous settings, from hotels & casinos, to visitor bureaus.

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Hospitality property management system with review analysis

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RezExpert is a web-based reservation and property management solution for hotels and hostels of all sizes that comes with an online reservation system, reviewing monitoring platform, POS system, and a housekeeping module. The software is mobile friendly and is supported through any web browser.

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Sami Hoteleiro


Hotel and inn management and administration solution

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Sami Hoteleiro is a property management software for hotels and inns based in Brazil. It provides users with an integrated platform, which provides tools to help streamline operations such as reservation management, stock control, occupancy tracking, and governance management.

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Hospitality property management for hotels and inns

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Silbeck is hotel management software designed to help hotels and inns manage reservations, finance, warehousing, checkout, and other processes. It enables administrators to manage company’s fiscal obligations and carry out marketing strategies on a unified interface.

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Hotel management software focused on routine operations

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Simpleshotel is a Brazilian hotel management solution that facilitates the administration of hotels and inns through a centralized platform. Businesses can track key metrics through panels and reports, which help with the monitoring of services and activities.

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Mobile & web-based maintenance and management platform

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Snapfix is a cloud-based platform designed to help professionals who manage and maintain buildings, facilities and equipment. Teams can report and resolve issues using photos, videos, messages and traffic lights.

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Software to streamline the organization of hotel operations

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VelHotel is user-friendly designed to help small to medium-sized accommodation facilities manage bookings, payments, and more. It streamlines the execution of administrative activities and facilitates daily recurring tasks in hotels.

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Hospitality Property Management system with booking engine

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Xenion is a web-based hospitality management solution for small to mid-size hotels and hostels that comes with a channel manager, booking engine, property management system, and automatic billing. The software is mobile-friendly and provides an outlet to manage multiple properties in one location.

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Zomato for Business


Hotel management & food delivery tool for restaurant owners

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Zomato for Business is designed to help organizations in the hospitality industry manage menu listings and customer reviews, track revenue, conduct sales analytics, and modify outlet information via a unified platform. The application allows restaurant owners to receive automated notifications for customer’s check-ins, reviews, and photos in real-time.

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Enterprise resource planning for the hospitality industry

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ZugaCloud (ERP) software for the hospitality industry. The platform offers control of hospitality management processes including reservations, deposits, proposals, sales reports, inventories, floor plans, and scheduling.

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