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  • EventFox    4 reviews

    Integrated Event Management and Event Communication Platform
    Event Management: Credit Card Processing Fees: 3%+ USD .50 per ticket TallyFox Service Fee: 4.78% Pricing Example: Based on a ticket cost of USD 100 - Credit card fee: USD 3 + Ticket fee: USD.50 + Service fee: USD 4.78 = Total fees: USD 8.28 Total net: USD 91.72 Event Community: BASIC 200 attendees, USD700 /Annual STANDARD 600 attendees, USD2,900 /Annual PRO 1,000 attendees. USD11,500 /Annual Asset matching revenue sharing: 30% Custom branded mobile app: $5,800
  • BookingLive    10 reviews

    Online Booking and Reservation System
    BookingLive's price plans are designed to match your exact requirements, and those of your customers. It is ideal for multi-location organizations, franchises and local authorities right through to small family run or one man companies. The price plans are designed to suit your booking software requirements. We want to make sure that our system is affordable whilst offering power and flexibility. Prices start from £100 / month or alternatively you can try the Lite model which is Free!
  • DW Event    1 review

    Ticket Pricing: $1 per ticket plus 2 percent of your base ticket price up to a maximum surcharge of $5 per ticket. For example: your base ticket price is $50. We add $1 plus 2 percent of 50 ($1) for a total of $2 on top of your base ticket price. Your attendees will pay $52. Monthly or annual subscription rates are also available on a case-by-case basis.
  • Zenbership by Ascad Networks  

    Achieve membership nirvana with software that combines event planning, CRM, a CMS, invoicing, subscriptions, a store front, and secure content.
    Licensing available for a monthly, yearly, or one-time flat-rate fee. Discounts apply to yearly pre-paid licenses.

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