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Teem overview

What is Teem?

The Teem Workplace Experience Platform integrates dynamic suites of tools into the physical and digital workplace. Employee-focused meeting tools, conference room displays, visitor management, and more work together to surface data on how space and facilities are used. Innovative companies—like Box, LinkedIn, GE, Boston Consulting Group, and Airbnb—use Teem to increase employee productivity and facilitate data-driven decision making.

With Teem, wall-mounted tablets can be used to display information outside individual meeting rooms, with at-a-glance availability and details of upcoming meetings. Rooms can be booked directly from the display, or through the native Android and iOS mobile apps or browser-based booking tool, which allow users to search for an available meeting room or desk for the time and duration they require. Users can tap on rooms on interactive maps to view the room’s schedule, capacity, and any physical and technological resources available. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and G Suite also enables the booking of rooms and sending of meeting invites from a single location.

Teem offers tools for ensuring that booked meeting rooms are actually used, including an optional check-in functionality, which automatically cancels bookings unless attendees check-in to the meeting room within a predetermined window around the meeting’s start time. Recurring meetings which are no longer attended, or ‘zombie’ meetings, can also be removed from reservations by administrators. Room utilization is automatically tracked, and users can identify which days and times are the most popular for each room. Teem also includes a work request system, which allows users to submit tickets for missing or damaged resources in meeting rooms, and delivers these requests to the appropriate department.


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Teem screenshot: Room availability can be viewed at-a-glance on interactive mapsThe EventBoard Solution  - Employee Meeting Tools & Activity Driven InsightsTeem screenshot: Users can search for available rooms or desksTeem screenshot: Rooms, locations, and devices can be managedTeem screenshot: Standard and custom themes and background images can be usedTeem screenshot: Room displays show the current room availability and details of upcoming meetingsTeem screenshot: Users can select from 15, 30, or 60 minutes when trying to find a space, or enter a custom timeTeem screenshot: Personal schedules and room schedules can be viewedTeem screenshot: Details of available resources in each room can be added to the room detailsTeem screenshot: Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows users to book rooms while scheduling meetings in their calendarTeem screenshot: Users can make reservations for any time periodTeem screenshot: Room usage is tracked, and can be used to determine the space required

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15-day free trial, no credit card required.

EventBoard is priced per month, per conference room.

Basic: $10 per room, per month.
Pro: $15 per room, per month.

Enterprise and Premium pricing is available on request.

Teem features

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Key features of Teem

  • Calendar integration
  • Real-time room scheduling
  • Optional check-ins
  • At-a-glance availability
  • Room resource information
  • Ad hoc meeting booking
  • Announcement broadcasts
  • Work requests
  • Recurring meetings
  • Interactive map
  • Standard & custom themes
  • Real-time availability
  • Search functionality
  • Central dashboard
  • Utilization tracking & reporting
  • No-show reporting
  • Recapture rate tracking
  • User management
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Flightboard
  • Space planning
  • Room mapping
  • Desktop & mobile booking apps
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Real-time room display updates show calendar changes and meeting details instantly, ensuring that users can identify which rooms are available at-a-glance on the interactive map.

Room details can be setup to display available resources, such as iPads, Apple TV, and Chromecast, and the Work Requests system allows users to submit tickets for damaged or missing equipment.

Recurring reservations for ‘zombie’ meetings, which were scheduled some time ago but are no longer attended, can be cancelled centrally by admins, and the event check-in feature can be enabled to encourage punctual starts, with attendees required to check-in within a set time after the meeting is due to start, or the reservation is automatically cancelled.

Account admins can create and manage groups, granting different permissions to departments or teams to control access to sections of the Teem dashboard, and company directories can be synced through integration with Google and Office 365 Single Sign On (SSO).

For iOS, the broadcast system allows users to change displays in some or all rooms to a custom image or message, for event announcements, emergency broadcasts, and more.