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Recruiterbox overview

Small businesses, HR departments & Startups use Recruiterbox to take the pain out of their hiring because:

1) Because email & spreadsheets are inefficient:

If you use email to receive applications, you know how tedious it is to download and open each attached resume. Nor can you search in attachments. Spreadsheets and folders are also messy beyond a point.

With Recruiterbox, all candidate information is gathered and made searchable at one place.

2) Because it saves time:

Most of the time in hiring is spent in emailing candidates, assigning people to interview them, or simply finding a candidate from a pile.

Recruiterbox helps you minimize the time spent on these administrative tasks. Spend less time "managing" hiring and more time actually hiring by automatically organizing your forwarded attachments on its platform. No more opening resume attachments in email.

3) Because it helps you work as a team:

Hiring involves discussion & sharing candidate evaluations, scheduling interviews and delegating tasks.

Recruiterbox lets you easily assign tasks to team members, schedule interviews, share all reviews and communication around a candidate.

Recruiting is hard. Recruiterbox can make it easier.


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Recruiterbox reviews

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Igor Romanov

A great tool for managing applicants, interviews

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-28
Review Source: Capterra

We were able to completely streamline our recruitment process.I use Recruiterbox for many years, almost since their very first version. This software came a long way and became a very powerful ATS. - Recruiterbox can parse attached CVs and extract information about applicant, skills experience etc. This makes CVs searchable by these texts. - You can configure custom workflow for every opening and define steps of your hiring process, outcomes. There are special steps for interviews and reviews, you can setup coordinator and actual interviewers. - Recruiterbox can sync with Google Calendar and create appointments for interviews. - You can communicate with candidates right from RB, configure templates to send responses like rejection letters etc. - Many other features... frankly I think it has just about everything recruiting / HR team may want.

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Taylor Monson

RB is a great price for what it offers, but could use some improvements.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-29
Review Source: Software Advice

Recruiterbox is still a great Applicant Tracking System (ATS), especially for how affordable it is. However, I've found I was much happier with the system 1 year ago than I am using it right now and hope they remove some of the "busy-ness" from the interface. - Extremely affordable for smaller and mid-sized companies - Ability to allow multiple users have access to the same application in order to keep track of where they are in our process. - Constantly implementing updates (sometimes a con as well) - Pretty intuitive and easy to use for the most part

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Bree Sarlati

How did we ever survive before Recruiterbox!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-23
Review Source

I was hired on to provide recruiting backup, and when I covered for our recruiter one holiday last fall, I was shocked and horrified at the chaos of trying to manage everything via email. I started shopping around for the right ATS immediately. I tried out probably 8 or so systems, going round in circles with other vendors about walk throughs and limited trials and so forth. Recruiterbox had none of this...which was an amazing thing! No annoying calls from sales people. No limitations on the trial, which was an incredibly smart tactic on their part, because we ended up selecting the "Ferrari" of subscriptions and never looked back. It's like they trust that their product can stand on its own merits, and they don't need a sales team to harass you every few days. We really wonder sometimes how we could accomplish what we do now without the aid of Recruiterbox. A coworker recently asked me if I was in RB so I could look up a candidate. My response: "I LIVE in Recruiterbox." All day, every day, wouldn't have it any other way.Hugely, endlessly adaptable to your specific processes. We're a temporary staffing company, and with some creative thinking and detailed questions to the support folks, we have created an exquisite database and invaluable tool. The technical support team is unlike anything our office has ever experienced from a vendor. We wish every support team could be even half as good as them. Immediately responsive, genuinely want to help solve whatever weird problem you're having. Their follow up if an issue that is not resolved to their satisfaction is astounding. I've received two and three follow up emails, them double and triple checking that everything is working fine now. They are always striving to grow and improve their product (we love being "pioneers"!!). Best part? Cost wise, even with the "Ferrari" subscription, their prices beat almost every other competitor. For those needing old-school peace of mind, this package also offers monthly, downloadable data backups. We feel totally safe in their hands. Love the job board syndication. Such a great added value. Also easy to customize and add the job feed to your own website via a quick piece of code.

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Stacey Smith

No competition

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-06-28
Review Source: Capterra

The #1 reason I have recommended Recruiterbox in the past and will continue to do so in the future is the unprecedented support they provide. Any time we have had an issue or a question or concern, their team has been lighting fast to provide the needed support. The staff at Recruiterbox make us feel as if we are their only client, and in today¿s marketplace, that is rare, indeed! It sounds simple, but it this platform just makes sense. We all know how fast-paced recruiting is, and the ability to learn the software without losing momentum was a huge benefit. The time invested setting everything up on the front end was quickly recovered with all of the time saving features from resume parsing, candidate tracking, email templates, and more. And as our staff has grown, training new users on the software is a breeze.

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Bertold Kolics

This Tool Makes Hiring w/ Many Candidates A Breeze

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-03
Review Source: Capterra

Hiring for intern positions require us to sift through dozens of resumes. Bulk upload feature is a blessing as the tool can parse PDFs and populate profiles automatically. We love the integration capabilities and it was a breeze to add the job listings to our website. It is great that we do not have to request the website team to update the list of openings manually anymore. Receiving applications directly into the tool reduces the manual effort put into processing the applications. Configurable workflows are helpful. E-mail templates make communication with candidates super easy. Customer support is fantastic - majority of the time the resolution of an issue takes only a few hours.Easy integration into your website Applications go directly into RecruiterBox Bulk upload of PDF resumes Managing hiring process using custom workflows E-mail templates are time-savers

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Recruiterbox users pay monthly, on a subscription basis. There are no long-term contracts, or large sunk costs.

Recruiterbox features

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Activity Dashboard (162 other apps)
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Key features of Recruiterbox

  • Accepts resumes in any format: HTML, word, open office, text
  • Import resumes directly from email
  • Search candidates
  • Create & manage multiple openings
  • Customizable hiring workflow
  • Candidate notes
  • Process management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Job application management
  • Applications management
  • Human resource integration
  • Custom landing pages
  • Jobs board
  • Workflow management
  • Employee profile
  • Data mapping
  • Resume parsing
  • Project notes
  • Interview scheduling
  • Data filtering
  • Filtered views
  • Search functionality
  • Tagging
  • Summary reports
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Visual analytics
  • Recruiting management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Feedback collection
  • Customizable questions
  • Custom forms
  • Referral source tracking
  • Import / export data
  • Duplicate detection
  • Email notifications
  • Productivity reporting
  • Permission management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Calendar management
  • Customizable templates
  • Auto-responders
  • Widgets
  • Third party integration
  • Progress tracking
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