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Self Storage Software

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storEDGE Management Software logo

Mobile self storage management software

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storEDGE is an all-in-one self storage solution that helps users manage their business seamlessly from anywhere in the world with cloud access control tools, online rentals, and websites. Manage tasks throughout the day, access and edit important lead information, generate detailed reports & more.

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Easy Storage Solutions logo

Storage Simplified.

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Easy Storage Solutions provides self-storage management software for small to medium-sized storage facilities.

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TenantCloud logo

Rental property accounting & management software

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TenantCloud is a rental property accounting & management software with landlord & tenant portals to manage rent collection and payments, communication, and more

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Storage Commander Cloud logo

More Features. Less Cost. Cross-Platform Storage Software.

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Storage Commander Cloud is a scalable, cross-platform facility management software for self storage companies with a built-in CRM, reporting, letter editor, secure data ownership and more. Integrates with all major self-storage technology providers without the extra cost of our competition!

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Innago logo

Manage Rentals Better. For Free. Start Saving Time & Money.

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Innago is a free, easy-to-use property management software solution, designed to save you time & money. Start managing rentals better today.

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Unit Trac logo

Mobile-friendly self storage management system

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Unit Trac is a cloud-based self storage management solution for owners/operators, that allows users to manage their facility from anywhere, at anytime

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Yardi Breeze logo

Refreshingly simple property management software

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Yardi Breeze is refreshingly simple property management software that puts you in charge of marketing and managing your entire portfolio from anywhere. For advanced features such as automated invoice processing, job costing, premium property websites and more, check out Yardi Breeze Premier.

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DoorLoop logo

The highest-rated property management software

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All-in-one property management software that helps property managers and owners make more money, get organized, and grow.

Simplify your property management business with easy-to-use, secure, and reliable software.

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SiteLink Web Edition logo

Online self-storage management software solution

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SiteLink Web Edition is cloud-based self-storage management software for single and multi-store operators, integrating with websites, accounting software + more

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6Storage logo

#1 SME Self Storage Management Software & Gate Access System

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6Storage provides
+ Customization of the software the way you want
+ Integration of Payment/Accounts/Language as per your preference
+ SEO Optimized Website with Online Bookings
+ Intutive 3D Space Calculator
+ 24/7 handholding, Technical and business assistance
+ Premium Mobile App [Apple/Android]

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RentRedi logo

Property management software with applicant screening

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RentRedi is a property management software that helps landlords automatically collect rent payments, screen applicants, list properties, sign leases, & track repairs. Tenants can set up automatic payments, report their on-time rent payments to credit bureaus, sign leases, and submit repair requests.

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CCStorage logo

No-cost managment software for self-storage property owners

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CCStorage is no-cost signup self-storage software that allows owners to organize their self-storage property and manage units, customers, leases, payments and invoices in a single solution.

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Mini-Manager logo

We know SIMPLE!

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Mini Manager is a unique self storage software product focusing on small family owned facilities.
Our simple design contains all the features you need and none that you don't.

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Storeganise logo

Modern software for valet & self storage

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Storeganise is a modern software solution powering valet and self-storage businesses of all sizes all over the world.

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Common Areas logo

Productivity software for multi-location real estate firms

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Productivity Everywhere -- Unite your people, properties and processes with software tailored to your unique multi-location operations.

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Tredds Self Storage Software logo

Windows-based self storage management software

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Tredds Self Storage Software is a Windows-based software that helps organizations manage customers, process payments, archive data, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to maintain a customer database and manage search or filter operations based on name, phone numbers, unit ID, and customer ID.

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StoragePug logo

Websites that work. Made for self storage.

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Attract more tenants and rent more units with made-for-storage websites, online tools, and data dashboards.

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Stora logo

All-in-one self storage web sales & facility management

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As an all-in-one online solution, Stora replaces the 5+ tools it would typically take to run a Self Storage business online, in a similar way that Shopify does for retail businesses.We provide all the tools you need to sell online today, with or without an existing website. Plus a lot more to help you manage, automate and grow your business.

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DomicoCloud logo

Cloud-based self-storage business management tool

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DomicoCloud is a business management solution designed to help self storage companies manage processes related to accounting, payments, & more. It allows facility managers to communicate with tenants via email or text, & store all conversations in their accounts on a centralized platform.

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WebSelfStorage logo

Web-based, fully integrated management software

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WebSelfStorage is a facility management solution for self-storage businesses, which offers online advertising and reservations, automated customer payments, tenant insurance, and more. The software can be accessed from any web-enabled device, allowing users to manage their facility from anywhere.

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Velocity Go logo

Strategic ally in the logistics of your eCommerce

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Integrated modular software for logistics management (WMS, OMS and TMS)

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MRI Commercial Management logo

Web-based commercial property management solution

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MRI Commercial Management is tailored specifically to the commercial property management industry. Placed on the all-inclusive, secure alloy platform, CM incorporates many of the daily tasks related to commercial property management. Real-time data gives users a better understanding of their assets, properties, and tenants, allowing them to quickly make business decisions that are in the best interest of their company.

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Storman logo

Self-storage management software with payment integration

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Storman is a self-storage management software designed to help businesses monitor storage facilities, receive payments, manage leads, and streamline reservations and bookings. It lets teams manage and store all paperwork electronically, which can be accessed from multiple locations.

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Tenant logo

Cloud-based self storage solution

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Tenant offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences for self-storage businesses of all sizes. The platform is modular, allowing businesses to select the specific tools that best suit their needs.

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PropertyZar logo

Real estate property management

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PropertyZar is a web-based property management software for property managers and landlords with all portfolios sizes. It offers functionality for managing tenants, leases, payments, assets, maintenance, inspections, applicants, and more from one online portal.

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