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Customer-oriented sponsorship & grant management software

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Optimy overview

Optimy is a customer-oriented sponsorship and grant management software that helps sponsorship, partnership, CSR, grants and community investment professionals to improve their performance across the entire lifecycle of a project by covering a variety of processes including:

• Request management: Streamline the flow of incoming requests thanks to customizable online forms and ensure a systematic and personalized response to each

• Project management: Manage and collaborate on all projects from a single intuitive dashboard

• Assessment process: Automatically score incoming requests and projects based on specific KPIs

• Audit & Compliance process: Allow a central team to follow all ongoing activities at group level

Organizations can collect requests via custom forms directly from their website, and design and use forms to seamlessly capture applications. With Optimy select, users have one central dashboard to view all applications collected. The dashboard gives users the power to rank, answer, and give feedback to applicants, and users can filter or share requests and applications with relevant people in the team to keep everyone up-to-date.

Manage projects with optimal organization and get weekly updates on how projects are going, manage documents, collaborate with the team and much more to ensure projects run smoothly. Extract all data from the solution in a multitude of formats to aid with any reporting needs and evaluate the return on investment.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle-East and Africa

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English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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Optimy reviews


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Olivier Landry

Facilitate reporting with a centralised project!

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

The Optimy Solution is an excellent tool to centralise all of our projects and to have a global view on all the sponsoring activities across the world which make global reporting quicker and easier!

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Marie-Hélène Chênebeau

Receive projects through multiple channels with just one back-end

Reviewed 2017-03-29
Review Source: Capterra

With Optimy you can receive projects through multiple channels while using the same back-end, that is exactly what we needed! This way, we can manage the projects for the sheltered foundations and the funding requests we receive with the same tool. All relevant information on each project are now centralised in the tool and what's even more practical is that a contract is automatically generated for every request that has been approved. The Optimy Solution really makes our management process so much easier!

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Christine de Longevialle

A good software to manage request and make reports

Reviewed 2017-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

Thanks to the Optimy Solution, we have a professional tool to manage all the support requests submitted on our website. All the information we need is stored in the same place so that we can assess each project in a very efficient way. Besides, we use also this Solution as a reporting tool for our supported projects. It is definitely worth it!

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Lilea Bourakba

A platform that increases efficiency

Reviewed 2017-03-29
Review Source: Capterra

In the last few weeks there have been many updates on the forms and the customised PDF's. These have proven to be very useful for us and we can safely say that it is thanks to this platform that we are able to be as efficient as we are today. Well done to the whole team for their hard work!

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Joël Brouwers

Auditing projects made simple !

Reviewed 2017-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

Auditing our sponsorship projects has never been so simple. The Optimy software adds real value to our management process, by collecting information and generating tailor-made reports!

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Advanced: €375 /month for 2 users billed annually

Optimy also offers custom plans.

Optimy features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Reminders
Custom Fields
Custom Forms
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Grants Management
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration

API (33 other apps)
Access Control (33 other apps)
Activity Tracking (25 other apps)
Attendance Management (37 other apps)
Communication Management (29 other apps)
Contact Database (40 other apps)
Credit Card Processing (36 other apps)
Customizable Branding (31 other apps)
Electronic Payments (41 other apps)
Email Integration (32 other apps)
Mobile Integration (26 other apps)

Additional information for Optimy

Key features of Optimy

  • Grant award tracking
  • Grant opportunity search
  • Online applications
  • Application scoring
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Reminders
  • Grant management
  • Task management
  • Budget tracking
  • Participation management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Dashboard
  • Geographic maps
  • PDF templates
  • Custom forms
  • Collaboration tools
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Optimy's modularity allows users to have a tailor-made solution based on specific needs and processes.

The solution's cutting-edge technology ensures flexibility and efficiency with a complete solution that covers the entire process.

Optimy helps users receive applications, sort them, and then manage the projects and report on those.

From a single dashboard, users can follow all the projects and their processes. Recurring tasks will be automated, saving the user a lot of time.

Gather and centralize all contacts in one place. Manipulate the contacts in any way using search, filter, and export features.