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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Server and Website Monitoring Tool

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring overview

Uptime Cloud Monitoring server and application performance monitoring provides affordable, simple, smart, and fast insight into your cloud, on-premises, or hybrid systems; websites; web applications; and services to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues. Uptime Cloud Monitoring holistic dashboard updates in seconds (not minutes) and reveals details that help uncover previously hidden information and resolve problems before they arise.


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George Hynes

Is CopperEgg worth it?

Reviewed 2014-07-26
Review Source: GetApp

CopperEgg is a cloud computing systems management company based out of Austin, Texas. CopperEgg provinces a family of Software as a Service (SaaS) based cloud monitoring services for public and private cloud environments. These services include Server monitoring, Website monitoring, and Web application monitoring that track system and application performance, and alerts on and helps troubleshoot system and application issues. CopperEgg software products integrate into public cloud providers such as Amazon EC2 and Rackspace. CRN Magazine included the company on its list of 10 hot new cloud startups to watch in 2011. And in 2013, the company was recognized with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation within Cloud Monitoring Solutions. The company offers both a free version and a paid version of their software. CopperEgg is in one of the best pieces of monitoring software I have come across. It seperates itself from the rest if the market because of how in-depth it’s monitoring is. It also has a brilliant web interface which provides both graphical and text-based views of servers. It has several different types of server monitoring, it also monitors web apps and gather performance of any specified web app. While it isn’t cheap it is well worth every dime because the insight it provides in to your services and websites is enough to redeem it’s cost in preventing lost revenue by making sure websites and services stay online.Brilliant Indepth Statistics Uber easy to use Nice User Interface

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Server and Website Monitoring Tool

Jason Sobell

Now an unethical company... lock up your credit cards!

Reviewed 2015-11-09
Review Source: GetApp

Well, after 5 years of using the CopperEgg services to monitor five key servers, we found a week ago that they've been charging us $150 for the same service we paid $70 previously. Looking at their free structure, they 'transferred' us from our old package to one with almost double times the capacity at over double the cost. They also have a 'pay per use' option, and on that system we would be billed half of the amount. But, then again, why behave reasonably when you can fleece your customer for an additional $463 over 4 months? When we approached them about this they refused to refund the difference, so now we're having to chase with the card companies to have this registered as a fraudulent charge. What a shame that such a good system is marred by such blatant greed and inappropriate response. We were happy to have the overcharge transferred to credit, but the answer was still no. We all have to *trust* the providers we deal with, and it appears the new setup of CopperEgg is not trustworthy, so buyer beware! We're now field testing DataDog and Stackify. Similar features, and hopefully a more honest organization.Good system, ticks most of the boxes

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Server and Website Monitoring Tool


Nice NOC view - they are WAY too proud of it.

Reviewed 2015-10-07
Review Source: GetApp

I've used CopperEgg for 4 years and been very happy with them. Original developers have left and CopperEgg has been bought. Since being acquired, they've implemented price increases that are absolutely staggering. I originally paid right at $28/month for CE. At the end of the first year, they had a price increase to $30. Fine. A year later, they wanted to go up to $70. I fought back and got them to accept $50. Then, this summer, they've decided to increase their price their price over 500% !!! From $50/month to almost $300/month. That's absolutely insane. I've appealed - they simply don't care. That's fine. They're fired.Nice interface. After tweaking to get the look you want for your NOC, it is a good piece of eye candy for management.

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Server and Website Monitoring Tool

Adi Glasman

Monitoring Internal & External (Cloud) servers & Services

Reviewed 2014-08-25
Review Source: GetApp

As TabTale's DevOps manager one of my missions is 0 down time on production & development servers. i've been searching for an application that will perform monitoring on our servers and alert. CooperEgg is amazing! we have set it up in a ridiculous time of couple of minutes to all our servers and we are talking about more then 30 servers. the dashboard and alert setting is very easy to use and customise.easy to use easy to configure Dashboard items are very useful and look&feel is great

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Server and Website Monitoring Tool


great solution for monitoring systems in the cloud

Reviewed 2014-02-26
Review Source: GetApp

Overall, CopperEgg is a great solution for monitoring systems in the cloud. There is no management console to constantly re-configure, as server instances are constantly brought up and taken down, the agent code is lightweight and very easy to install, and all metrics are available in real time rather than via a scheduled task such as Munin. Since we make heavy use of Amazon EC2, it’s great to have a monitoring solution that basically requires only an agent install.only an agent install metrics are available in real time

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Server and Website Monitoring Tool

Uptime Cloud Monitoring pricing

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Monitor your cloud environment with monthly packages from $0.08 to $16 per element.

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring

Uptime Cloud Monitoring Pricing Reviews

  • Good system, ticks most of the boxes
  • Ease of use Pricing Visibility into our EC2 instances
  • Brilliant Indepth Statistics Uber easy to use Nice User Interface
  • easy to use easy to configure Dashboard items are very useful and look&feel is great
  • See full review. They're money-grubbing worms. I've fired them.
  • Pricing is not for the faint hearted although well worth every dime
  • price - because of the price we might consider implementing the same idea with open source tools. in the long term it does make sense.
  • Immoral and greedy company with no interest in goodwill. I suspect they may soon become one of those companies with widely recognized reputation for ripping off their existing customers.
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Uptime Cloud Monitoring features


Access Control (79 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (122 other apps)
Activity Tracking (69 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (61 other apps)
Application Integration (69 other apps)
Auditing (82 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (104 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (68 other apps)
Data Import/Export (84 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (86 other apps)
Projections (64 other apps)
Real Time Data (80 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (87 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (65 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (78 other apps)
SSL Security (70 other apps)
Third Party Integration (122 other apps)
Workflow Management (74 other apps)

Mobile apps

iOS App

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Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

GetApp Analysis

Monitoring your servers, alongside the applications and databases that run on them, is perhaps the most important job for IT operations teams. And it’s a job that never ends: 24/7. CopperEgg is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool that provides organizations with the ability to quickly and easily monitor their servers, Amazon cloud resources, websites, web applications and databases. By processing billions of records each day, CopperEgg enables its users to react quickly when issues arise that may affect their integrated business applications and processes.

Designed and priced for mid-market IT professionals, CopperEgg bridges the gap between development and operations departments. The cloud monitoring service is used by more than 650 businesses worldwide, including major organizations like Thomson Reuters, The Climate Corporation, and Alcatel-Lucent.

What is Uptime Cloud Monitoring?

CopperEgg is a production-ready server and application performance-monitoring tool. The cloud-based platform offers its users agent-level performance details, but doesn’t charge the fees that most executives expect to pay for APM tools. To keep costs low, CopperEgg utilizes an elastic pricing model, along with out-of-the-box monitoring that includes unified dashboards, “smart” alerts, and reporting tools for hybrid environments.

CopperEgg allows IT operations teams to deliver on customer promises by giving them the necessary tools to improve operational efficiencies and decrease the time they spend troubleshooting everyday websites and server errors. CopperEgg also helps reduce application downtime.

Essential monitoring capabilities fall into four main categories: server monitoring, Amazon Cloud monitoring, database monitoring, and website and application monitoring. These capabilities provide users with the tools they need to identify and react to performance issues in real-time. By taking the complex nature of today’s IT infrastructures into account, CopperEgg has created a system that is able to replicate the requirements of unique web environments.

Who is Uptime Cloud Monitoring for?

As more businesses run on web applications, the need for APM tools will continue to expand. Currently, CopperEgg is built for any mid-market company that needs to identify and react to the infrastructure issues that impact basic business applications and processes. CopperEgg’s unique pricing structure, which utilizes an on-demand model, is useful for organizations working with elastic infrastructures and limited budgets.

More specifically, CopperEgg is a tool that is most frequently used by IT professionals and in-house teams. The solution bridges the gap between development an operations departments, as in, DevOps. CopperEgg may be used by anyone concerned with application, website, or server performance, but additionally can be used in read-only view for anyone who wants visibility.

Main features

Create “smart” alerts

CopperEgg’s “smart” alerting rules are created once, and then automatically applied to additional servers in the future. As an organization expands, and the number of servers it uses increases, these smart alerts end up saving IT professionals time by helping them avoid having to set up the same alerts for multiple cases.

To receive custom performance threshold alerts, CopperEgg requires users to tag their web servers. Once this process is complete, users may receive alerts by location, type, or customer. They can also configure redundant alert notifications through email, SMS, Twitter DM, Campfire, PagerDuty, and HipChat.

See your infrastructure in a unified dashboard: Servers both physical and in the cloud

Consolidated dashboards provide users with a fast way to get an overview of total app and website performance. They also allow users to analyze Apdex, AJAX, response time, and load times. IT professionals are able to see every element in their infrastructures, regardless of whether those elements are in the cloud or on-premises.

By adding widgets to their dashboards, users can review mini timelines, single values, and lists of values. Unified dashboards are a place to connect all of a user’s websites, applications, and web service issues directly to the associated server processes. Potential issues are flagged using a color-coded health monitoring system.

Probes and Tags

Defining a new probe is analogous to monitoring a specific URL or IP:port. Users are able to select from a number of choices with their testing servers, and CopperEgg will test for every single cycle from its global test stations. CopperEgg can be set to update as frequently as every 15 seconds, but can be adjusted for longer durations.

Using tags to help identify your servers is very easy in CopperEgg. The ability to tag services with multiple tags allows you to correlate performance data to specific, user defined groups. By using tags to group servers and probes you can easily filter widgets, unify views, and customize alerts. For additional configuration information on the probe, users should click the “details” button.

Monitor servers in real-time

CopperEgg brings on-premise and hybrid cloud servers together and provides deep server performance details. Using this feature enables IT professionals to keep their websites up while they’re testing for performance, and resolve temporary capacity issues without bringing their servers down.

To use CopperEgg’s server monitoring feature, users are required to install the solution onto their desktops. Once that installation is complete, CopperEgg can begin collecting data on a large-scale. Users can also sign-up to receive alerts about the health of their web issues based on APDEX.

Track vital signs with color-coded system

Color-coded widgets and heat maps serve as a quick way for CopperEgg users to know at a glance if their systems are running smoothly, experiencing issues, or down altogether. Using a green, yellow, and red coloring system, CopperEgg tracks server vital signs.

Cloud heat maps are available for Starter and Custom paid plans. They save users time by relying on pre-configured metrics and dashboards. This gives IT professionals a more “holistic” view of the health of their websites, servers, and apps.


CopperEgg offers users the option to connect the performance monitoring tool with the business applications they already use through built-in integrations or an open API. Rather than competing against business apps designed for server monitoring and custom metrics, CopperEgg compliments these tools by pulling the data they generate into its unified platform.

The performance monitoring solution integrates with dozens of popular cloud-based apps, including AWS CloudWatch, Apache, MySQL, and Chef, to name just a few. Plugins are also available for tools including HipChat, Riak, Twitter, WebHooks, and GitHub. All CopperEgg plans include access to the CopperEgg API, along with custom metrics.


An elastic pricing model is one of the ways that CopperEgg differentiates itself from competitors. Pricing starts at $70 per month for a Starter Plan. The Starter Plan includes up to ten servers, up to two web applications, and up to 120 probes. Additionally, CopperEgg offers true on-demand pricing that starts when you spin up a new service and stops the moment you spin down.

Bottom line

  • Performance management tools enable users to react quickly to server issues
  • Designed for mid-market IT professionals
  • Smart alerts are automatically applied as users continue to add more servers
  • Elastic pricing keeps users from paying for tools they don’t need
  • Unified dashboard combines cloud and on-premises infrastructure components

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Key features of Uptime Cloud Monitoring

  • High-resolution server monitoring
  • Historical data trends
  • Hybrid server monitoring in a unified dashboard
  • Easily understand internal server health, load, performance
  • Role-based access and read-only views
  • Correlate server issues with web performance problems
  • APDEX score
  • Automated infrastructure discovery, mapping, and monitoring
  • Server heat maps
  • See your data from mobile devices
  • Amazon EC2 performance monitoring
  • View your entire application ecosystem
  • Automated installation and configuration
  • Analyze real user experience
  • Root cause analysis
  • Measure website response time
  • Monitor CPU, Processes, Load, Memory, Swap, Disk Volume...
  • On-demand pricing: Only pay for what you need
  • Sends alerts via email, sms, pagerduty or webhook


Unified monitoring of your entire cloud infrastructure.
Apdex rating for quick identification of potential issues.
Elastic pricing for elastic infrastructures – only pay for what you use.
Easy to scale and deploy with out-of-the-box integrations and an open API.
Fast time to value with quick and easy installation.
Mobile monitoring for teams on the go.