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Dynamic forecasting for better scheduling and max profits.

visit website is a sales and labor forecast and scheduling software that uses machine learning to generate incredibly accurate projections to help restaurants run more efficiently and profitably.

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Restaurant inventory management software

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Full featured inventory, ordering and invoice management platform designed for single, multi-unit and commissary style food and beverage operators.

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Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time.

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7shifts is built for restaurant managers to schedule, communicate, track, and engage with their team. Trim labor costs up to 3%, reduce calls & texts by 70%, and save 5 hours/week on scheduling. Get started free today!

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Turn any screen into an engaging sign, starting at $8/mo

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Get visually engaging digital menu boards on your TV screens in seconds and engage your customers. Upsell and cross-sell menu items.

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Fimble logo



The most complete F&B system for restaurants.

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F&B system that provides restaurants with powerful tools to efficiently acquire, serve, and re-engage customers.

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OpenTable logo



Restaurant management platform with takeout ordering

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OpenTable is suitable for restaurants of all sizes as well as bars, wineries, hotels, and other businesses. With a comprehensive set of tools, OpenTable can help businesses fill seats, manage daily operations, and increase revenue opportunities.

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When I Work logo

When I Work


Staff scheduling, time tracking, communication & attendance

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The easy way for restaurants and other food service organizations to schedule hourly workers, track time & attendance, and communicate with employees. Save time. Improve accountability. 14-day free trial.

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Deputy logo



Staff Scheduling, Time & Attendance (Time Clock) and more

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Create the perfect schedule for your employees using the smart data that matters most for your restaurant, like availability, overtime hours, peak times, and weather forecasts.

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Tripleseat logo



#1 Guest and Event Management Software for Hospitality

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Tripleseat: The Premier Hospitality Management Platform

Tripleseat is an easy-to-use sales and event management platform that will increase your bookings and streamline the planning process.

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Mad Mobile Restaurant POS logo

Mad Mobile Restaurant POS


Mad Mobile's POS is built for restaurants of all sizes.

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Get more out of your restaurant with products designed exclusively for the food service industry and solutions that work as hard as you do.

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Square Online logo

Square Online


Website designing tool for eCommerce businesses

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Square Online Store allows small & medium-sized sellers to grow their business with a professional eCommerce website & integrated tools

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HotSchedules logo



Conquer Every Shift with HotSchedules, Powered by Fourth

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HotSchedules is an employee scheduling tool for managing & communicating with workforces, as well as forecasting sales, generating reports & sourcing new staff

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Total Party Planner logo

Total Party Planner


The most popular catering software to automate.

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Catering software program for business owners and managers to automate processes.

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Toast POS logo

Toast POS


Cloud-based Point of Sale solution for restaurants

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Toast POS solution is a cloud-based restaurant management platform for restaurant owners to reduce staff & operational costs and improve customer experience

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Posist logo



Cloud-based restaurant management and POS software

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POSist is a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform suited for restaurants of all sizes. POSist offers scalable, reliable, and easy to use point-of-sale technology, enabling businesses to automate operations, integrate with aggregators, delight guests, and grow their revenue.

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KickFin logo



Tip distribution software for the hospitality industry

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Kickfin is a tip distribution software designed to help hospitality businesses deposit tips into employees’ bank accounts in real-time. It enables managers to track return on investments (ROIs), validate and approve tip amounts for staff members, and add or remove employees from tip groups.

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SpotOn logo



Restaurant POS for payment processing

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SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed to help small to medium businesses in the hospitality industry streamline online payments, tableside orders, and fraud protection. The labor management module lets users handle employee hours, gratuities, shifts, and more.

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Flipdish logo



All-in-one POS and restaurant management system

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Built by QSR owners who know exactly what you need, Flipdish POS is used by thousands of restaurants and takeaways around the world.

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Lightspeed Restaurant logo

Lightspeed Restaurant


Point of sale (POS) system for restaurants

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Lightspeed Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for restaurants. The platform offers features including sales tracking, contactless payment processing, customizable floor plans, employee management, and more. Lightspeed Restaurant also offers add-ons for delivery and eCommerce.

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GoFrugal logo



ERP solutions for retail, restaurants & distribution

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GOFRUGAL Restaurant Management ERP Software gives you complete control of both your FOH & BOH operations. Manage tables, set happy hours, track kitchen operations, maintain inventory, all from a single point. 2500+ Restaurants across 60 countries have chosen to power their business with GOFRUGAL.

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Clover logo



Comprehensive point of sale & business management solution

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Clover is an all-in-one platform designed to help on and offline retailers, quick service restaurants, and other service businesses manage their point-of-sale operations, with secure payment solutions and reliable business management features

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Schedulefly logo



Restaurant employee scheduling software

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Simple restaurant employee scheduling and communication software designed for independent restaurants.

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Combo logo



Staff Planning and HR Management Software for retailers.

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Combo (ex-Snapshift) is a SaaS application created to simplify HR Management of retailers (restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, gyms, food retailers…)

More than 8,000 customers of all shapes and sizes use Combo (ex-Snapshift) to simplify their business and save time on a daily basis.

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TouchBistro logo



All-in-One POS & Restaurant Management System

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TouchBistro’s All-in-One Restaurant Management system offers all the technology you need to run your restaurant on one easy-to-use platform. Designed for and by restaurant service staff, TouchBistro meets the specific needs of the industry with 24/7 expert support.

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Craftable logo



Restaurant management software

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Craftable is a restaurant management platform designed to help businesses manage purchasing, inventory, accounting, and other operations. The platform includes inventory and order management tools, which allow organizations to automatically generate purchase orders when inventory reaches a specified level.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Restaurant Management

If you own or manage a restaurant, bar, or a food service chain, restaurant management software is a must-have for you. It’ll allow you to easily change menu items based on available inventory, instantly contact suppliers, and focus on your best-selling items based on sales data, all from a central location. 

This buyers guide covers the important aspects you need to keep in mind while searching for a restaurant management solution on the market. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

What is restaurant management software?

Restaurant management software is an application designed to be a single platform for managing all the aspects of daily restaurant operations, including staff scheduling, floor management, billing, supplier invoicing, and reservations. 

Its dashboards will provide you with consolidated insights into a myriad of operational information to streamline your processes.

What are the deployment options for restaurant management software?

A restaurant management software can be deployed for all kinds of restaurants, bars, franchise chains, or even cloud kitchens. The two major forms of deployment are:

On-premise: This deployment option requires a user to purchase the license and install the software on his/her own servers. It requires upfront investments into procuring and setting up the required infrastructure and configuring the software, which conversely grants greater control over data. 

Cloud-based: Also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), this option requires a user to simply pay the monthly/annual subscription fee to start using the software (hosted on vendors’ servers). Such a tool is easy to scale as per evolving business requirements. However, these advantages come at the cost of lesser control over data as compared to available on-premise solutions. 

Key questions to ask a vendor:

  • Does your solution have any mobile app? What features does it support?

What are some common features of restaurant management software?

Table management: It allows enhancing guest dining experience, turning tables faster, and improving the quality of service by keeping a track of all the diners in a restaurant.

Cake track table

Table management functionalities in CAKE (Source)

Bills and invoice management: Billing customers and handling supplier invoices become easier to manage and track with this feature. While fast and accurate bill generation is an obvious benefit, tracking bills also help accurately measure sales.

Rezku POS

Restaurant billing functionality in Rezku POS (Source)

Reservations management: This feature allows restaurants to process reservation requests from their own websites or third-party aggregator platforms.


Tables reservation management in GOFRUGAL (Source)

Inventory management: This feature allows efficiently managing inventory, placing supplier orders, and reducing perishables wastage.


Restaurant inventory management in Upserve POS (Source)

Kitchen management: From measuring exact amount of ingredients, to coordinating guest wait times, the kitchen management functionality ensures that operations run smoothly. 

Brigade POS

Kitchen management in Brigade POS

Menu management: This feature allows tracking items that are out of stock, and accordingly informing customers before they place orders. This helps in reducing customer attrition, while also making it easy to set up menus and modify them based on the availability of ingredients.


Menu management in Touch Bistro (Source)

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.