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Creately overview

Creately is an intuitive and easy to use Visual Collaboration platform that is used by distributed teams around the world to communicate more effectively. Creately's unique and powerful contextual interface is easy to use and it works with the full capabilities of a Desktop application. Creately is accessible anywhere, draw and design right in your browser. No downloads or messy security configurations required. It is a completely interactive web-based software built for collaboration. You can now invite your team, clients and customers to securely review, comment and update business, technical and scientific diagrams. This is particularly valuable in globally dispersed teams, saving them time and costs. With a great library of Shapes and easy start Templates, Creately offers unlimited possibilities with the types of diagrams that can be created, including UML, Flowcharts, UI Mockups, Sitemaps and other business and educational diagrams. We’re always listening to our customers and adding to our fast-growing library of Shapes. Also, with multiple revisions, don’t worry about letting your clients & customers collaborate on your diagrams. With multiple version support, you’ll never lose your work and always have a great audit trail for your designs. It’s simple to export your designs in PDF, JPG, PNG formats for presentations, proposals or formal documentation.
Creately has the most sophisticated and raved about Flex application that rivals most desktop based diagramming tools. Our main differentiator is our patent-pending KObject technology that allows Creately to validate your diagram as you create it, just like 'Spell-Check' for diagrams. Besides the smart KObject technology, our innovative use of social media platforms makes collaboration easier and faster. With 1-click buttons for web-publishing and posting to Twitter, your diagrams can now reach everyone that matters.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Creately screenshot: Projects to easily manage and organize your diagramsDiagram Software by Creately for 3 Times Faster DiagramsCreately screenshot: Community browser to quickly pick templatesCreately screenshot: Powerful text based editor for quick changesCreately screenshot: Beautiful uncluttered interface

Creately reviews

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Highly recommended for businesses and individuals

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-03-21
Review Source: Capterra

Creately is highly recommended for businesses and individuals which create a large number of diagrams and flowcharts, since they can create these images quickly and without much effort, using the templates and other tools available.Creately has more than 1000 templates, libraries and over 100,000 different examples which can be easily adapted by the user for their requirement. These examples can help the user visualize easily. The software can be used for creating flowcharts, UML and User interface mock ups in different patterns. One of the main advantage of Creately is the provision for collaboration, which allows the user to collaborate with up to twenty others online to create diagrams, flowcharts and other images together. This is helpful in collaborating with clients and colleagues any where in the world as required, saving time. The software can be used online or offline if required for creating different images. Pros - suitable for creating diagrams, flowcharts quickly - more than 1000 different types of templates and 100,000 examples available, which can be reused to create images quickly, saving time - collaboration feature, for working with customers and others world wide - can be used offline and online.

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marco delgado

Save your money for a better app

Reviewed 2015-01-08
Review Source: GetApp

Creately is a fairly intuitive and easy to use app. And it is quite inexpensive compared to the competition Unfortunately, it is by no means presentation quality at all. Professionally, it would be suicide to present anything that comes out of this app. I purchased Creately for flowcharting and wireframing. I can use it for neither for the following reasons. 1. no rulers or guides. 2. the type is not center justified correctly on any shape you try to use. 3. The center of the parallelograms are off center. So when you try to align a vertical column of shapes the parallelograms make your chart step to the side. 4. Scaling. If you try to scale the stop/start shape. It distorts....and not just a little bit. 5. The 1-click create other objects command only allows you to create two different objects. The problem with this is that if you are using a specific color style or font, you have to format the shapes that weren't included in the command. 6. there is no (no fill) option for any of the shapes. So if you try to use the swimlanes you can't see the grid. 7. The connecting lines will put up a fight. Especially when you don't want them to. 8. If you need to use this work for a presentation, you will need to import the file into illustrator and then fix everything to the extent that it is just faster and easier to do it all in illustrator.

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Creately for free and awesome drawings

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

Very interesting and glad that i found this to simplify the scenarios and work around my software projects. Creately is a Free and open license on-line licensed software that can be used very easily for all sorts of diagramming and work flow designing. I have been using creately for more that 4 years for my work and campus work. Highly recommend using creately for simple or advanced diagramming

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Economy cost curves made easy

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

I really liked being able to graph quickly and make my graphs look really professional. It is also helpful that I can copy and paste them to include new cost curves in the same graph

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Vamsidhar pala

Simple yet the best online tool

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-08
Review Source: Capterra

The ease of creating creating diagrams, workflows, process flows and the ease of adding additional elements. Creating projects and multiple diagrams within a project. Creating a replica of the diagrams. The overall user interface. In short, this is one handle online tool I found a good value

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Creately offer both personal and team accounts.

Personal plans are 5$/month or 49$/year (20% savings)
Team 5 : 25$/month or 249$/year
Team 10: 45$/month or 449$/year
Team 25: 75$/month or 749$/year
Team 50: 125$/month or 1229$/year
Team 100: 200$/month or 1999$/year

Public : Free , 3 collaborators / 1 Project / Limit of 5 public diagrams

Creately features


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Additional information for Creately

Key features of Creately

  • Easy to Use Interactive Interface
  • Real-Time Collaboration for Team Work
  • Professionally Designed Templates to Get Started Fast
  • Extensive Shape Set Grouped into Libraries
  • Export Diagrams as PDF, JPG or PNG
  • Desktop Application for Offline Drawing
  • Integrated Google Image and Icon Finder Search
  • Code Generation to Embed Diagrams to Websites
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Community Browser to Quickly Find Diagrams
  • Ability to Import Images
  • Single Sign On
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Image Library
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The diagramming interface is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Shapes are grouped into libraries and only the necessary libraries are loaded so the interface wont get cluttered with shapes.
With real-time collaboration many users can work on together on the same diagram. Everyone can see the changed made by others instantly, making it easy to react and make decisions.
Our innovative features include contextual tool bars and 1-click create and connect. In 1 single click you can create the next object and the necessary connectors as well.