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Peer-to-peer recognition platform that engages employees

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Our 98% user adoption rate has proven that our platform is loved. Our customers have proven that our platform works.

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Reward Gateway


Employee engagement and recognition platform for enterprises

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Reward Gateway is a cloud-based employee engagement platform, which assists large enterprises with employee reward and recognition. Key features include peer-to-peer nominations, award delivery, communications, survey creation, benefits administration, push notifications and live alerts.

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Peer to Peer Recognition, Employee Engagement and Rewards

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Kudos is an Employee Recognition Software designed to engage your teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, and engagement throughout your company.

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Employee recognition software for the financial sector

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Teamo is a web-based employee recognition platform designed to help businesses in the finance and insurance sector recognize and reward employees for multiple achievements in the workplace. The software enables administrators to conduct surveys or polls and share the responses on social boards to engage staff members.

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Peer to peer motivation, recognition and rewards platform.

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Bucketlist is an employee recognition and awards platform that allows employees to earn points for good performance, then redeem these for rewards & experiences

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Simple recognition programs to shape great culture

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Inspire great employee performance!

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SaaS employee recognition and rewards solution

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Fond is a SaaS employee recognition solution designed to help employees redeem corporate perks or rewards and share achievements with team members. The application allows HR teams to create service award catalogs for employees, track their work anniversaries, and award commemorative trophies.

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Employee recognition and rewards that make work fun.

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Bonusly is a fun, personal recognition and rewards program that enriches your company culture and improves employee engagement.

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Helping companies drive culture through employee recognition

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Social Recognition
Peer to Peer Recognition
Spot Awards
Service Awards
Microsoft Teams, Slack and HRIS Integrations
Global Awards

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360 Recognition


360-degree employee recognition platform

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Service Awards, manager-driven recognition, peer-to-peer recognition, social recognition, incentives and more - all from one easy-to-use app.

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Sales performance management tool

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SalesScreen is a web-based sales performance management platform designed to improve employee focus, motivation & productivity through gamification, competitions, milestone tracking, recognition, and real-time data visualization. Native apps for Android & iOS keep employees connected from anywhere.

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Integrated Performance Mgmt & Social Recognition Platform

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Comprehensive Rewards & Recognition platform that is integrated with Competencies, Skills, Values & Performance Goals to enable 'Meaningful Recognition'

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Applauz Recognition


Employee recognition & engagement software

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Applauz Recognition is a free, cloud-based employee engagement and recognition platform for small & medium-sized businesses, which also offers a rewards catalog

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Lanteria HR


SharePoint and Office 365 HR System

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Lanteria HR is a SharePoint HR management solution which covers recruiting, time & attendance tracking, performance management, training, and more.

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360 Employee Recognition & Rewards

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Nectar is an employee recognition and rewards platform designed to help distributed workforces reinforce great work. Only pay for ACTIVE users, NO contracts, NO implementation fees.

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Xoxoday Empuls


Employee engagement solutions for medium to large companies

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Xoxoday Empuls is a cloud-based solution designed to help HR personnel automate processes related to team communication, continuous feedback, & employee rewards. It lets users share ideas, daily tasks, updates, & more with team members in order to facilitate collaboration across the organization.

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Cloud-based employee reward and recognition platform

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Empower your employees to drive your company culture and successes with meaningful and timely peer-to-peer recognitions.

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Mo Software


Culture defining moments

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Mo is an app to share experiences worth celebrating at work.

The highs and lows, the victories and the learnings. Meaningful moments have the power to connect people, improve engagement and create a culture that improves performance. We do this through recognition, reward and employee ideas.

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Vantage Circle


Cloud-based employee engagement and benefits platform

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Automate and simplify your employee rewards and recognition program with Vantage Rewards easy-to-use cloud-based solution. Its unique points based awarding system and on-spot recognition makes sure that every exemplary effort in your organisation gets noticed!

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Everyone's Favorite All-in-One Social HR Software

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Employee Badges, Wall of Fame, Employee of the Month, Promotions and much more makes WebHR a unique Social HR platform for employees recognition

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AI-powered surveys and agile performance management

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Winningtemp boosts job satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity by monitoring employee performance and engagement with real time AI powered surveys.
The AI-enabled platform provides businesses with insight into employee issues, growth opportunities, and long-term development plans.

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Performance Management Software for High Performance Teams

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Performance Management platform built for High Performance Teams. 360 Performance Appraisals, 1on1 Feedback, Goal Management and Social Praise.

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Spinify Lively Leaderboards: Gamification Made Easy

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Spinify encourages a recognition culture through leaderboards that provide visibility into performance. Points, badges and personalized celebrations are used to reward staff for meeting and exceeding goals. Being productive and having fun no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

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Tasks, Time, Attendance & Scheduling Management Solution

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honeybeeBase is a cloud-based employee management solution which covers task management, employee scheduling, attendance management, time tracking, communication, file sharing, and more

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OKR based modern Agile Performance Management System

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PossibleWorks is not just another agile PMS. Aligns team performance to organizational priorities driven by individual competences.

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