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Pigeonhole Live

Interactive Q&A platform for real-time engagement at events

4.71/5 (7 reviews)

Pigeonhole Live overview

Pigeonhole Live is an interactive Q&A platform for event planners and speakers of public conferences and internal corporate events. The solution gives audiences a voice by enabling real-time question and answer sessions, surveys, and live polls, bringing engagement and interactivity to presentations. Users can gather insightful data about audiences and drive useful, open conversations at meetings, events, or town halls.

Audience members can post live questions to speakers to help them identify popular questions and topics to discuss. Users can curate the content posted with complete control over all submissions, including question filtering. All selected questions will be automatically reflected on the projector panel (question wall), and can be voted or commented on by other audience members.

Pigeonhole Live enables speakers to ask multiple choice questions through audience polling and surveys. Members can participate in polls and surveys with a tap of a button on their smartphone using the mobile web app to provide real-time feedback. Results can be projected live on screen as votes are cast, including optional open-ended questions that allow audience members to enter free text responses. Members can sign in to their profiles or social media networks to share their identity, or participate anonymously. The progress indicator helps participants track questionnaire completion.

The agenda displays all interactive sessions for the day, and allows attendees to navigate and access various Q&A, polls, and surveys available to them, useful for multi-track conferences. The Pigeonhole dashboard provides users with detailed reports and real-time insights of user statistics or employee engagement for poll, survey and Q&A at their presentations. Custom branding features allow organizations to match the Pigeonhole platform to their corporate branding guidelines to improve brand perception among audiences.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French
Pigeonhole Live screenshot: Audience members can post questions to speakers anonymously or with their identityPigeonhole Live PromoPigeonhole Live screenshot: Full event agenda complete with session description and speaker profilesPigeonhole Live screenshot: Poll audiences for their opinions and see the results display in charts in real timePigeonhole Live screenshot: Project a live display of the top 9 questions on the question wall (projector panel)Pigeonhole Live screenshot: Simple bite-sized surveys with open-ended and multiple choice questions for quick feedbackPigeonhole Live screenshot: Insights let users track audience engagement with detailed reports Pigeonhole Live screenshot: Create a poll in advance and receive real-time feedback from the floorPigeonhole Live screenshot: Set multiple-choice questions for participants

Pigeonhole Live reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Dirk Hulverscheidt

Pigeonhole is a great tool for large/multi day conferences and meetings. Very reliable and scalable.

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

I absolutely love the response time from the support staff. Extremely important when issues occur during a live event!! The agenda building and Q&A parts are certainly the core features. Haven't seen anything comparable yet. And I have tested lots of comparable services. I also like the ability to run everything from an iPad in solo mode. No need for a Producer or technician at the back to handle ad-hoc adaptions. Very well implemented screening and highlighting approach for the Q&A tool. I have used the service in lots of different settings (from 20 to 250 participants and in areas with limited internet connectivity) and so far it has never let me down in terms of reliability, connectivity, scalability.

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Rebecca Williams

An extremely complementary tool for large groups- which has supported a number of our events.

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-06-12
Review Source: Capterra

Helped to support a number of global eventsReally like the word cloud feature and different view options- it is very user friendly and participants enjoy the interactive experience (particularly more introverted characters who are less able to speak out in a big meeting). We have used it to complement a number of global events in Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Nairobi, US and Switzerland. The interactive use varied in different locations- Asia and US was best. UK and Africa least used-In Nairobi we found people preferred to speak out and in the UK participants were less comfortable with the technology. The most interesting use of the word cloud was in the US where participants submitted a six word story- this was visually very effective as the word cloud enabled us to vote on the best stories and participants really loved this. Since that meeting we have received requests to use pigeonhole for other US events.

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Teodora Dimitrova

pigeonhole live review by Tedi

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-25
Review Source: Capterra

I recommend it!Easy to make a discussion during a presentation or a meeting, live responses are great as well. Also we had to contact the support of the software few times and it was a fast and pleasant experience!

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Georgi Ganchev

Pigeonhole review

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-10-05
Review Source: Capterra

Great product, recommend Great product and I use the solo mode all the time presenting in front of an audience and at the same time managing other options. You can make a discussion in a meeting and also the support is good

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Shang Hui Chia

Very interactive, makes all the difference to liven up an event

Used other for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

Very user friendly both as event administrator and participant; the ability to show live responses really facilitates interactive discussions and injects new energy into an event; ability to store responses facilitates report writing and harvesting process; particularly enjoy polls and word clouds

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Basic: Free
Manage: $268
Engage: $338
Captivate: $868

or choose the Enterprise Plan annual subscription. Contact PigeonLab for detailed pricing information.

Pigeonhole Live features

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Additional information for Pigeonhole Live

Key features of Pigeonhole Live

  • Templates
  • Embeddable survey
  • Multiple question types
  • Data analysis tools
  • Online survey
  • Mobile survey
  • Kiosk survey
  • Q&A
  • Poll
  • Agenda
  • Test mode
  • Insights
  • Custom branding
  • Security
  • Audience web app
  • Admin panel
  • Question filtering
  • Question wall (projector panel)
  • Moderator panel
  • Anonymity
  • Social media integration
  • Commenting
  • Download data
  • Open-text questions
  • Multiple choice questions with multiple answers
  • Optional questions
  • Post-event evaluation
  • Audience participation reports
  • Feedback form
  • Countdown timer
  • Communication tools
  • Customer engagement
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Pigeonhole Live is built to handle the various demands and scale of any event, from single session events to more complex multi-track conferences.

Empower audiences to speak up and be heard by allowing them to ask and vote for questions that interest them.

The dashboard offers a real-time breakdown of user statistics for polls, Q&A, and surveys at events for measuring audience engagement levels.

Visualize the changes in real time during debates to compare and contrast results as the audience change their mind about a vote.

By logging into Pigeonhole Live, attendees can browse through all the interactive sessions of the day at a glance via the agenda.