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FoodDocs logo



AI-powered food safety software with a built-in HACCP plan.

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AI-powered food safety management system for restaurants to serve and sell 100% safe food. FoodDocs helps companies to comply with Food Safety Regulations and digitize their food safety processes. Switch to digital in 15 minutes and create a qualified HACCP Plan in 1 hour.

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APICBASE Food Management logo

APICBASE Food Management


F&B Management Platform

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Apicbase is the leading back-of-house platform that enables you to manage kitchen operations, reduce costs, deliver constant quality and keep employees happy.

With Apicbase, you keep track of food cost, inventory, procurement & production planning for both single and multi-site restaurants.

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Simphony POS logo

Simphony POS


Restaurant POS for food service management

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Simphony POS, by Oracle MICROS, is a cloud-based POS system designed to synchronize front-of-house, back-office, and kitchen operations. The platform helps restaurants manage processes related to takeout and delivery orders, menus and pricing, customer loyalty programs, online payments, and more.

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When I Work logo

When I Work


Staff scheduling, time tracking, communication & attendance

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The easy way for restaurants and other food service organizations to schedule hourly workers, track time & attendance, and communicate with employees. Save time. Improve accountability. 14-day free trial.

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Square Online logo

Square Online


Website designing tool for eCommerce businesses

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Square Online Store allows small & medium-sized sellers to grow their business with a professional eCommerce website & integrated tools

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Yodeck logo



Cloud based digital signage platform

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Get visually engaging digital menu boards on your TV screens in seconds and engage your customers. Upsell and cross-sell menu items.

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GloriaFood logo



Order management and delivery platform for restaurants

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GloriaFood is an online ordering & food delivery platform that helps restaurant owners streamline point-of-sale operations and manage orders, table reservations, promotional activities & more. Users can select multiple delivery locations, define minimum order amounts & set zone-based delivery fees.

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Marketman logo



Restaurant inventory management software

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Full featured inventory, ordering and invoice management platform designed for single, multi-unit and commissary style food and beverage operators.

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Parsley logo



Cloud-based restaurant management solution for SMBs

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Parsley is a cloud-based restaurant management solution which helps small to midsize businesses manage recipes, costs, billing and invoicing, kitchens, nutritional analysis, and more. Parsley allows users to search, edit or compare recipes from a single, centralized repository.

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Squirrel POS logo

Squirrel POS


A POS system designed for small businesses

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Squirrel in a Box+ contains everything you need to set up your restaurant. Receive the box with hardware & a customizable POS system within a few clicks.

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Toast POS logo

Toast POS


Cloud-based Point of Sale solution for restaurants

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Toast POS solution is a cloud-based restaurant management platform for restaurant owners to reduce staff & operational costs and improve customer experience

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Boostly logo



Text marketing & feedback tools on autopilot. (Works w/ POS)

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A text marketing system that works w/ your POS & online ordering systems. We have a lot of automation & even collect feedback & reviews.

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MYR POS logo



iPad POS for quick-serve, takeaway & on-the-go customers

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MYR POS is a point of sale solution which helps fast-food restaurants and cafes streamline their operations. With applications for food trucks, bakeries, bars, pizzerias, ice cream parlours, franchises, salad bars, and more, MYR POS supports efficient, quick-service order management.

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Epos Now logo

Epos Now


Secure electronic point of sale (POS) system

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Restaurant management for the future

Our Restaurant POS System will help you stay ahead in an evolving industry.

Easily connect to major ordering and delivery apps to create new revenue streams and meet customer expectations.

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Jolt logo



The Complete Digital Food Safety & Restaurant Ops Platform

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Jolt is an operations platform for any business, encompassing employee management and food safety compliance. The software helps businesses to decrease labor costs and improve staff accountability, productivity and efficiency

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SpotOn logo



Restaurant POS for payment processing

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SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed to help small to medium businesses in the hospitality industry streamline online payments, tableside orders, and fraud protection. The labor management module lets users handle employee hours, gratuities, shifts, and more.

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TablesReady logo



Waitlist solution with CRM and POS features

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TablesReady is a web-based waitlist management solution for businesses of all sizes with features including a digital waitlist, a notification system, POS integration, customer accounts, traffic analytics, and more. The system is mobile friendly and can be accessed through any web browser.

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CrunchTime logo



Back Office Operations Platform for Multi-unit Restaurants

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Show operators how they’re doing and what to do next with easy to understand reports, dashboards and alert notifications. A customized dashboard control panel tells your restaurant managers exactly what they need to do to reach their goals.

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Sauce logo



Making Delivery Work

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Increase direct, commission-free, online orders through your existing web and social media channels. Reconnect with your customers.

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Plate IQ logo

Plate IQ


Streamline your accounts payable process

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Plate IQ is accounts payable automation software that saves time, increases the accuracy of business data, and provides timely insights into their spend.

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SmartSwipe logo



Mobile payment processing solution

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SmartSwipe is a mobile POS system which enables retail businesses & restaurants to accept credit card payments, send email receipts & capture signatures easily

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POS software for retail stores and restaurants

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Ovvi is a point of sale software designed to help eateries, liquor, grocery or convenience stores, and businesses in the retail industry manage tickets, table layouts, refunds, online ordering, inventory, employees, and more on a centralized platform.

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Microworks Prism POS logo

Microworks Prism POS


Restaurant point of sale and delivery management solution

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Microworks Prism POS is a point of sale solution designed to help restaurants streamline and automate inventory control, gift cards, loyalty programs, and delivery management operations on a unified dashboard. The application provides dining and table service module, which allows professionals to prepare custom table layouts for facilities and track status on guests, table, server, food and beverage in real-time.

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ReviewPro for Restaurants logo

ReviewPro for Restaurants


Reputation management software for handling guest reviews

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ReviewPro is a reputation management software designed to help businesses in the hospitality industry handle client feedback and communications, surveys, reviews, maintenance cases, guest profiles, and more. Restaurants can use sentiment analysis to identify negative or positive mentions.

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Lightspeed Restaurant logo

Lightspeed Restaurant


Point of sale (POS) system for restaurants

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Lightspeed Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for restaurants. The platform offers features including sales tracking, contactless payment processing, customizable floor plans, employee management, and more. Lightspeed Restaurant also offers add-ons for delivery and eCommerce.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Restaurant Management

If you own or manage a restaurant, bar, or a food service chain, restaurant management software is a must-have for you. It’ll allow you to easily change menu items based on available inventory, instantly contact suppliers, and focus on your best-selling items based on sales data, all from a central location. 

This buyers guide covers the important aspects you need to keep in mind while searching for a restaurant management solution on the market. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

What is restaurant management software?

Restaurant management software is an application designed to be a single platform for managing all the aspects of daily restaurant operations, including staff scheduling, floor management, billing, supplier invoicing, and reservations. 

Its dashboards will provide you with consolidated insights into a myriad of operational information to streamline your processes.

What are the deployment options for restaurant management software?

A restaurant management software can be deployed for all kinds of restaurants, bars, franchise chains, or even cloud kitchens. The two major forms of deployment are:

On-premise: This deployment option requires a user to purchase the license and install the software on his/her own servers. It requires upfront investments into procuring and setting up the required infrastructure and configuring the software, which conversely grants greater control over data. 

Cloud-based: Also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), this option requires a user to simply pay the monthly/annual subscription fee to start using the software (hosted on vendors’ servers). Such a tool is easy to scale as per evolving business requirements. However, these advantages come at the cost of lesser control over data as compared to available on-premise solutions. 

Key questions to ask a vendor:

  • Does your solution have any mobile app? What features does it support?

What are some common features of restaurant management software?

Table management: It allows enhancing guest dining experience, turning tables faster, and improving the quality of service by keeping a track of all the diners in a restaurant.

Cake track table

Table management functionalities in CAKE (Source)

Bills and invoice management: Billing customers and handling supplier invoices become easier to manage and track with this feature. While fast and accurate bill generation is an obvious benefit, tracking bills also help accurately measure sales.

Rezku POS

Restaurant billing functionality in Rezku POS (Source)

Reservations management: This feature allows restaurants to process reservation requests from their own websites or third-party aggregator platforms.


Tables reservation management in GOFRUGAL (Source)

Inventory management: This feature allows efficiently managing inventory, placing supplier orders, and reducing perishables wastage.


Restaurant inventory management in Upserve POS (Source)

Kitchen management: From measuring exact amount of ingredients, to coordinating guest wait times, the kitchen management functionality ensures that operations run smoothly. 

Brigade POS

Kitchen management in Brigade POS

Menu management: This feature allows tracking items that are out of stock, and accordingly informing customers before they place orders. This helps in reducing customer attrition, while also making it easy to set up menus and modify them based on the availability of ingredients.


Menu management in Touch Bistro (Source)

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.