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OpenText Hightail

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3.33/5 (46 reviews)

OpenText Hightail overview

OpenText Hightail is a creative review and approval technology solution for marketing and creative teams developing compelling visual content. Hightail is a cloud-based solution where teams can share files, review feedback and approve content in one place, streamlining the creative process and helping teams to keep deliver creative content for marketing campaigns on time.


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OpenText Hightail reviews

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Customer support

Hightail has botched Spaces rollout and customer support is weak

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-10-23
Review Source: GetApp

Narrowing of Features and Declining Value

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-03
Review Source: GetApp

You can set up a linked folder on your machine that syncs with Hightail. Back in the day (prior to August, 2017) this formed an ideal platform for disseminating content as you could grab download links and include them in your own communications.

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David Stepp

Downhill all the way since changing from YouSendIt

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-19
Review Source: GetApp

Whatever it is Hightail wishes to become, they've done an awful job of getting there. Their software has been forced upon their users half-baked. Many existing features were eliminated or obfuscated. My clients still get emails with the option to "save to folders" but they cannot .. with GREAT FRUSTRATION. Hightails response .. "We are no longer providing the option to "Save to Folders." Strategically as a company we are moving away from the storage model." How long would it take then to remove that feature from their email notifications. Better we find out this way, when a client calls angry and frustrated. Were I a company trying to coordinate the collaboration and approval of ongoing work, perhaps their new business model would be attractive. But they've moved away from what I and many others used them for, delivering and storing large files. And they've done it in a completely incompetent fashion with little or no warning or instruction. Of course, they won't refund my paid in advance annual membership fees.

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Harpert Bramervaer

I Used to like YSI but this is a nightmare and we transferred to We Transfer

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-09-18
Review Source: GetApp

The speed is EXTREMELY slow The Outlook plugin that used to work just fine is now creating issues with Outlook Folder Sync is very old fashioned (only the folder created by Hightail can be synced, you can't assign just "any" folder. We use small SSD's for our pc's and NAS for storage. But syncing (windows shared) folders is NOT possibleTo be honest.... there seem to be none left (and I was a MAJOR fan of the old YouSendIt)

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Tapan Jain

HighTail - Easiest way to share large files

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-01-31
Review Source: Capterra

I love that there is no restraint on storage capacity with Hightail. I can chose file of any size and share it will any number of recipients keeping a tab on who is doing what with my file. It also allows me to share a file with someone for a specific period of time. It also offer plugins so that it can be integrated within your email service so that one can share large files directly from within an email. Another feature which sets it apart from other cloud storage providers is that it also offers digital signature capability and one can read and sign the shared documents from within Hightail. So documents never leave Hightail servers and remain secure.

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OpenText Hightail features

Collaborative Workspace
File Transfer

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Additional information for OpenText Hightail

Key features of OpenText Hightail

  • Share project files
  • PipPoint™ comments on images, PDFs, presentations and more
  • Timestamped PipPoints™ on video and audio files
  • iOS, Android and Desktop apps
  • Tasks and reminders
  • Set files as Approved
  • Visual version carousel
  • Space and file security
  • Space customization
  • Team administration
  • Custom branding
  • Activity reports
  • Advanced security and approval policies
  • Priority support
  • Active directory integration via SAML
  • Guest commenting
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Send large files
Share large, multimedia files with ease and security. Hightail supports file sends up to 100GB (depending on plan level) with content control permissions, passcode protection and expiration date setting.

Preview visual files
Preview visual content without downloading large files, whether it's a native authoring tool format, .mov, .key and more.

Collect precise feedback
Precise, inline comments are specific to the image and time stamped for audio and video.

Version control
Clear versioning helps to prevent confusion over which file is the latest.

Approval routing
Assign approval requests on creative content in a specific order with due dates