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Nonprofit CRM Software with Fundraising & Membership Tools

4.45/5 (375 reviews)

NeonCRM overview

Raise more, save time, and get things done with a nonprofit CRM platform that works for your needs. The majority of our staff comes from a nonprofit background — we've been in your shoes and we built a database to fix your problems.

With all your data and tools in one place, you'll save time and be able to focus on the work that really matters. Create online forms, engage donors, plan events, manage members, track volunteers, and get insights from built-in key metrics dashboards — all in just clicks.

Join the thousands of organizations that use NeonCRM to manage their fundraising, membership, events, and websites. Pricing starts as low as $50/month.


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NeonCRM screenshot: Build real relationships with your supporters by tracking their information, communications, and interactions with your organization.A Focus on What Really MattersNeonCRM screenshot: Manage your fundraising campaigns from start to finish — and get insights from built-in reports so you can improve your strategy and raise more in the future. NeonCRM screenshot: Engage your audience and reach new people with robust account segmentation, and a built-in marketing/communications suite. NeonCRM screenshot: Create beautiful, fully-branded online forms that fit the look and feel of your website. NeonCRM screenshot: Use Neon's online form templates to quickly build an optimized, fully-branded form — built around nonprofit online form best practices. NeonCRM screenshot: Raise more with a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that turns your donors into fundraisers! Create personal or team pages to raise more for your cause.

NeonCRM reviews

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Shauna Libsack

Appears to have good functionality but the proof is in the details.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-26
Review Source: Software Advice

We chose this software because it appeared to be able to do everything we needed it to. However, when getting into it more fully we consistently run into obstacles.Good database function, automated emails, customized reporting.

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T.  Kebo Drew

NeonCRM is just what we needed.

Reviewed 2016-02-25
Review Source: Software Advice

From the beginning, their customer service was outstanding. In our research phase to find a new CRM vendor, we contacted at least 1 dozen different companies. We provided the sales people with an extensive list that outlined the data that we collect, as well as our database needs. Some companies looked at the list and upfront said that they couldn't provide what we needed. Others never bothered to contact us at all. Most sad, the fundraising software/donation processing company that we've been with for more than a decade never contacted us to let us know about their new services, they only increased our annual fees and decreased functionality. So NeonCRM emerged as one of our top choices very early on. Best yet, in talking to their sales person, and now our account manager, as well as their data consultants, they work with us to discuss and figure out solutions. For example, for many years we have used our database as a way to check of tasks in the data collection process. NeonCRM helped us to figure out if we needed a combination of data points or a process document to ensure that all of our users entered consistent information. That kind of collaboration and solution-based thinking has been immensely helpful. More so, given that we have planned for our data migration to happen over 2 years, with specific benchmarks. It feels like NeonCRM will be there with us all the way. One of our Board members is an engineer, and the way that NeonCRM does consultation allowed us to invite our Board member and our web site builder and designer into the meetings. That way we could all learn and develop solutions at the same time. Best yet, we've been able to work with NeonCRM staff, from sales to data consultants, who actually understood arts nonprofits, so they understand what to do with our earned income. Other companies were best for health or educational nonprofits, or advocacy & policy nonprofits, or some other kind of nonprofit. To have a team that understands the work that we do, the size of our organizations, the ways that our events function, and is willing to work with us to meet our needs (instead of trying to cram us into their system), made all the difference.

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Holly butterfield

Good program, but reporting is less intuitive than I'd like.

Reviewed 2015-05-01
Review Source: Software Advice

The software has a lot of really useful features, like email blasts and the reports are really customizable.

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Sheri Krumm

Neon, an elegant solution

Reviewed 2014-09-02
Review Source: Software Advice

I have had my NeonCRM system now for about four months, and what I love the most about it is probably its elegance. It's like the designers sat in my office, watched me work, and then designed a system that would not only take care of the many things I need when working with our donors, but also thought of a whole lot more! The system is very comprehensive, and while it is quite large and will take many more months to completely master, it is consistent. This consistency throughout makes it relatively easy to learn to work, even in the beginning.

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Kate Schlegel

Reviewed 2013-11-04
Review Source: Software Advice

If your experience is anything like mine was, you are currently struggling with outdated software. You are having to maintain multiple databases manually in order to do all the things that are standard operating procedures in these fast-paced days, and you are working on a shoestring budget with a great but stretched staff. For me, this is where Neon came in to help us. Is it perfect. No. Of course not. Unless you have a zillion dollars to house your own tech department you are unlikely to find absolute perfection. Is Neon, in my opinion, the closest thing to perfect for a non-profit organization? Yes! Why do I think that? 1) Technology upgrades every 18 months (at the longest) which is almost impossible for a non-profit to keep up with while remaining competitive within today's business world. Neon is an ever-evolving system that shares functionality with all Neon clients; your membership database is always up-to-date with new innovations appearing and available to be customized to meet your needs for reasonable pricing (unlike other systems that, in my experience, started customization at around $25,000 a piece). 2) When hosting our own CRM on-site, we were responsible for maintaining our server; with an aging server and without a hardware specialist on staff, our data was always at risk, even though it was backed up. With Neon, our system is now a cloud-based system, leaving the hardware support to the experts at Neon. This was not only a worry off our backs but also a fiscal savings. 3) In order to keep up to date, we were maintaining multiple databases. We had our member database, our event database, our website member-only database, and our email database. This doesn't include the QuickBooks upkeep and our area membership lists that had to be maintained and exported separately on a monthly basis. Needless to say, this ate up a lot of time and was susceptible to human error. With Neon, everything was in one place (Please note we chose to use Neon's email because another service would mean we once again would have to import/export data and not have the tracking material on the records where we wanted them). This was a huge benefit. Having everything available in one place freed up our staff to work on other projects and spend time on long-term strategic planning as opposed to just working in the moment. 4) With our old system, we were the experts. We were all alone. If we wanted customer service, the vendor could sort of help but the service teams wouldn't take time to understand the way we were using the system and could only provide generic answers. With Neon, we have experts at the end of a chat or a phone call (depending on your needs and service package) who can log into your system, see what you are seeing, and team with you to find an answer to your issues. 5) With our old system, our volunteers and members had limited abilities and options available to them. With Neon, our volunteers and members have a greater level of interaction with their own records, as well as with each other. So with all that said, my overall advice is get Neon. But when you do jump in also be realistic and patient with both Neon and your staff. Remember change is always hard. Expect that the transfer of data will be stressful. Expect that the first six months will include hiccups. Expect that in a year you will be an expert in NEON. Expect that your "sophomore" year experience will make it all worthwhile.

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The NeonCRM serves everything from smaller nonprofits and associations just getting started to well-established organizations with a long history of service that are in desperate need of upgrading to a high-functioning, accessible database that integrates directly with their website. With a very competitive monthly subscription model and many one-time set up options, the NeonCRM is priced to fit any nonprofit or association's budget.

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Additional information for NeonCRM

Key features of NeonCRM

  • Powerful Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Website/Form Integration & Web Design Services
  • Fundraising, Donor & Donation Tracking
  • Association, Membership & Member Join/Renew Dues Tracking
  • Events, Event Registration & Attendee Tracking
  • Powerful Custom Reporting, Querying & Dashboard
  • Communications, Emails, Mailings, Auto-Emails, Receipts
  • Social, Peer-to-Peer, Team Fundraising
  • Mobile Secure Forms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad)
  • Recurring & Scheduled Payment Processing
  • Custom Website Form & Survey Builder
  • Online eCommerce Store & Digital Download Center
  • Volunteer & Constituent Tracking
  • Document Management Center
  • Quick Books Integration & Financial Reporting Export
  • MailChimp Email Integration
  • Dynamic Secure Donation, Membership, Event, Product Forms
  • Merchant Account Services, Credit Card, eCheck Processing
  • Constituent/Donor/Member Login Portal
  • Unlimited User License (No limit to number of users)
  • API & Customization
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Cut down on data entry by tracking all constituent data in one place.
Build real relationships with your supporters by tracking their information and interactions.
Manage fundraising campaigns from start to finish.
Create beautiful, fully-branded online forms that integrate seamlessly with your website.
Keep members engaged with a custom member login portal on your website.
Get key insights and metrics from built-in reports.