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Continue To Give

Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits

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Continue To Give overview

Continue To Give is an online and mobile giving platform that provides small to medium size churches, nonprofits, missionaries, and individuals with online fundraising and donation tools. Giving options include kiosks, mobile giving apps with text to give and QR codes, an integrated donate button for websites, as well as social crowdfunding, and missionary support.

Continue To Give allows organizations to collect donations across multiple avenues, such as at fundraising events or church services, online, via email, mobile, as well as social media crowdfunding. Donors are able to setup, schedule and manage their recurring donations using a suite of electronic payment modules. Users can welcome tithes and offerings across a variety of channels, as well as accept credit, debit, and ACH donations.

Continue to Give allows individuals to fundraise and collect money for personal needs such as medical bills, school loans, adoptions, and more. The solution helps individuals raise money by integrating with social media websites such as Facebook to encourage others to donate, offering easy access to QR codes and text to give options.

Churches and nonprofits are able to integrate the platform with their current fundraising program, website, CRM and accounting solution. Missionaries using Continue to Give are able to fundraise for their personal or organizational mission trips. Additional features include ticket sales, integrated reporting, automatic tax deductible receipting, and campaign fundraising.


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Continue To Give screenshot: Set up and manage recurring donations Fundraise with Continue to Give - OriginalContinue To Give screenshot: Edit the amount and details of a recurring donation, and modify billing cyclesContinue To Give screenshot: Reporting tools allow users to apply filters to various types of data Continue To Give screenshot: Enter donation information to set up tithesContinue To Give screenshot: Setup a variety of giving avenues including text to give, QR code, and website badgesContinue To Give screenshot: Offer online giving options directly via websiteContinue To Give screenshot: Users can log in to the mobile app to give while on the move Continue To Give screenshot: Keep track of all previous donations to organizations Continue To Give screenshot: View donation receipts with detailed informationContinue To Give screenshot: With text to give, QR-Code and other options, mobile giving is facilitatedContinue To Give screenshot: Kiosk giving facilitates the setup of recurring tithes and giftsEasy Church Tithing- Online Giving, Mobile Tithing, and Offering Kiosk21st Century Tithing- Donation and Fundraising Apps

Continue To Give reviews

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Joel Beyer

Local church CTG uses for weekly/monthly giving

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-29
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, I have been happy with our CTG experience. The program is easy to use and is priced well. I have had good customer service when I have called the nice people in Wisconsin. I didn't rate 5 of 5 for quality or features/functionality for the following reasons: - We use this service for our regular giving. I don't like that other people can see the amounts of gifts people give to our church, and sometimes can even see who gave. I believe this feature would useful when raising funds for a specific purpose, but it is annoying for regular tithes and offerings. We have asked for this feature to be removed from our profile and have not been able to have it removed. - From a quality standpoint, I wonder about the security of the platform. If major retailers, banks, the government, and even Yahoo can be hacked, how is CTG handling security threats and protecting the sensitive information of our donors? I have not heard any issues yet from our congregation, but also do not know what has been done on the side of CTG. It would be good if the efforts of CTG were shared with users of the site - maybe a short blurb that has a link like: "click here for more information about how we keep your information secure."Value for what we receive. At the time we shopped it, CTG was the most competitive. We have since found that PayPal offers discounted pricing to non-profit organizations, and if as our giving increases, that may become a more affordable option.

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Continue To Give

Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits

Scott Lacy

Continue to Give. A good value for the money, but confusing to use.

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

While I like some features of Continue to Give, some areas will give users (both donors and donees) a pause. From a donor point of view, giving to a missionary or church that has a link to a donor page is a breeze. A form pops up and the donor can give online. The service sends an email documenting your giving and the site has a report that will show you your giving history. However, if a donor goes directly to the Continue to Give site, they will be very confused and lost. Maybe the donor shouldn't be going to the site directly, but the option exists to create an account as a giver. Once the account is set up, there is no direction as to what to do next. From a donee point of view, the service has some nice features. I manage a missionary organization, and the ability for donors to give to support a particular missionary is a benefit. Again, the reports for donations are very helpful but sometimes inaccurate. My biggest problem is when the report says an ACH donation has failed when it has in fact gone through. My other peeve is in trying to match individual donations to the batches that are posted to our bank. I export the giving transactions and mark the individual giving to match what came into the bank account. Between having to look up ACH vs CC batches and multiple batches in one day, it can be quite a chore. The recently added batch reporting helps, but that report can't be exported and only shows one day at a time. I will say that the support team for Continue to Give is very helpful and responsive. They have assisted me with any issues I have had in short order. Overall, I have to say I am pleased with Continue to Give, even with its shortcomings. There is no donation service quite like it, especially for missionary organizations. Reporting is good and the integration with a church/missionary website is excellent. I've not used some of the features that are available for churches (like the kiosk and mobile apps) but they look very well thought out. And the pricing compares favorably to other methods I have looked at. I would recommend it.Reporting. Integration with organization website. Communication to donors.

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Continue To Give

Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits

Michael Williquette

Very Surprised with Customer Support after Failed Attempt with Another Similar Company

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-11-13
Review Source: Capterra

Online giving, text giving, ACH giving. We are trying to reduce the in-house workload that mailed checks mean to us. This software will help a great deal!My review has more to do with newbie customer-support of the folks at Continue To Give. About 2 months ago I signed up with a different company to handle our online-giving needs. I had a question for them, so I created a ticket. It was an easy question: Can I upload a CSV file to your online software to create the various projects we need. I received a message back the next day that said that I could create as many funds as I needed to. I tried to be more specific with the question. It took 21 days for them to answer by way of their ticket system. I decided not to put myself through what I knew was going to be a bad relationship and I canceled the account. Then I found Continue to Give. The Continue to Give folks are amazing. I am a new customer, but they have been very active in answering my questions, bulk uploading projects, and making sure that their forms work on our WordPress website (even adjusting the code a bit to see that they look right on my pages!) We are just starting .. with no public contributions yet.. and these folks have probably spent hours working with me. All I can say is .. if what I see from customer service as a newbie is anything like what I will see when we get thousands of dollars of online contributions coming in .. I am going to be so happy! On a side note: Most online giving systems allow for up to 3 projects to be funded with 1 contribution. There is no limit with this software!

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Continue To Give

Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits

Bev Harstine

Only one tiny change needed

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

We are a small non profit and our IT guy suggested Continue to Give. We've been using it about 6 months and so far it's been just great. I love that we get immediate notification of donations and our donors love the immediate receipt that is generated. That's great for us too because with just a small staff we don't have to worry about getting receipts out to donors. It's done! The only change that we wish is that we had the ability to customize it a bit. For us personally it would be nice if we could have recurring donations set so there is no option of putting in a preset end to the donations. People would always have the option to go in and stop their donations at any time but we would rather have Continue to Give suppose the donation will be ongoing indefinitely. Instead most of our donors think they have to set a stop time so most choose 12 months. That will cause us to have to re-recruit them after a year. Other than that, this is a really great system at an affordable price. The immediate notification of donations. I was on the phone talking to a friend who was going to send us a donation and while we were still on the phone I got the notification that she had made the donation. It was nearly immediate! I also love the fact that it generates a receipt to the donor.

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Continue To Give

Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits

Phil Parker

Continue To Give Is a Great Giving Portal for Online Church/Religious Non-Profit Organizations

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-11-17
Review Source: Capterra

Continue to Give offers many easy-to-use options for setting up online giving for your church or religious non-profit. These include: giving via credit card or bank account; one-time or recurring gifts; contributions or payments for events/other non-contributions; giving via website, tablet, mobile phone, or kiosk; unlimited giving designations, and the ability to list them in any order you desire; missionary designations that go to your account but show credit to the missionary; the ability to have separate web pages for each designation/event/missionary, so that they can be promoted by themselves, if desired; extensive reporting and exporting options; and lots more. The service is constantly being updated to offer more features, and customer support is very accessible and responsive to your needs. I highly recommend Continue to Give for your online giving needs.Easy to use. Lots of options. Great reporting.

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Continue To Give

Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits

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Individual Fundraising: 3.9% + 60 cents per donation

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  • Customizable and low fees
  • Ease of use and cost savings.
  • It merges with my church management software.
  • Value compared to other merchant service providers.
  • We lost our church app.
  • It needs a photo batch uploader
  • Reports can be difficult to generate.
  • I don't like how it publishes each gift on the CTG website.
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Credit Card Processing
Electronic Payments
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Key features of Continue To Give

  • Recurring donations
  • Donor database
  • Donation summary
  • Donor asset management
  • Gift management
  • Pledge management
  • Donation tracking
  • Online donations
  • Mobile donations
  • Receipts / statements
  • Real-time reporting
  • Social media crowdfunding tools
  • Blog integration
  • Online giving forms
  • Mobile giving
  • CRM integration
  • Church tithing
  • Certifications
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Collect donations on Facebook
  • Badges
  • Offering kiosk
  • Giving kiosk
  • Text-to-give
  • QR Code
  • Connect Google blog
  • Website integration
  • Giving management
  • Accounting integration
  • Credit/debit card giving
  • ACH/check giving
  • Tithing management
  • Automatic tax deductible receipting
  • Campaign fundraising
  • Ticket sales
  • Donor management
  • Multiple fund options


Continue To Give's suite of electronic payment options help simplify processes for both fundraising administrators and donors.

Nonprofits and churches are able to integrate their current CRM and accounting solutions with Continue To Give's online fundraising platform.

Users can create a custom online donation form for their website, allowing donors to give online without having to leave the organization's website.

Donation-seeking individuals can benefit from crowdfunding and social media tools, which help spread the word and push their fundraiser to go viral.

Users can connect their Google blog to their Continue To Give fundraiser, and keep everyone up to date on their cause.